The Most Beautiful Cycle Routes In Europe

When it comes to cycle routes, Europe is the continent with some of the best on offer. It’s more so because European cycle routes provide plenty of variety, with plenty of different types of environments to explore. But with so many to pick from, which of them stand out above the rest?

Cornish Coastal Way, United Kingdom

We start with the Cornish Way because it delivers on the above mentioned variety. To kick things off, riders can choose to take paths ranging between 25 and 100 miles, but the further they go, the more they get to take in. St Ives smugglers paths, Minehead and even the Eden Project, are all along the route. And, if riders opt to take on a long journey, they can always stop off and have a picnic, catch-up on some reading about the best places to have dinner, maybe after chancing a visit to a nearly casino to discover the latest slots, or just grab a cheeky Cornish ice cream instead.

Holland Junction Network, Netherlands

If there is one European country that is associated with bicycles more than the rest, it’s the Netherlands. And, it’s no surprise that the Holland Junction Network is one of the most beautiful cycle routes when you consider the infrastructure built for cycling and all the super flat routes. Taking the Holland Junction Network will see cities and the coastline as areas to explore, so again, there’s that variety. You’re not going to be seeing similar things over and over again, which can become boring quite quickly.

Iron Curtain Trail, Bulgaria

The Iron Curtain Trail is famed for connecting multiple countries, such as Bulgaria and Greece. However, it’s on the former’s side of the border where you’re going to traverse mountains and historic spa towns. Everything begins in Thracian Valley too, which is a winemaking region also steeped in history. And, if riders feel like it, they can take the marked paths through the mountains into neighbouring Greece, where there’s even more beauty and history to uncover.

Tauern Cycle Trail, Austria

The Tauern Cycle Trail may be the type that is recommended for those with experience in cycling to take on, but it’s undoubtedly worth building on that experience to travel along the trail, which is 150 miles long and high in altitude. The natural beauty and the mind-blowing views on offer make this track worth putting the hours in to be ready to ride along it. The route includes Grossglockner Mountain, Krimml Waterfall, Lake Zell and The Hohe Tauern National Park.

Elbe Cycle Path, Germany

If you were to ask anyone what the best cycle route in Germany is, everyone would reply with the Elbe Cycle Path. It’s voted as the best year on year, and one of the main reasons is that it runs along River Elbe, with some unbelievably stunning mountain scenery accompanying it. The route begins in Prague and ends in Dresden. It’s one of close to forty excellent cycling routes in Germany.