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WORLDS’21: Where is the Smart Money Going?

The World championship road race is one of the hardest races to predict, and this year is even more difficult due to the course and the amount of top men on the start line in Antwerp. The bookmakers have their ideas who will cross the line first in Leuven. Spencer Martin takes a closer look at the odds.





Rest In Peace Chris Anker Sørensen

It was ironic that Chris Anker Sørensen’s life should end doing what he had become known for after his career as a professional cyclist was over – preparing meticulously for his role as a TV race commentator, out riding the parcours of Sunday’s World Individual Time Trial Championship in Flanders.

PEZ Bookshelf: Chasing the Rainbow

There is a very special jersey that, once you win it at a one day event, it is yours for a year wherever you race. This jersey, is of course, the glorious rainbow-striped confection first donned by Alfredo Binda in 1927. Its fascinating history is the subject of “Chasing the Rainbow: The Story of Road Cycling's World Championships” by Giles Belbin.

PEZ ROADSIDE: Tour of Britain’21 Stage 7 The Road to Edinburgh

Ed Hood hasn't been to a top race for... well, a long time, thank you to Mr. Covid. So, with the Tour of Britain stage 7 starting just down the road he couldn't miss out on the excitement. Ed goes 'Roadside' in Scotland.

PEZ Bookshelf: Eat Bike Cook

It is said that there are people who live to eat and others who eat to live and for some of us enough cycling means we can eat whatever we want. “Eat Bike Cook” is a wonderful little book that really is about the joys of riding and the pleasures of eating, with an original viewpoint.

Fearless Femmes Take on Bucks County Classic

The Bucks County Cycling Championship is on this weekend in Doylestown PA. Arounkone Sananikone, owner of the Fearless Femme Racing Team, took a few minutes to share some thoughts on what makes this race event special.

Roxo Racing Checks In From Joe Martin Stage Race

Follow the women of Roxo Racing, a Texas based women’s cycling team, in their first full year chasing national level races. Roxo has raced USA Crits events, Pro Nationals, and Joe Martin, both UCI professional events.  The goal, shared by all, is to strive, learn and improve. 




Eamon [van] Lucas Talks Belgium!

The biggest race in the World is this Sunday in Belgium, to be exact; Flanders. Californian, Eamon Lucas is based in Brugge and rides (and wins) kermis races, the backbone of the Belgian cycling scene. Ed Hood caught up with Eamon to talk…

Olympic Champion Michael Mørkøv Talks Madison

From Deceuninck - Quick-Step's top lead-out man to Olympic madison gold medalist, Michael Mørkøv is 'the pro’s pro'. Ed Hood, who has known the Danish fast-man for many years, caught up Michael on his return from Tokyo to hear all about it.



WORLDS’21 Women’s Road Race: Balsamo Beats Vos for the Rainbow!

An exciting finalé of attacks and counter-attacks came down to a sprint from a select group. The Italian team took control in the last kilometre to put Elisa Balsamo over the line first ahead of Marianne Vos. Poland's Katarzyna Niewiadoma took the bronze medal.

WORLDS’21: Where is the Smart Money Going?

The World championship road race is one of the hardest races to predict, and this year is even more difficult due to the course and the amount of top men on the…


The biggest one-day race on the calendar, the World Championships are in Flanders this Sunday and the Men's Elite Road Race has one of the strongest fields on a…


Unusual Hobbies of Popular Athletes

It takes more than just a talent for athletes to reach the topmost levels in their respective sport. You may term it as the X-Factor that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Top 6 Reasons to Take a Break From Cycling

When you’re obsessed with cycling, it can be hard to take a break. You just feel that urge to get out on the bike every day. But there are some pretty compelling reasons to take a break from cycling.

How Pro Cyclists Career Earnings Compare to Other Sports

When casual observers think about professional cycling the first tournament that comes to mind will be the Tour de France. This remains the biggest prize in the sport and the one that they all want to win.

10 Top Tips for Training for a Triathlon

Triathlons are one of the most demanding races out there – a grueling test of resolve. The combination of swimming, running, and cycling form a multi-disciplined gauntlet of endurance, testing athletes beyond the capabilities needed for most sports.

How Brain Training Can Help Cyclists Maintain Focus

Have you set some serious personal goals for yourself when it comes to cycling? Maybe you have a specific distance you want to be able to cycle with ease, or there’s a route you’ve been dreaming of conquering.

The Biggest Prize Money in Esports History

Over the years since the inception of esports, the players or participants have competed for ridiculously high amounts that continuously increase.




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