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EUROTRASH News Round Up Thursday!

Aug 06, 2020 - Horrific crash in Poland - TOP STORY. Race reports: Milano-Torino, Tour de Pologne, Route d’Occitanie and the Gran Trittico Lombardo. Race news from Tirreno, Wallonia and the Tour de France. Teams for Sanremo, Ventoux, l’Ain and Czech Tour. Rider contract news. Jan Riedmann dies in road accident and World Bicycle Relief launches global ride.

PEZ Preview 2020 MILAN-SANREMO: Ed’s Questions!

Ed Hood has a dozen (well, thirteen) questions concerning the 2020 Milano-Sanremo, La Classicissima di Primavera... in August? The restructured UCI WorldTour season kicked off with a stunning Strade Bianche last Saturday, next up - Milano-Sanremo.


Gear Break: Tyres, Caps, Glasses, Shoes, Helmet and Bibs!

Lot's of new kit: Pirelli P ZERO™ Race tubeless road tyre, Campagnolo new cycling caps online, 100%® Speedcraft XS for smaller faces, fizik redesigned Tempo Overcurve R4 for wider feet, Lazer new Volante time trial helmet and a special bibs and saddle deal from Scicon.

Primal Zebra Evo 2.0 Kit – Channeling Your Inner Cipo!

The Primal Zebra Evo 2.0 kit is about as stylish as they come - but backed up with a lot more tech than just just flashy looks. Top line materials, properly cut and sewn for fit and function, an Italian made E6 Carbon seat pad in the bibs - plus a price that won't break your bank equals high value from the US brand.




Sanremo Reload: A Classic Beauty

The Spring Classic from Milan to Sanremo has a long history. Following the race over 3 decades, the PEZ attempts to explain how the romance and beauty of this race captures the hearts of tifosi like no other.

PEZ Bookshelf: Bicycles: Past, Present and Future

Italian book “Bicycles: Past, Present and Future” by Roberto Gurian, with graphic design by Maria Cucchi, has been translated by Robert Bethel into English, but marvelous bike photos speak in all languages. PEZ literary editor, Leslie Reissner, gives us his thoughts on this wonderful bike book.

Heather’s Dirty Tuscan Weekend: STRADE BIANCHE and GP LARCIANO Roadside

Strade Bianche and GP Larciano 2019: Not so much dirty as dusty and wet, but a weekend in Tuscany to watch the Strade Bianche and the GP Larciano is bound to be memorable. Two more races to mark off Heather Morrison's bucket list, but after reading about her adventures we think she will return for more of the 'White Roads' action.

Roadside PEZ: STRADE BIANCHE 2017 Mud & Dust!

The Strade Bianche can be one of the most exciting races on the pro calendar and the 2017 edition didn't disappoint. Our PEZ man in Italia, Alessandro Federico, was 'Roadside' to take in the charm of the white road Classic.

Days of Future Past: The Rise and Fall of the Spine Bike

Once upon a time bicycles were pretty much built out of steel. Sure, there had been forays into wood, aluminum and even carbon fibre, but steel was real pretty much into the 1990s. A shift began that saw oversize aluminum tubing, titanium impressed, while carbon bikes made a splash with triathletes. Greg LeMond, an early adopter, rode a carbon bike at the Tour de France.

To the Limit: Jordan Cheyne Sets Canadian Everest Record

Some ideas just sound crazy - Everesting could well be one of them. But when Jordan Cheyne's buddy, Braden Kersey, suggested going for the Canadian record... 'Why the hell not?' was the answer. Here is how the daring duo's day went.




Aussie Nick Clark Gets PEZ’d!

Ordinarily, "Gets PEZ'd" rider interviews are the domain of the venerable and esteemed Ed Hood. But this time, he's left it to Chuck Peña because there's a personal connection. Chuck and ex-pro Nick Clark are mates - both on and off the…



PEZ Preview 2020 MILAN-SANREMO: Ed’s Questions!

Ed Hood has a dozen (well, thirteen) questions concerning the 2020 Milano-Sanremo, La Classicissima di Primavera... in August? The restructured UCI WorldTour season kicked off with a stunning Strade Bianche last Saturday, next up - Milano-Sanremo.

STRADE BIANCHE’20: Wonderful Wout!

The first race back after the Covid-19 break didn't disappoint with action all the way to the finish line of the Strade Bianche. Ex-World cross champion, Wout…

Tuscan Dust: 2020 Strade Bianche PEZ Preview

The Tuscan race was one of the first to be cancelled due to Covid-19 and is now the first Classic on the reorganised UCI WorldTour calendar. Back on the road…


Panaracer launches new B2C website and welcomes everyone with 20% — for a limited…

Panaracer is pleased to announce the launch of its new, more comprehensive website for the North American market.

Pedal to Empower – World Bicycle Relief Launches Global Ride to Empower…

International NGO World Bicycle Relief (WBR) launches a new global DIY ride to bring together riders of all places, levels, and backgrounds to achieve one common goal: empowering women and girls across the globe.

How Did Helmets Evolve?

Bicycle helmets haven’t always been part of the essential protection gear cyclists have to wear during races. However, their use does go way back in time as this equipment was introduced in professional competitions as early as the 1880s.

TOUR Preview: Egan Bernal is Ready to Defend Title

Colombian rider Egan Bernal is ready to defend his Tour de France title. The 23-year-old member of UCI WorldTeam Team Ineos has been ramping up his training in his bid to become only the 13th rider to win the tour in consecutive years.

Three Best Cycling Movies

We have countless options for fun and entertainment on the internet. People spend time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, watching Youtube videos & can play online casino games, or just listen to some good music to have some entertainment.

A Cyclist’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause our daily schedule to change, even for the bike riders. This will shake up your personal routine and may even affect your personal health and training.




John’s Strade Bianche Photo Special!

At long last the 2020 race season will restart. The first big race is the Strade Bianche, over the gravel roads of…
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