The Basics of Betting on Cycling Races: A Beginner’s Guide

The sports betting industry has been on remarkable growth across the US. But besides the obvious enticement of winning some money, it provides sports fans with a chance to enhance the thrill and excitement they get from their favorite sports. Cycling has not been left behind, and you can bet on cycling races such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, or even local events.

But while most people are familiar with NFL betting lines, what kind of bets can you place in cycling, and how can you enhance your chances of success? Today, we’ll take you through the basics of betting on cycling races.

Types of Cycling Bets
The various types of wagers you can place on cycling races.

  • Race Winner Bets: This is the easiest bet in cycling as all you need to do is pick the cyclist you’re optimistic will emerge as the winner in a particular race. You win your bet if your choice is the first to cross the finish line.
  • Podium Finish Bets: This bet requires you to wager that a particular cyclist will emerge among the top three in the race. While the odds are typically lower than a race-winner bet, the podium finish bet gives you a higher winning chance.
  • Top 10 Finish Bets: As the name suggests, the bet requires you to wager that a particular cyclist will make it to the top ten category after a race. Again, the odds here are lower, but the chances of success are greater.
  • Matchup Bets: In this bet, the bookmaker pits two cyclists against each other. You will be required to pick the one that will be ahead of the other at the end of the race, regardless of whether they make it to the top ten.
  • Prop Bets: These are bets on specific outcomes, such as the race winner’s nationality or the winning margins in various stages.
  • Points Classification Bets: These bets require you to analyze individual cyclists’ strengths and tactics keenly. In the Tour de France, the points classification winner is the cyclist who gains the most points in intermediate sprints and stage finishes.

Strategies for Successful Cycling Betting
Like any other form of sports betting, successful cycling betting requires a bettor with a well-thought-out strategy. Here, we outline some tips to help you cash out on the cycling races you place your bets on.

Take Time to Study the Race
What type of race will you be betting on? It is crucial to understand that while some races may only take a day, some comprise multiple stages and may go on for weeks. Each race type accommodates different cyclists.  And given you never really know who will cross the line first, it’s a good idea to find some great odds on a number of mobile sports betting apps leading up to the start of the week. 

Know Your Cyclists and Their Teams
Different cyclists will excel in different situations. While some cyclists do exceptionally well in mountainous stages, some are better suited for time trials. Moreover, knowing the team inside-out is equally vital since team tactics play a crucial role in cycling.

Take Note of Recent Performances
Before you can place a bet on a particular cyclist, it’s important to look at their recent performances first. This is because the form that they are on will most likely determine how the player will perform in upcoming races. Ensure that you also consider factors such as illnesses and injuries as they can have a huge effect on performance.

Consider External Factors
Do not ignore the impact that external factors like weather may have on the outcome of a race. Some cyclists do better in dry conditions, while others prefer wet conditions. Other factors like wind strength and direction may also affect cycling races. Before you place any bet, ensure that you research all these, as it will give you a better chance at winning.