CHAPTER2 RERE: The 2 Minute Build Up

VIDEO: Sure, we ride and review more than our share of cool bikes here at PEZCycling, but guess who turns the wrenches to assemble these sweet rides? Yup – we do. Here’s a “much faster than it really took me” version of building up the RERE aero road bike from Chapter2 Bikes. Stay tuned for my full review and ride report.
• See more at the Chapter2 Bikes website

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Chapter2 Bikes is a new brand launched by Mike Pryde – you might remember him from NeilPryde bikes – we reviewed the Alize a few years back. That bike was built with tubes shaped to smooth airflow and direct it past the bike to acheive a more aerodynamic frameset. Chapter2 Bikes is his second venture in the bike business, but this time where he’s the boss.

The RERE by Chapter2 uses everything Mike learned  designing carbon tubes to better slice the air through his years of working on sailboats and windsurfers for NeilPryde (his dad) – but now applied to Mike’s passion for bicycles.

The headtube and downtube are smoothed and shaped to best speed airflow past these critical points.  Note of the fork crown integrates into the downtube to reduce airflow disruption.

I’ll have a more in depth review of the RERE coming soon – so be sure to stop back for that one.  In the meantime, watch my build up video to see how this beauty comes together.

They sell the full frameset only for US$2834, and you can add their aero MANA handlebar for $577.

• See more at the Chapter2 Bikes website

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