Unusual Hobbies of Popular Athletes

It takes more than just a talent for athletes to reach the topmost levels in their respective sport. You may term it as the X-Factor that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. At the same time, it’s precisely this X-Factor that makes them pick up a few hobbies which some people would suppose to be bizarre and a bit weird. It could be online hunting for the latest no deposit casino bonuses in the UK, raising livestock, pigeons or ballet. Be prepared to learn more about famous athletes while reading this article. Thus, without further ado, let’s dive into the article about the greatest obsessions of outstanding athletes.

There are six leisure pursuits described:

  • Spearfishing, Tiger Woods
  • Bingo, Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Ballet, Herschel Walker
  • Roller Skating, Rajon Rondo
  • Raising Pigeons, Mike Tyson
  • Ranching and Raising Livestock, Carlos Lee

Spearfishing, Tiger Woods
There was a time when Tiger Woods’ name was synonymous with golf. This athlete is known globally for thrashing his opponents until they no longer have a chance to stand on a course. But nothing can prepare you for his attack. As much as Tiger Woods’ famed on the golf course, he is fearless when it comes to the art of spearfishing. With the help of a spear, he hunts fish in the ocean. The athlete is super into spearfishing. If you are unaware of this occupation, spearfishing requires diving into the ocean and stabbing fish by using a harpoon, a type of spear. According to Woods’ statement, he finds solace through this unusual hobby that involves shooting fish. So think about it: “Tiger Shark” may greatly represent “Tiger” in his name.

That isn’t all about Tiger Woods when it comes to having unusual hobbies. His presence is highly regarded in numerous Las Vegas casinos. His bet limit is around a million dollars.

Bingo, Cristiano Ronaldo
It’s quite difficult to comprehend that an athlete such as Cristiano Ronaldo hides away a few unusual hobbies here and there. The globally-renowned football superstar is better known for being an absolute egotist in his surrounding. However, regarding his vanity and narcissism, Cristiano Ronaldo loves spending a few hours on a game or two of Bingo. It may be difficult for you to wrap your head around it, but yes, Bingo is Cristiano Ronaldo’s unusual hobby.

During his early years in Manchester United, he widely opened the door across, leading to the table with Bingo cards. Without a doubt, he grew accustomed to the game and cashed all into Bingo. To state it in simpler terms, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly became addicted to the game. Besides, he also mentioned that Bingo was among the primary factors through which he could learn and get used to English quickly.

Ballet, Herschel Walker
The American football superstar is for sure among the best all-around players ever to exist in the sport’s history. Herschel Walker became the winner of the Heisman Trophy. He also competed in the two-man bobsleigh category in the Winter Olympics in 1992 held in France. In recent history, Walke is better known for his participation in Strikeforce. He won two fights as a mixed martial arts fighter.

It would be difficult for anyone to imagine that an athlete such as Herschel Walker could have an unusual hobby. However, the astonishing fact about him the athlete is also a ballet performer. Other than thrashing his opponents on the football field, Herschel Walker can also show his sensitive side through ballet. He performed for the Fort Worth Ballet during his active years when he was in the Dallas Cowboys.

Roller Skating, Rajon Rondo
The basketball legend is widely famous for his role as the point guard of the Boston Celtics. Before getting drafted to the Boston Celtics team, he was a part of the NBA draft in 2006. His career began in the Phoenix Suns initially. In the entire NBA league, only a handful of players can be compared to Rajon Rondo when playing a point guard position. Rondo is capable of moving fast on the basketball court as though gliding his way through his opponents. He was able to pick up these unheard movements through his unusual hobby of skating, specifically roller skating.

To feel calm and free himself from the stress related to his basketball career, he found an escape in the roller-skating rink. According to Rondo, while roller skating, he is transported to a world of his own as he slowly zones out.

Raising Pigeons, Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson is a name that still rings bells of those who met and fought him in the ring ages ago. Tyson bagged the World Heavyweight Champion title in 1986. This legendary boxer, no doubt, lives up to the title of The Baddest Man on the Planet. But, no matter how notorious the title given to him may sound to you, Mike Tyson seems to have picked up quite a docile and pleasant yet unusual hobby. The wild and ferocious fighter seems to have a nature-loving, calm and soft side of him.

It might catch you unaware that before Mike Tyson hit off his career in Boxing, he used to raise pigeons. Even then, he had a dream, although quite different from the one he achieved through Boxing: he wanted to be an ace when it comes to pigeon racing. So when many other athletes found solace in gambling away or going crazy, Mike Tyson simply found joy in raising pigeons. Nothing but respect for the man.

Ranching and Raising Livestock, Carlos Lee
Major League Baseball star boasts a total of 14 seasons. During the years he was active, Carlos Lee had the privilege to play for numerous teams. That includes Miami Marlins, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago White Sox. However, Lee is better known in MLB as the player who hit a home run in his debut match. It was his very first at-bat, too. At the same time, superstar hunk picked up quite an unusual hobby in the form of ranching. In brief, cattle-ranching and raising livestock are among the top picks for Lee when it comes to weird and unusual hobbies. Carlos Lee owns more than 300 cattle which he raises in a ranch that is also in his possession.

As you can see, there are different bizarre hobbies of famous and outstanding personalities, so do not hesitate to take up a new activity if you desire to try something new and entertain yourself—no matter what other people can say.