Gear Break: VeloToze, Tifosi Rail, Walz Ukraine Cap, Adventure Cycling Tours, Velo Saddles & GCN New Season

Gear Break: VeloToze waterproof booties & neoprene cuffs, new Tifosi Rail rimless eye shields, a new Walz map cap for a cause-Ukraine, introduce family to bike travel on Adventure Cycling Tours, Velo Saddles releases two new saddles and GCN: NEW Season Colour!

VeloToze Waterproof Booties & Neoprene Cuffs – $68.00

Stephen Cheung Sez: Even up here in the Great White North, hints of spring and the possibilities for outdoor riding are showing up. Between the snow melting and the still cool weather, this can mean both a lot of road spray along with cold chill to deal with. For me, my hands and feet suffer greatly in the cold, so I get ridiculously excited about simple things like bar mitts and booties.

I’m loving the VeloToze neoprene shoe cover and waterproof cuffs so far this Ontario spring. Rated down to -5°C in sunny weather, they’ve kept me perfectly comfortable at 1-2°C when paired with wool socks. The 80% neoprene / 20% nylon material is pretty thin and form-fitting around your shoe, so it doesn’t make your feet look bulky like a duck’s. The material under the toe is reinforced with Kevlar to help it last when you need to step off the bike.

But for me, it’s the design that’s ace. There are no zippers or Velcro around the back to close things up. Instead, it’s a one-piece design that you slip onto your leg BEFORE you put your shoes on, and which you then pull down over your shoe and then close up under your shoe with a Velcro strap. That means you don’t risk road spray entering through the back closure, or needing extra fabric to seal things out back.

Also, no matter how great your bootie design, an inherent weakness is that water just runs down your leg down the top of the booties and into your shoe. That’s the second simple and ingenious design comes in with a natural latex cuff that seals the top of the booties. I found that they totally do the job without feeling really constricting through some wet and slushy rides so far.



Tifosi Rail – $79.99

The new Tifosi Rail is a rimless shield design that offers maximum eye protection (131 mm x 59.5 mm) and increased airflow (to promote anti-fogging ventilation) in a lightweight (32 g) package. It’s ideal for cyclists but equally functional for other endurance pursuits.

In addition to rimless construction, the Rail features the same high-quality construction that fans of Tifosi Optics have come to expect – Grilamid TR-90 frames, adjustable nose and ear nose pieces for customized fit, hydrophilic rubber nose and ear pieces that improve grip as you perspire, and shatterproof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Cyclists can choose between two separate lens combinations: An interchange model that includes lenses for bright, low and no light scenarios, as well as Tifosi’s popular Fototec lens that adapts to changes in ambient light, making it a perfect option for mountain bikers.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez: Big/oversized sunglasses are the latest trend in cycling fashion. You’d be hard pressed to find a top pro not wearing a pair. But as my PEZ compadre Ed Hood points out, they’re not for everyone: “if you have a small head and wear huge shades you could stray into ‘Dame Edna’ or ‘Fearless Fly’ territory – neither is icy.”

Pros get paid to wear their sponsor’s sunglasses, but you should have a good look in the mirror if you’re buying them with your hard earned dollars

Tifosi’s first such sunglasses were the Sledge and then the Sledge Light. Their latest entry into the category is the Rail. Like all sunglasses in the Tifosi range, the Rail is less than $100. But don’t confuse lower price (some other manufacturers’ sunglasses can cost upwards of twice as much) with lower quality. These may not be the same exact sunglasses that badass riders like Mathieu Van der Poel wear, but you can certainly look the part with the Tifosi Rail and save yourself some $$$ in the process. Full disclosure: I am something of a Tifosi fanboy, owning a half a dozen different pairs. But I wouldn’t wear them if the optics were anything less than high quality. I don’t have a way to measure optical clarity, buy my aging (although Lasik corrected) eyes can’t discern any real difference between Tifosi lenses and the lenses in other high quality (and more expensive) sunglasses. Throw in the fact that Tifosi includes three lenses for bright, low, and no light conditions for less than a C-note and the Rail is a veritable bargain.

