Readers’ Rigs: Mickel’s Canyon AEROAD CF SLX Disc 9.0 LTD

Readers’ Rigs: Aerobikes have been the top of many people’s shopping lists, and the Canyon AEROAD is high on the ‘must haves’ of the cycling world. Mickel Kobeck, in Chattanooga, owns one of the first the grace the North American shores… a feast for the eyes.

Name: Mickel Kobeck
Age: 61 Retired High School Teacher
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Frame: Canyon AEROAD CF SLX DISC 9.0 LTD
Group: SRAM RED ETAP 11 Speed
Handlebar/Stem: Canyon AEROAD
Wheels: ALTO CCX40-HL CLINCHER (Tubeless) Upgraded from Reynolds 60 that came with it.
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Pedals
Other: Changed Cassette to 12-32, Ceramic Speed OSPW System for SRAM ETAP
Weight: Out of the Box…7.2 Kilos…after upgraded Wheels, Saddle, Ceramic Speed Pulley. 6.90 Kilos… pedals included.

When did you buy it?
Online with Canyon. I purchased the bike in the Spring of 2018… I was one of the first in the US to do so.

What made you choose this bike?
Loved the bikes and waited NOT so patiently for it to become available in the U.S. I ordered it the same day.

Have you done any modifications/additions to it?
Lighter wheelset, Lighter saddle, Ceramic Speed OSPW.

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
I average about 9,000 miles per year.

What do you love about this bike?
I live in a very hilly or even considered a mountainous area… lots lots of climbing. I love that even though it is an Aero bike, and a very good one…it climbs well.

Favorite riding areas?
I am fortunate to live in an area that has pretty much everything…rolling, flat and long climbs…I have found that as my weight has dropped enjoy riding long climbs more and more. I don’t do many road races anymore after several health scares (in June of 2017 I have a hip replacement and collarbone surgeries after a crash, then in February of 2018 I suffered a Heart Attack and had a triple bypass). Because of this I only do Time Trials now, in 2019 I won the Tennessee State Merckx Time Trial Championship… hence the Aero bike. However, after changing my diet (went Vegetarian in late January of 2020) and losing 22 pounds I find that my climbing has gotten better and better as my weight went from 166 lbs. to a 144 lbs.

Top riding experience on your bike?
I love going on multi day cycling climbing camps… I have done 5 or 6 and plan on continuing to do so.

Future upgrades?
As Merckx rules become more uniform and recognized I will probably get a set of slightly deep Aero wheels…

Last words:
I would love to be able to tell anyone that has suffered Heart Attack of other health concerns to KEEP RIDING… with you doctors approval of course.

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