The Col Collective release 60 minute sweet-spot training video with The Sufferfest

After the success of our first training video ‘To Get To The Other Side’ late last year we’re VERY proud to announce that our second collaboration with the indoor training wizards over at The Sufferfest is now available, designed to help you build your sub-threshold fitness and get through the winter blues!

‘The Way Out’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s your escape, your ‘way out’ from the often gloomy thoughts of winter riding when the light is dim and the temperatures only good enough to keep Frosty the Snowman smiling. Ha, ha, too bad Mr Frosty, looks like we get the last laugh this time as we take you on a 60 minute ride over some of the best and most beautiful mountains in France and Italy, including the Allos, Iseran, Roselend, Nivolet, Zoncolan, Finestre and more!

So, what’s it all about? Designed by Coach Sir Neal Henderson of BMC Racing and Apex Coaching, ‘The Way Out’ is a ‘sweet spot’ workout that gives you an hour of efforts just below threshold and at a series of different cadences. Says Coach Neal, “The benefit of training just below FTP is that you can accumulate a fair amount of time there with minimal rest required. The recovery from the workout will be more rapid compared to above threshold intensity workouts and we find that there are great improvements in lactate clearance that occur from training just below threshold…even more so than when training above it.”

Training and intervals aside, we just think it’s an amazing ride in the mountains which is what we all really live for! Check out the full low-down here and for a limited period get 24% off when you pick up their Winter 2016 Collection including the all new ‘Power Station’ video as well.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

Mike & The Col Collective

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