The one exception to the three lens rule is if you get the Rail with the Clarion Red Fototec lens (what PEZ got) that adapts to changing light conditions. In low light, the Clarion Red Fototec lens is mostly clear, allowing 64% light transmission. In bright sunlight, it transitions to a darker grey tint with only 14% light transmission. So instead of three different lenses, you get a single do-it-all-in-one lens that works across a range of light conditions.

In addition to the sunglasses, you get a soft microfiber bag and a hard case

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Clarion Red Fototec lens and not having to change lenses for different conditions. Even though it doesn’t go completely clear, the lightest tint is light enough for me to ride at night — at least in an urban environment with ambient street lighting and, of course, a good headlight. It doesn’t brighten up the picture, but does the trick in overcast/cloudy conditions (if you need a lens that does that, you’ll want to get an AC Red lens). And at the far end of the spectrum, it’s darkest tint is dark enough for the brightest sunlight.

I wouldn’t ride them in pitch black in middle of nowhere, but the lightest tint isn’t too dark for most night riding

But what’s really cool about the Clarion Red Fototec lens is that it transitions from a “see though” light gray to a reflective mirror red finish as the lens gets darker.

Before (mostly clear with a hint of red finish) and after (darker with mirrored red finish)

The Tifosi specs the Rail as a L-XL fit, but it fit my average-ish head/face well (I’m of Filipino ethnic heritage but have never worn specific Asian fit sunglasses). The lens is noticeably big. I couldn’t see the edges of the lens without having to “strain” my peripheral vision. Needless to say, the lens real estate provides a lot of sun and wind protection.

One gram heavier than spec

There are lighter weight sunglasses than the Rail (and most of them are more expensive), but the Rail is still light enough in my book. Honestly, I hardly noticed wearing them out riding. Comfortable would be an understatement. So comfortable that the Rail has become my “go to” pair of sunglasses for riding.

PEZ READERS: Use the promo code pez2022 for 10% off Tifosi sunglasses when you shop for Tifosi sunglasses on the web

EuroPro for sure. But not too big? You be the judge. NOTE: Tifosi has a cool “virtual try on” feature so you can try before your buy to see what the Rail looks like on your face.

A New Walz Map Cap For A Cause-Ukraine
We are deeply saddened by the ongoing war and violence in Ukraine. We support Ukraine and its citizens and all those who are impacted by this war.

To show our support for the people of Ukraine and those helping in relief efforts, we would like to introduce our

“Support Ukraine” Map Cap

When you purchase our “Support Ukraine” Map Cap, we will donate $5 from every purchase to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit that is first to the frontlines, providing meals, in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises.

(“Support Ukraine Map Caps will ship the week of March 21, 2022.)

World Central Kitchen began serving meals within hours of the initial invasion in Ukraine and are now set up at eight border crossings. Additionally, they are supporting local restaurants preparing meals in eight Ukrainian cities and teams are also on the ground in Romania, Moldova, and Hungary.”

The UN estimates over 1.3 million Ukrainians have fled since the attack began, with that number expected to rise dramatically. The journey is daunting, with many Ukrainian families traveling for days without food.

Your purchase of our “Support Ukraine” Map Cap will help World Central Kitchen continue their good work.

Thank you for your support.

Introduce Family to Bike Travel on Adventure Cycling Tours

Adventure Cycling Association is bringing back its Family Adventure tours in summer 2022, with two departures of the new Cape Cod Family Adventure and one departure of the Idaho Trails Family Adventure. Family Adventure tours are designed to help introduce parents and their children to the transformative power of bike travel with the support of tour leaders, catered meals, accommodations, luggage transport, and more. Departures are available in July, starting at $699 per adult and $499 per child.

“Our Family Adventure tours are a wonderful way to get out and explore, experiencing bike travel together,” said Mike Lessard, Tours Director for Adventure Cycling. “On these trips, you’ll ride at a pace that’s comfortable for you and your kids, eat delicious kid-friendly meals, enjoy off-bike attractions and activities, form fast friendships with other adventurous families, and, most importantly, make memories that you’ll share for years to come.”

