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Northwave Extreme Pro 2 Shoes Review

It bears repeating that Northwave sit in the undisputed world center for fast feet. Being in the mix in Montebelluna Italy, means access to a talent pool that includes most of the top names in skiing, hiking, climbing and cycling and motorsport footwear, and Northwave just celebrated their Cinquantesimo Anniversario…

EUROTRASH Monday: All the Rider News and Race Video

Aug 15, 2022: European road champs, Arctic Race of Norway, Tour de l’Ain and Tour of Scandinavia all with video. No Pressure on Evenepoel. Vuelta news: Team announcements. Rider news: De Plus, Dygert, Dumoulin and Gazzoli. Team news: rider contracts and Dan Bigham goes for the Hour Record. Maryland Cycling Classic.


Northwave Extreme Pro 2 Shoes Review

It bears repeating that Northwave sit in the undisputed world center for fast feet. Being in the mix in Montebelluna Italy, means access to a talent pool that includes most of the top names in skiing, hiking, climbing and cycling and motorsport footwear, and Northwave just celebrated their Cinquantesimo Anniversario…

Ribble’s Jamie Burrow Talks Titanium Gravel

The next step in Ed Hood's venture into the world of gravel is to have a chat with ex-top road rider turned head of product with Ribble Cycles, Jamie Burrow. Jamie was a top amateur and turned pro with the US Postal team. Ed spoke to Jamie about gravel and Ribble's new titanium eTap model.

Cycology Kit Review: Put Some Fun in Your Ride

WARNING:  If you're a traditionalist who prefers muted shades and to not stand out in the crowd, you can stop reading now.  But if you're someone who dares to be a little bold and wants to put some fun in your ride, then Cycology kit is for you.  But there's more to this kit than just what meets the eye...




PEZ Bookshelf: Le Fric

In 1978, the American group Chic had a monster hit with the song “Le Freak,” and people in France, noting the lyrics “C'est chic!” thought it referred to “le fric,” pronounced the same way as French slang for money. Money is at the heart of the business of professional sports and in Alex Duff's new book, “Le Fric,” some light is shed on that peculiar institution that is the Tour de France.

Africa’s First Grand Tour Stage Winner: Alan van Heerden

If you were 'into' European professional cycle racing in the late 70's and early 80's, then you will remember the name Alan van Heerden. The South African was a pro with the French Peugeot team and won a stage in the 1979 Giro d'Italia. Ed Hood spoke to his widow Wendy about their time in Europe and their return to South Africa.

11 of the Most Radical Road Bikes Ever Built

Ed Hood has been looking back in time when bikes were 'innovative' in very radical ways, and not always for the best. Here is his choice of radical/unorthodox bike designs, some artisan beauty and some just plain ugly.

PEZ Goes to the Movies: The World’s Rarest Bikes

The history of the bicycle has been a gradual evolution from the original “safety” two-wheeler to today's high-tech lightweight competition marvels. GCN+ returns to the world of bicycle collectors to look at some more, well, super collections of racing bicycles. This time the GCN+ presenters focus on the unique and choose favourites.

Ed Goes E-Bike Graveling!

Instead of shooting over the Channel to 'Race Chase' the Classics or the Tour de France, Ed Hood has been getting better acquainted with his local paths, thanks to his Ribble gravel e-Bike. Here is one of his favourite gravel rambles.

PEZ Bookshelf: Bike Fit, 2nd Edition

A revised book by Phil Burt, simply titled “Bike Fit,” leads one to believe that proper fit is indeed one of the most important elements that cyclists, whether hard-core professionals, enthusiastic amateurs, or just someone going down to the shops, should consider.




TOUR’22: Michael Mørkøv VS The Time Cut

One of the most moving stories from the 2022 Tour de France was at the back of the race. Recognised as the best 'lead-out man' in the WorldTour, Michael Mørkøv fought to stay in the race through sickness, hot weather and the fastest Tour in…

Peter Stetina Talks Gravel!

Ed Hood is trying very hard to prove that he isn't 'old school' and is open to new ideas... gravel racing! In his second interview with a road-man who has turned to gravel, Ed talks to Peter Stetina about his move from the smooth roads to…

Louise Garbett: Lesser Known TOUR Star!

Paul Kilbourne has sent through another great article to Ed Hood. We have the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift at the moment, but back in 1984 the women's peloton had an 18 stage Tour de France and young English girl, Louise Garbett…



The UCI WorldTour Relegation Gets Critical

At the end of this year there will be promotion and relegation in the WorldTour. This will be based on the total number of points that teams have collected in the last three seasons. At the end of this year, eighteen teams will be part of WorldTour. The teams at the top have nothing to worry about, but at the bottom... They must be nervous.

RACE BREAKDOWN: What Does the Clásica San Sebastián Tell Us…

Remco Evenepoel did it again! With an all-mighty attack, the young Belgian 'Super Star' solo'd to victory, in much the way he won the Basque race in 2019 and…

2022 TOUR DE FRANCE FEMMES Avec ZWIFT Full Race Round-Up!

The first Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. It is without a doubt the race the women's peloton has been most looking forward to. Eight days of spectacle: From…


ItalCycling’s Lake Garda Training Camp: The Ideal Italian Experience for Experienced Cyclists

One week of training camp in Italy on the Giro stages of Lake Garda. Full and experiential days in which to challenge yourself and one another, talking, riding, and learning about how to be a stronger, faster, better cyclist. 

7 of the World’s Toughest Weirdest Bike Races

When dedication and training are properly applied, something that originally looks impossible may be accomplished.

100 Miles on an Old Rudge 3-speed to Raise Money for Phoenix Bikes Youth Bike Program

I wanted to share this Facebook post by my friend Henry Dunbar who is the Director of Operations for Active Transportation for Arlington County Commuter Services, overseeing the Capital Bikeshare, BikeArlington, and WalkArlington programs. He was previously the Executive Director of Phoenix Bikes. His post was a reminder to me that cycling is more than just carbon fiber, fancy kit, stylish shades, and watts.

OFFICINE MATTIO Launches the “Choose To Be” Campaign

Officine Mattio is promoting a motivational campaign, urging people not to remain passive and "be," however and whenever, and choosing cycling as a lifestyle.

Can The Driver Be Sued in a Car-Bicycle Accident?

If a motorist hits you while riding your bicycle, you can sue the driver for personal injury. In many cases, motorists are liable for damages when they strike cyclists.

What are the Best Sports Betting Strategies?

A betting strategy is a structured process in gambling to make money. Any sportsbook bettor will have some unique betting strategies that they employ to gain profit.




PHOTO SPECIAL: 2022 Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic

Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic Father’s Day event is in its 46th year. The day starts with kids’ races before…
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