Gear Break: More Cold Weather Gear from GORE, Silca Pink for Pogačar Cancer Research, Muc-Off Crank Preload Ring, Motoki Yoshio x Colnago, 100copies New Cyclemorphosis & The Road Book 2022

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Gear Break: More cold weather gear from GORE, Silca launches breast cancer awareness campaign benefitting the Tadej Pogačar Cancer Research Foundation, Muc-Off launches crank preload ring, Motoki Yoshio x Colnago – Respect, harmony and colors live together in an artistic version of the C68, 100copies New Bicycle Art Edition #52 – Cyclemorphosis and The Road Book 2022 now available.

More Cold Weather Gear from GORE

Torrent Jacket – $230

C5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM Thermo Jacket – $220

PEZ sez: If you’re looking for waterproof and/or windproof outwear, GORE practically invented the market category. So it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with any of their jackets.

As the name implies, the Torrent is a waterproof riding jacket. It’s not as light as GORE’s SHAKEDRY jacket, but is still very light (and packable — so easy to stow in a jersey pocket). But it’s almost as form fitting as the SHAKEDRY jacket. GORE says it has “three-way stretch fit” but — honestly — there isn’t a lot of stretch for fit around the torso. That means you need to pay attention to sizing. My 5’8″ ectomorph frame is an XS in GORE’s current sizing (I was previously a SM — all their newer stuff in XS fits me the same as their older size SM), which fits snugly but with enough room to fit over a mid-weight jersey. That said, the jacket’s ergonomics are such that getting into the riding position and moving around on the bike aren’t a problem.

Fairly lightweight

I admit that I haven’t ridden in the rain wearing the Torrent (mostly because I don’t ride in the rain on purpose or even ride if there’s enough of a chance for getting wet), but I have enough experience with GORE’s products to trust that it would shed water if called to duty.

There’s a reason GORE’s reputation precedes itself

Just a few beads of water after being under the faucet. BTW, the dot pattern is a reflective accent not beads of water.

Two features of the Torrent jacket that I really liked:

  • The sleeve ends are designed to go over gloves to prevent water from getting in your gloves
  • The back zip stow pocket is BIG for carrying extra stuff beyond your rear jersey pockets

If you’re wondering how big the back zip stow pocket is (I measure it at 9″ tall by 5″ wide)

Not the right weather for the Torrent jacket

The C5 Thermo Jacket is a true cold weather jacket. You can tell that just from the heft.

Definitely not lightweight

Some of the other telltale signs that the C5 Thermo Jacket is thermo:

  • The brushed fleece lining
  • High collar

The collar is essentially turtleneck height

In many ways, the C5 Thermo Jacket is both a jacket and a jersey. It’s form fitting enough that it hugs a lot like a jersey. But there’s just enough room/stretch for it to fit over a jersey (especially a mid- or heavy-weight thermal jersey) to be a jacket. You could certainly wear it over a jersey in the coldest conditions (although if it’s cold enough that I would need to wear the C5 Thermo Jacket over something like the GORE C5 Thermo Jersey, I’d also have to question my sanity). But with the right baselayer, it’s all you might need in cold but not frigid weather (and everyone’s tolerance for cold is different). Especially since the back of the jacket is the same as a jersey, i.e., three rear pockets plus a secure zipper pocket.

Jacket or jersey? The dots are a reflective pattern.

It’s not quite winter yet so I haven’t had a chance to put the C5 Thermo Jacket thru its full paces. But I’ve worn it on short test rides with the temps down to ~45F and was warm enough (dare I say toasty?) with a mid-weight baselayer under it. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to winter, but I know the C5 Thermo Jacket will be up to the task — either as a jersey or a jacket.

Not yet winter, but I’ll be ready for it

Silca Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Benefitting the Tadej Pogačar Cancer Research Foundation
20% of sales of the Silca Pink Collection will be donated to the Tadej Pogačar Cancer Research Foundation.

With pink as the driving color, Silca has created special edition Cages, Shop Tools, and Bird of Prey bottle opener. Pink bar tape or Pink Aero Socks purchases also qualify for the donation program.

The Tadej Pogačar Cancer Research Foundation was founded this year after the death of Tadej Pogačar’s fiance’s mother following a long battle with breast cancer, and announced during the Tour de France. The main focus of the foundation is to promote the novel cancer metabolism research that Dr. Iñigo San-Millán, Pogačar’s personal coach, is conducting at the School of Medicine, at the University of Colorado. Read more about the Foundation’s Mission at:

Muc-Off Launches Crank Preload Ring

Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care and performance, are excited to announce the release of their new Crank Preload Ring.

Muc-Off’s new Crank Preload Ring comes in the same twelve colours as their best-selling range of Tubeless Valves. Weighing in at 8.2g – 12.7g depending on the adaptors used (all included), they are compatible on road, gravel, and mountain bikes with 30mm spindle cranks including SRAM, Race Face, and Easton, as well as SRAM DUB 28.99 spindles.

The primary purpose of this CNC-machined 7075 aluminium preload ring is to allow the user to apply a set force to the crank bottom bracket bearings, to prevent ‘side-to-side’ play in the thru-spindle and help prevent cranks and bearings form creaking or wearing prematurely.

