Museuuw Roars at Roubaix!

Johan Museuuw (Domo) has shown once again that age & experience seems to be the best tools to win Paris – Roubaix . The 3rd round of the World Cup was finished today in Northern France under drizzling skies and cool temperatures, adding to the danger of riding the famed cobblestones.

Museuuw won his 3rd “Hell of the North” after an impressive breakaway from 40 km all but destroyed his opponents. The second place sprint went to Telekom’s Steffen Wesemann, narrowly beating US Postal’s Tom Boonen (riding his first pro Roubaix).

The break un-folded coming out of cobbled section No. 6 with 40 kilometres to Roubaix, Museeuw just looked round and went, that was it. A chase by Boonen & Hincapie (US Postal) was not strong enough, especially when Hincapie launched him self into a ditch. The rest of the race was in tatters. Wesemann managed to drop a flagging Hincapie and close on Boonen.

Check in later for our full race report and more stories from the bunch.

6 hours 38 minutes, Museeuw first, Weseman 2nd at 3.03, Boonen 3rd.