Readers’ Rigs: Serrotta CSI

Today’s Readers’ Rigs is no latest generation show pony carbon wonderbike, instead it’s a Real Steel semi-custom from the folks at Serotta that has proven a worthy Rig for its owner Brock who has owned his bike for 20 years now…

Name: Brock Graham
Location: Old Saybrook,CT USA
Bike: Serotta CSI
Groupset: Shimano Ultegra
Wheels: Mavic Open Pro – 36 hole
Pedals: Look, Sidi Genius combo
Saddle: Fizik Arione
Other: Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires – practically indestructible, which is important with the broken shells the gulls drop around here!
Weight: 22.1 lbs/10kg (around 250lbs/113kg all in by the time I climb on)

When did you buy it?
In 2000, my 40th birthday present to myself (special thanks to my wife on that one)

What made you choose this bike?
I’m about 6’ 6” and was trying to find a better fit; Serotta offered semi-custom and had a local shop, so I signed on and got the full fit done on their special bike.

That’s a big frame!

What modifications/additions have you done?
The handlebars are a little wider than the original setup, and I’ve changed the seatpost to a heavy duty Thomson after breaking two of them out on the road (I have solid Clydesdale credentials).

What components are you running?
The bike was originally Dura-Ace, and ran that way for the first 15 years/30,000 miles. The redo is Ultegra with a compact crank, a little more age and wallet friendly.

Brock’s bike with its original Dura-Ace setup

How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
About 2,500 miles a year (4000km).

What do you love about this bike?
It’s a perfect match for me. When I bought it it was the height of the “less spokes is more” era, so I tried to shop it that way. I asked Rick Ely at Mystic Cycles about it and he just laughed at me – “How much do you weigh?” And when I said 225 he said “you need more spokes, not less”. He was right of course, and I don’t think I’ve had to true a wheel in season since, so thanks to Rick for that (he also did the rebuild). I think this is my 6th road bike, starting from the BRG Schwinn Varsity 10 speed I had in the 70s, and the first that really fits me – that’s a big deal, and this far in it still looks as good as it rides.

Favorite riding area?
The Connecticut shoreline at the mouth of the CT River – there are 3 nice 30 mile loops around here that I alternate between – hard to beat on early summer mornings and in the fall.

Favorite riding experience on your bike?
I caught a nice day in December last year right after the bike came back from the rebuild and it wasn’t long, but felt just great to be out on the road with my new old ride.

Future upgrades?
Probably just the saddle after a fit check – I’ve broken a couple of these now, and maybe 25MM tires instead of the 23s. Already dealt with broken spokes, wheels, saddles, seatposts…

Last words?
Steel is still real for this guy; and don’t forget to stop and offer help to the person with the flat, etc. – one of these days it might be you.

Thanks to Brock for sharing his ride with us. Got a bike that you’re proud of? Well how about sharing it with fellow PEZ fans and getting it featured in Readers’ Rigs so we can all stare at it! Send us a Readers’ Rigs submission direct to and your bike could be featured in all its glory here on the pages of PEZ.

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