An American Rider In Belgium

Who among us riding and racing at home, in any category, has not asked the question… “could I have made it in Europe, as a pro?”
If you haven’t you’re in the monority. So we decided to find out what it’s really like to live the dream, and take a shot at the big-time. In the coming weeks we hope to bring you the thoughts, views, and experiences of several young riders who really are chasing their dreams to become pro bike races.

Our first installment is from Gregg Germer, a 20 year old amateur racer from Texas, who knew from his first race at 13 years old that he had found “his” sport. He is currently living, training, and racing in Oostende, Belgium, on the coast of the North Sea, where the wind blows “something fierce”.

Read more about Gregg at the bottom of the page, but without further ado, everyone, this is Gregg. Gregg, this is everyone…

April 16, 2001
Well this is the start. To what? No one really knows.

My name is Gregg Germer. I wake up thinking about cycling after dreaming about cycling. I then train for hours on end only to return to my home and recover from my training then only to then begin plan my racing for the weekend.

I am a wanabe Pro. A “Wanabe Pro” you ask yourself. What is that? I’ll see if I can clarify. If there was a Webster Dictionary definition for “Wanabe Pro” it would go something like –
“A person, lacking all common sense for rational thought, who punishes his/her body day after day while spending every physical and mental resource on the goal of becoming a professional cyclist.”
Though this may seem a bit of a stretch on the truth, it really isn’t.

I guess this will be the start, right here.