Readers’ Rig: Hannes’ Very Special Ducati Bianchi

A Biancho Ducati special

Readers’ Rig: Hannes Wessels in Cape Town, South Africa has a very unique Bianchi that was rescued from the dustbin, repaired and repainted as a tribute to the Ducati Panigale Speciale. A beautiful looking bike with a great story.

Name: Hannes Wessels
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Frame: Bianchi Oltre X2
Group: Campagnolo Record/Super Record
Handlebar/Stem: Zipp
Wheels: Campagnolo Bora One
Pedals: Garmin Vector 3
Saddle: Specialized
Weight: 7.5 kg.

When did you buy it?
I didn’t and that’s what makes the story interesting. The bike was an insurance write off with the frame’s carbon punctured in two places – at the bottom of the down tube and the rear brake calliper (which was completely ripped out of the frame).

What made you choose this bike?
Looking at the frame, which my LBS was about to throw away, I thought there must be a way to rescue this beautiful machine, so I phoned up Cape Town’s carbon repair maestro, Anton Cloete, who was quick to assure me the frame could be salvaged.

Have you done any modifications/additions to it?
No specific modifications, but completely redesigned the paint job to be a tribute to the Ducati Panigale Speciale. (please refer the mock up design in the photo folder reference above).

How many miles/kilometres do you do a year?
Between 7 and 10 thousand.

What do you love about this bike?
The Bianchi Oltre range is well know for its combination of lightness and stiffness.

Favourite riding areas?
Chapmans Peak, which is close to where I live. Considered one of the world’s most famous and beautiful roads.

Top riding experience on your bike?
Mostly used as a training bike, it descends extremely well.

Future upgrades?
Will consider Super Record 12 speed in future.

Last words:
In a world where recycling is becoming more and more important, giving a second life to something that was heading to the garbage dump was very satisfying.

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