Ma’ Bad Ass 7-Layer Baselayer Breakdown!

Just like Mrs. Pez – the right cycling baselayer is essential to keep me warm on cold winter days. Modern fabrics, design, and construction have opened up more choices than ever before, so here are seven different baselayers from Castelli, Alé Bikewear, Nalini, and Assos that I’ve been using for a variety of cold weather rides and warming requirements.

Remember when cycling base layers were a cotton t-shirt, or maybe a wool jersey you pulled from your ski drawer? Or maybe you even remember when real technical base layers didn’t even exist? Thank goodness for advances in technology and our never ending desire to keep riding, no matter how crummy the weather. A good base layer will make the difference between you crushing it in the off-season, or getting blown out the back come Spring because it was (cue school-girl voice:) “just too cold to ride… ewwww”.

The Castelli Prosecco R LS long sleeve base layer is a simple straight forward design in a polypro-blend that works well across a variety of temps and seasons.  But unlike so many other base layers – this one comes in a snazzy gray-blue sublimated color scheme.  I’m wearing size Small, and it costs US$69.99.
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Castelli’s Prosecco Wind LS long sleeve base layer features a Gore Windstopper panel sewn as a second layer on the front.  This completely blocks cold air from reaching your chest, but still allows for enough air movement between the and wicking layer that’s just more comfortable.  Im wearing a size Small and they cost US$89.99.
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Alé Bikewear is another brand that makes their own high-quality gear in their factories in Italy.  This is the Seamless Long Sleeve Carbon model – knitted together like a sock in a giant tube-like shape to fit snugly without body seams.  Price is US $160.00. offered in 2 sizes-  (S/M & L/XL).  The Dryarn fabric is reported to be 32% lighter that wool, and 34% lighter than polyester, while offering excellent breathability and insulation.

The Seamless TR Short Sleeve base layer is well suited for a variety of conditions – even as a base under a long sleeve base for really cold days.  Also made of Dryarn, it’s weave features lots of ventilation holes and is offered at US$99.00 on the Alé Bikewear website.

The Nalini Merino Under jersey LS Base layer features a seamless design woven with the very soft Merino wool at the Nalini factory in Italy.  It’s shaped to fit like a second skin – (as any good base layer should), and sells for US$88.00. It’s light weight, very stretchy – and super comfy and available in the US from

The ASSOS  LS Skinfoil Winter EV07 is one of the warmest baselayers I’ve tried.  It’s their topline offering and sells for around US$100.00, and features a seamless tubelike body, woven with a quilted style poly-blend fabric that draws moisture away from there body, while keeping you warm. It’s super stretchy for a second skin-like fit, and adds a higher collar for added warmth.

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