On Adventure Cycling’s Family Adventure tours, children must be accompanied by adults, and adults must be accompanied by children – parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and groups of friends with their children are all welcome. Children must be between the ages of 8 and 17 years old at the time of the tour.

Tour highlights include:
Cape Cod Family Adventure (new), July 9-12 and July 14-17: Experience four action-packed days while exploring beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts, from Provincetown, at its northern tip, to Upper Mill Pond, near Brewster. At the core of the trip is nearly 100 miles of great cycling, including traffic-free paved trails such as the Cape Cod Rail Trail and the Head of the Meadow Trail. Participants can even take some time off the bike to go swimming and hiking, and try stand-up paddleboarding. Starts at $699 per adult and $499 per child.

Idaho Trails Family Adventure, July 17-22: On this six-day tour, ride through the gentle terrain and gorgeous scenery of the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes as it follows an abandoned Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way past lakes between the Silver Valley, near the Montana border, and Plummer, not far from the Washington border. Also spend a day on the Route of the Hiawatha, which originates in Montana and then crosses the state line into Idaho in the middle of the 1.7-mile-long Taft Tunnel. Starts at $1,099 per adult and $799 per child.



Velo Saddles Releases Two New Saddles
Commemorating the Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Tiger

Velo introduced the first Chinese Zodiac saddle in 2015 with the Year of the Sheep. Since then, Velo has continued to release limited edition Zodiac Saddles every year representing the current animal based on the lunar calendar. The series has included the sheep/goat, monkey, rooster, dog, boar/pig, mouse, and the ox.

For 2022, Velo is excited to add another animal to their Chinese Zodiac Series, the Tiger – the King of the Mountain. According to ancient Chinese legend, the Jade Emperor sent a Tiger to the human world to suppress evil beasts. Every time the Tiger defeated a beast, the Jade Emperor would mark a horizontal line on the Tiger’s forehead. After the fourth victory, the Jade Emperor drew the final vertical line displaying the character of “King” (王) in Chinese. Since then, the Tiger represents the king of all beasts to protect and maintain peace on earth.

Using inspiration from the Tiger that rules the mountains and the forests, Velo created two limited edition Year of the Tiger designs applied to their Senso Edge mountain bike and e-mtb saddle.

“Luminous Tiger” Saddle: The “Luminous Tiger” design features flowers, forests, and white rabbits, suggesting next year’s zodiac. The Tiger King on this saddle glows in the dark using a unique luminous material making the King of the Mountain stand out.

“Cotton Tiger” Saddle: The second design incorporates a traditional Chinese toy meant to invoke luck and peace – the “Cotton Tiger.” The “Cotton Tiger” saddle includes seven embroidered Tigers and the Chinese character King (王) on the outer edges.

About the Velo Senso Edge Saddle
The Year of the Tiger saddle is designed on the Senso Edge mountain bike and e-bike saddle. The saddle is 158mm wide and 270mm long and weighs 330 grams with Cr-Mo rails. The Senso Edge provides full support in multiple riding positions with the center channel providing superior pressure relief and proper airflow.

The anti-slip design on the cover keeps riders in place in aggressive climbing positions and wet conditions. Using Velo’s innovative reversed ArcTech design, riders can feel stability and support in varying positions to maximize comfort and performance. The integrated I-Carry “handle” on the rear of the saddle aids in lifting and maneuvering heavier e-bikes during transport,

The Senso Edge utilizes Velo’s AirForm technology, designed for distributing weight evenly and forming to the rider’s contact point. Compared to a traditional PU foam, AirForm is 30% more shock absorbent reducing fatigue. Patented Atmos Shaping technology combines the saddle cover and the base without visible seam. This innovative technology ensures 100% waterproof and easier to clean after use.

  • MSRP: $99 USD
  • Width: 158mm
  • Length: 270mm
  • Weight: 330 grams
  • Rails: Cr-Mo Rails
  • Technologies: ArcTech, Air Form, Atmos Shaping
  • More info at:
  • Both special-edition designs will be available in limited quantities at:

GCN: NEW Season Colour!

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