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US Postal Star Scott Mercier Gets PEZ’d!

What could have been and what about the consequences? Scott Mercier wasn't going to go down the doping road and turned his back on a US Postal professional career. But there is more to the man from Colorado as Ed Hood found out.

EUROTRASH News Round Up Monday!

The training camps and team presentations are in full swing. Olympics to go ahead? - TOP STORY. Saturday's Zilvermeercross. No juniors at the Worlds. Race news. Rider news. Team news. Plus father and son ride Táchira, Cassani gives bike to Pantani’s mother, Dr. Schmidt gets prison. Cavendish back with the Wolfpack video.


Shave Off: Harry’s Winston VS Schick Hydro 5

What's the best razor to shave your legs for cycling? I shaved one leg with the Harry's Winston razor, and my other leg with the Schick Hydro 5 to see which of these 5 bladed razors did a better job on getting my legs clean smooth and knick-free for cycling.

La Passione Winter Kit Review: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

For those of us in northern climes, it's time to break out the winter cycling kit. So for those hardy souls who can channel their inner Eddy Merckx, here's my look at how La Passione's PSN Long Sleeve Rain Jersey, PSN 3/4 Thermal Bib Shorts, Insulated Alpha gilet, Winter gloves, and Merino base layer, Merino socks and Winter overshoes stand up to cold weather.




Road Stars And Their Cars!

Fast men on two wheels also like going fast on four wheels, and if not fast, with a certain style. Ed Hood has had a look at the top riders and their 'other' choice of transport.

Ton Merckx Shows His 2300+ Cycling Jersey Collection

There is nothing better than some new cycling kit to give you some inspiration and having a collection of your favourite team clothing is sometimes unavoidable. Ton Merckx (yes, that's his real name) has maybe taken it a bit far with a collection of over two-thousand jerseys. Ed Hood found out all about Ton's wonderful collection.

My Favorite Climb: Deer Creek

Every cyclist has a favorite climb somewhere in the world and for longtime PEZ fan, Adam from California, it's a homegrown climb that takes the cake for him - Deer Creek.

Best of PEZ Rider Blog: At Last, Jason Starts Racing!

Season 2020 part 2 was about to kick in, but our man in Austria, Jason Saltzman, made an early start with the Slovenian National time trial championships and the Palten-Ennstal Tour. Racing at last!

PEZ Top 10 Stories of 2020

While these dying days of the year are usually reserved for a warm look back at the hilights of the past 12 months, the only thinking about 2020 is "don't let the door hit you on the way out!"  But then the glass-is-half-full version of me pipes in with that we still created some of the best stories ever here on PEZ.

Best of PEZ: Slicks And Stones – Gravel in New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing tourist destination and so as part of Chris Selden's one year travel plan around the world, it was an obvious stop in his itinerary. Not so obvious would be to do the 119km Slicks and Stones cyclosportive on a mixture of gravel and tar roads, but due to his father now living in New Zealand and being the organiser - did he really have a choice?




US Postal Star Scott Mercier Gets PEZ’d!

What could have been and what about the consequences? Scott Mercier wasn't going to go down the doping road and turned his back on a US Postal professional career. But there is more to the man from Colorado as Ed Hood found out.

Vini Zabù KTM’s Daniel Pearson Gets PEZ’d!

Daniel Pearson has not been hanging about since he won the junior British road championship, way back in 2011. With a long list of teams, the next chapter to his life story is with the Italian ProTeam, Vini Zabù-KTM. Ed Hood caught up with…



Amstel Gold Race In 2021? But No Audience

Leo van Vliet want's to run the 2021 edition of the Amstel Gold Race on April 18, but the Dutch race organiser is worried that the race go ahead "but without audience and VIPs". The Netherland's biggest one-day plans for their Classic to go ahead in 2021.

Best of Roadside PEZ: The Cobbles of the Omloop Het…

Best of PEZ Roadside: You know when the season proper has started when your inbox is full of photos of cobbles and cold bike riders from Belgium with the name…

Cyclocross Start Money – The Facts

Much like the 6 Days and the criteriums, there has always been a mystery in cyclocross about the payment to the riders to put on a show. Like another subject,…


Gran Fondo Basso 10 Colli 25 April 2021

The beauty of cycling is recognized the world over and perhaps no nation has played as instrumental of a role in terms of defining cycling culture as Italy. The world over cycling has taken a great deal of influence from the red, white and green of the Italian flag…

Kristin Armstrong and Partners to Launch Women’s Cycling Lifestyle and Coaching…

Co-founded by mom, wife, entrepreneur, coach, and 3-time Olympic gold medalist, Kristin Armstrong, KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching (KX3) officially launches on Tuesday, January 19 at 6:10 a.m. PST / 7:10 a.m. MST in conjunction with a new weekly KX3 Women’s Freestyle Group Training Ride on Zwift.

Cycling Insurance – What Should You Know?

Athletes know that bike investments can be really high. As investments grow, insurance has to be seriously considered.

Cycling Fitness Goals in 2021: Goals, Gadgets and Good Times Ahead

January is the month of ambition: and we are going to look at some ideas, kit, technology and trends below for getting bike-fit in 2021.

Top 6 Cycling Apps

There are lots of ways to spend your free time. For example, you can read books, watch movies or play casino games. Yet, what if you want to spend this time more actively? Then you should try cycling. To make your training more efficient, you can use these apps.

E-Scooters 101: The Pros and Cons (Everything you Need to Know)

It’s no wonder that there are a number of different electrical products that can get people moving quicker than simply walking, and you've probably seen e-scooters out and about around your local neighbourhood. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of electric scooters.




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