BPeople Saddles: Discover the Model Vincere AVA

Vincere Ava saddle is the very latest product from the BPeople brand.

Vincere AVA is a saddle that combines the best qualities of the top models from the BPeople brand with a new design and innovative, completely redesigned padding (flatter, softer and wider in the rear) to meet the demands of even the most extreme bikers.

Comfortable and versatile, its shape is designed to leave room for more freedom of movement during pedalling and makes it suitable as well for people with medium to wide hips. Its structure is made in CCM (Carbon Composite Multifibre) with a 4K aeronautic carbon fibre fork (also available in Vanox).and the saddle is 100% developed and produced in

The wide central opening at the perinea point and the special puncture holes in the major tension points in the material help to further reduce physical problems caused by prolonged periods spent on a bicycle. Vincere Ava is a saddle that is well suited for use in the world of mountain bikes as well.

Tech info and versions available: Technology:

Weight: 150 gr.
Fork: C4K carbon fibre
Dimensions: 263×140 mm
Colours: white-black

Weight: 178 gr.
Fork: vanox
Dimensions: 263×140 mm
Colours: white-black

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