Stock preload rings are manufactured from plastic and utilise a self-tapping screw which when tightened, can snap the ring, and ruin the thread. It’s also not possible with the stock solution to precisely adjust the preload tension. For maximum drivetrain efficiency and to extend bearing life, using a more durable and adjustable preload ring is imperative.

“What lies at the heart of all Muc-Off products is the mission to make riders’ lives that little bit easier. The Crank Preload Ring is no exception; not only does it add a bit of bling to your ride, but it also improves drivetrain efficiency and longevity of those all-important bearings.”Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

Muc-Off’s move into anodised CNC-machined aluminium parts over the past couple of years is a nod back to the company’s history with their original X-Lite brand. Back in 1991, Rex and Marilyn Trimnell began designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown fork and the world’s lightest bar ends, before moving into bike cleaning products. Muc-Off has been rediscovering its roots, complimenting their world-leading bike clean, maintain and protect ranges, with innovation-led bike tools and componentry that enhance both the rider experience and their performance.

  • The Crank Preload Ring retails at £24.99/ $39.99 / €32.99 and is available now from the Muc-Off global dealer network, select e-retailers and direct from

Motoki Yoshio x Colnago – Respect, Harmony and Colors Live Together in an Artistic Version of the C68

Colnago presents an iconic livery for a limited edition of the C68, designed to pay tribute to the tradition and uniqueness of the C series. The project was realised by Motoki Yoshio, the much respected Milan-based Japanese designer.

Colnago is colors, Colnago is design
As well as for the quality of its frames, Colnago has always been recognised for the originality and uniqueness of its liveries. From the retinato (netted) texture to the art decor, passing through the frozen colors, the Cambiago company has never ceased to impress.

The latest Colnago combines these aspects. It should not be considered simply a limited edition bicycle, but a unique piece to collect. Totally handmade in Italy – born from the collaboration between the company of the Ace of Clubs and one of the most appreciated contemporary designers of the cycling industry: Motoki Yoshio, from Japan, who has been living and working in Milan for 25 years.

The bikes will be equipped with Campagnolo EPS groupset and Bora Ultra WTO, Pirelli tires and Selle Italia saddle, completing a fully Italian look.

Rispetto and Armonia, these are the project’s keywords. Respect for the tradition and quality of the C series Colnago and Harmony in highlighting the parts from which the frame is formed.

The design of the Motoki Yoshio x Colnago color scheme started with analysing the geometry of the frame and the intersections of the parts from which it is composed. The different colors are arranged along the lines of the junctions. They are a tribute to the tradition of the Colnago C series. An iconic product, the ultimate expression of Italian carbon craftsmanship. The C68 represented a change in the C series, with the move away from the sharp edges of the junctions. Motoki Yoshio’s challenge was also to maintain and emphasise the C identity over a frame with more innovative shapes.

In a first phase the Japanese designer traced the lines of the frame components and associated them with strong colors – as is typically the case in the design phase. The nuances came later, to give even more harmony and highlight even better the main components.

“Harmony,” says Motoki, “also means pleasure, balance, what I would like to feel riding this bike. When cycling is in complete harmony with the environment, those who ride live a unique experience. In the same way, a design becomes unique when it is in perfect harmony with the product.”

Bike Specs Components
Frameset: Colnago C68 Road – Full Carbon
Handlebar: Colnago CC.01 integrated
Groupset: Campagnolo SuperRecord EPS 12×2 speed
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR flow carbon
Wheelset: Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45
Tires: Pirelli PZero Race
Handlebar Tape: Colnago Grip black
Bottle Cages: Colnago carbon

100copies New Bicycle Art Edition #52 – Cyclemorphosis

Cycling can bring about an amazing phenomenon. With your feet on the pedal and fingers on the bar, the same current begins to run through man and metal. Before you know it, the bike is moving intuitively to your intention, and the feeling is incredible. You and your bike has become one.

There is no method to this. It doesn’t even matter what kind of bike you are riding. A child on training wheels can experience it just the same.

This artwork invites viewers to interact with it in a simple way as it interprets this transition. It uses rows of bicycle chains to form a cyclist riding off saddle. Come close and the intricate links seem to go on infinitely. Pull back slowly and the links morph into a rider in motion.

  • Date of release: Nov 2022
  • Sheet size: 840mm X 594mm (33 inch X 24 inch)
  • Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 spotPantone Black. Printed on 220gsm Maple Bright paper. Suitable for archival use.
  • Price: $100

All of the products you see here are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies. Each piece of work will be watermarked, stamped, labeled with the title and edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.

Delivery & Shipping (Worldwide)
Your poster will be packed in a Hard Tube and delivered by Singapore Post. On confirmation and dispatch of your order, you will be provided with a tracking number. You can expect your poster in a maximum of 21 working days after confirmation of your payment by email.

100copies Bicycle Art #52 – Cyclemorphosis from 100copies Bicycle Art on Vimeo.

The Road Book 2022 by Ned Boulting

The Road Book 2022.mp4 from Ned Boulting on Vimeo.

Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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