LAMPRE-MERIDA ready for Lugano

On the lake shore, in 2012 LAMPRE-MERIDA obtained the 2nd place thanks to Cunego; past edition of the race was deleted because of the snow.

In 2014, blue-fuchsia-green team will try to conquer Gp Lugano (2 March), a race that the team never won.
The selected riders for the Swiss race are seven Italian cylists and one Colombian: Serpa, who recently won Trofeo Laigueglia, will join Bonifazio, Bono, Cunego, Mori, Palini, Ulissi and Wackermann.

Swiss sport director Simone Pedrazzini will direct the team, with the support by masseur Della Torre, Santerini and Capelli, by mechanics Romanò and Coelho and by doctor De Grandi.

Riders will cover a course of 169,4 km (one lap of 33,4 km in addition to 4 laps of 34 km each) that could fit the characteristics of Ulissi and Cunego.
LAMPRE-MERIDA duo can assure to be in the head of the race in the final kilometers, but also Serpa could be a protagonist.

Another target for the team is to give value to the young riders Bonifazio, Palini and Wackermann, also thanks to the experience of Bono and Mori.

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