Readers’ Rigs: Robert’s Home Trainer Bike

This week’s ‘Readers’ Rig’ is a little bit different. Writer and poet, Robert Lee Kendrick’s Specialized doesn’t leave the house these days, but it still see’s a lot of action on the home trainer. Robert’s bike is maybe old, but has been armed with a Powertap hub and is a home trainer beater.

Name: Robert Kendrick
Location: Clemson, South Carolina, USA
Bike: 2010 (?) Specialized Langster
Groupset: Not sure. It’s got parts on it.
Wheels: Stock front with a flat tire. Rear Powertap hub on a Stan’s No Tubes rim.
Pedals: Time RXS.
Saddle: Selle San Marco Regale
Other: Some bars we got out of the scrap bin at the local shop.
Weight: Unknown.

When did you buy it?
2011 — I found it used when I was looking for a trainer beater.

What made you choose this bike?
Though I live in a mild climate, work schedule, rain, and life get in the way of outdoor rides in the winter. I’ve sweat-nuked too many parts over the years, so I thought that a fixie would be a good turbo setup.

Have you done any modifications/additions to it?
Powertap hub, and some levers. I run a 48 x 16, which enables me to do anything from easy recovery to VO2 max intervals — just pedal faster.

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
12,700 miles. About 3,500 of that were on this mess.

What do you love about this bike?
It doesn’t need cleaning. Or rather, I neglect to clean it. It’s simple, durable, and it gets the job done for turbo time.

Favorite riding area?
Not the upstairs. The roads here in Pickens County, SC are quiet and full of hills and trees and birdsongs and deer. It’s just about perfect. Why I love to ride the local roads: The images that spark my poems all come from what I sense while out on my bike. Riding feeds my creative process, and new sensations always lead to new lines. Indoor riding sort of helps, too – I don’t do music or videos, so the only place to go is in my head.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
The Roan Groan road race in Tennessee — a mountain summit finish. It’s the day I look forward to each summer. On this awful indoor rig? Probably the time our dog decided to get some salt licks off my legs, and just sat there on the floor turning his head in circles, trying to get a good lap of sweat. I didn’t want to get off, and he didn’t want to leave. Eventually it all worked out.

Future upgrades?
New pedals. The RXS cleats are getting hard to find.

Last words?
Indoor training is a terrible, horrible, wretched thing. And sometimes, it’s perfect.

About the shoes:
Bike shoes aren’t cheap, so I try to get a lot of use out of them. My trainer shoes are years old road shoes patched with silicone caulk. It works.

You can read more about Robert at:

And Books:
Shape the Bent Straight
What Once Burst With Brilliance
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