Meet Campy Man!

“A look into”

What happens when your interest in collecting famous riders’ jerseys and clothing (and getting them to autograph each piece), gets a little carried away? You begin telling your friends, family members, pets, and if you’re anything like Robert MacNeil from Toronto, Canada, you start a website called “Campy” – and start selling the stuff!

Robert has been collecting cycling memorabilia for
many years and decided to share it with his fellow collectors. (Such a thoughtful guy…!). “Campyman” as he is called by his friends, not only worked for the famous Italian components manufacturer, but swears these integral parts helped him win more races than he can remember.

Over the last 18 years Rob/Campyman has been a Senior 1/Cat 1 racer, Directeur Sportif, Team owner and Sponsor. After a run in with a car ended his cycling career, Rob became the Product Manager for Bianchi
Canada and the Reparto Corse Liasion for Bianchi Italy. “A fantastic experience to meet the greatest racers of all time”. Rob spoke regularly with Tour de France winner and World Champion Felice Gimondi as he was his boss in Italy. “The first time I ever spoke to him, I was actually shaking, nervous to be discussing new designs”. A few hundred trade shows and pro races later, Rob had been introduced to every one of his cycling idols and a few he never knew he had. “I was always a Bernard Hinault fan, and after the 1985 Tour de France, I thought Greg LeMond had betrayed my idol. In the early 90’s I ran into Greg on the floor at Interbike and we spoke for what seemed like 2 hours – and I was blown away. Greg is the most consummate
professional and the nicest guy you will ever meet.”

After stints working for Colnago, De Rosa, Cinelli and a few other great Italian companies Rob opened his own bike business called Campionissimo. The collection of apparel had become so big that he opened the website to show the collection and to sell off the extras. “It is a great way to meet other collectors and talk about our cycling addictions”.

Greatest pieces in the collection? “Too many favourites but some would include Stephen Roche’s actual Giro D’Italia Carrera leaders jersey along with Giuseppe Saronni’s Giro D’Italia Pink Winner’s jersey both signed to me.”

Funniest anecdote? “I was standing in a booth at a trade show, I turn around and my jaw drops to the ground. I was standing literally like a tree, couldn’t move, eyes bugged out, mouth open. My girlfriend is talking to me, and I am simply unable to answer. She
says my name like 4 or 5 times. Wondering what the hell is wrong with me, at this point she turns to see what I am looking at. She sees one of the Booth babes dressing in a corner, partially naked. I of course get a slap in the head, Me? I never saw the girl… I saw the Great Eddy Merckx standing a few feet away. 20 minutes later and I finally got the nerve to say “Hi” and had a poster autographed. I still have the poster, I don’t have the girlfriend anymore as she never got it, Eddy is our God”.

So drop by and take a look, – as Rob likes to say… “It’s the best source for cycling memorabilia anywhere as Rob knows almost every pro
cyclist past and present. You never know what little treasure Rob is going to have for sale. His extensive knowledge of cycling, racing and riders is an asset to his many loyal customers from around the world. On any given day you can find World Champion, Tour de France and old team jerseys signed by great riders such as Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Greg LeMond, Mario Cipollini, Bernard Thevenet, Lucien Van Impe, Stephen Roche, Federico Bahamontes and hundreds more.

You can see Rob’s collection of cool jerseys at his website