Top Three Things Do When You’re Not Cycling

There will come a time when either due to an accident, the off season or the weather you may not be able to cycle out on the road. This article presents three of the best pastimes to engage in when you’re not cycling. The idea is to keep the mind and body as active as possible, while not over-exerting, allowing you return to the same level of cycling fitness that you had before the break.

1. Online casino and computer games

There has been an immense growth in online entertainment and as such it is definitely one of the pastimes to consider when you’re not road riding on a daily basis. Not only will it keep you entertained, but there is no risk whatsoever of injury or exacerbating any of the issues that are keeping you off the bike. The secret to implementing this type of entertainment or pastime is to choose the best online casinos for you, the choices are wide and varied. However, there comparison sites for online pokies Australia real money games that will rate and list the best sites in your area. Having found the right site for you, the fun available should serve to relax and entertain you, both critical aspects of a good mind-body balance.

2. Ride inside

Set up a bike to be able to cycle indoors, yes, we all know that road cycling is the ultimate end goal. The open air, undulating and ever-changing roads and scenery make for some of the most challenging fitness and interesting sightseeing that there is. However, don’t despair if you can’t get onto the road. Either arrange an exercise bicycle or simply set up your road bike to be able to get as much riding and cycling done as you can indoors. This will keep your fitness levels up and make getting back on the road or on the trails a lot easier. Any form of indoor fitness, be it cycling, running or rowing will provide a fantastic and related fitness or rehabilitation opportunity that will make any break from the bike a chance to try other forms of exercise.

3. Walk your next cycle route

It is generally not that widely done, and the ‘recce’ (route reconnaissance) may take a lot of time and effort, but walking the route or the track, is a great way to gain on-the-ground insights as to the nature of the race and the best line to ride on the track, trail or road. Being able to walk or even have a virtual (drone pictures) of the entire track or race route will allow you to engage with the terrain and to make the ride as easy as it can be. Having been through the route and checked the road surfaces can be essential in terms of your preparation and is a good use of the time that you have when not on the road cycling.

Being off the bike for whatever reason, be it an injury or inclement weather, can be quite a tricky period. You need to stay motivated and fit and also find something else to entertain and keep you mind relaxed, allowing the body to recover.