Quiet Roads at PEZ HQ Under Tightest Restrictions Yet

Life Under Lockdown

As the corona virus tightens its grip and the number of cases continues to rise, I made it through a weekend of the tightest restrictions so far. Here at PEZ HQ in Vancouver, all restaurants, bars, non-essential business have been ordered closed, and they’re about to bring in fines for people not complying with proper social distancing guidelines to stop the spread of the virus.

I spent a pretty quiet weekend around the house with Mrs. Pez and our two girls, and went out Sunday for a solo bike ride nearby. It was eery how quiet the roads were – which normally would have been jammed with cars and people.

In my circle, things have changed fast in recent days – friends have all agreed to shelter at home, and we wouldn’t even consider a small dinner with just one family of close friends like we did just last week.

This road would normally be jammed with traffic at 4:00PM.

Mrs. Pez and I made an apprehensive run to a surprisingly quiet Costco on Saturday for supplies for the weeks ahead, we went late afternoon to avoid the long line-up, but as usual the toilet paper, kleenex, and hand-sanitizer were gone (gotta be first in line at 9:00am if you want those).

Meanwhile – we’re still rolling at PEZ on our fresh new website – an unintended benefit of our “virtual” office means we’ve got original stories and articles posting every day to help get you – and us – through the weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading – and stay safe –



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