Gear Break: Gnarly Vegan Protein, La Passione Adventure Collection, Brooks Eco-Friendly Saddle, Qhubeka Kit, SockGuy Spring Designs and Tubolito X-Tubo CX/Gravel

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Gear Break: Gnarly nutrition vegan protein, Adventure is La Passione collection dedicated to gravel and off-road riding, Brooks England introduces eco-friendly Cambium C17, Team Qhubeka launches iconic ‘Hand Up’ kit, SockGuy releases 35+ new designs for Spring 2022 and Tubolito launches X-Tubo CX/Gravel.

Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Protein – $61.45

Featuring the essential protein you need for active meal replacement or recovery with absolutely no animal-derived ingredients, GNARLY VEGAN combines a plant-based protein blend with 14 essential vitamins and minerals for complete vegan nutrition on the go.

  • 20 grams of plant protein per serving from pea protein isolate, cranberry seed protein, and chia seed protein.
  • With 7 grams of healthy fats and 9 grams of fiber per serving, Gnarly Vegan is satiating and satisfying.
  • 14 essential vitamins and minerals to meet your micronutrient needs.
  • Pre and probiotics to support digestion and gut health.
  • Great as a meal replacement or recovery shake!
  • Both Chocolate and Vanilla Vegan Protein are NSF Content Certified and NFS for Sport Certified.
  • NSF Content Certified Products go through a toxicology review, label claim testing, and contaminant testing for heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides.
    NSF for Sport Certified Products must pass NSF Content Certification and are additionally tested for over 270 substances that are banned by professional sports leagues as well as national and international doping oversight organizations.
  • Gnarly Vegan is classified as a meal replacement because it has a higher calorie, fat, fiber, and vitamin/mineral content than most plant-based protein supplements. Despite this classification, we at Gnarly want to be clear that, when mixed with just water, a 200 calorie serving of Gnarly Vegan does not equate to the nourishment of a balanced meal.

All the nutrition facts here.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  I’m pretty good with pre-ride and on-the-bike nutrition to ward off conversations with the bonk monster, but admit that I’m probably not the best when it comes to post-ride/recovery. I know a lot of us don’t think about replacing protein after a ride, but it’s important (especially after longer, harder rides) to help prevent lean body mass/muscle loss. So “thank you” to the folks at Gnarly for making me more aware of re-fueling after an outdoor ride or indoor workout.

I’ll still eat something after I’ve showered and changed, but I’ve made it a habit of mixing up a Gnarly Vegan Protein shake right after my rides to make sure my body isn’t running on empty. I’m a fan of the vanilla flavor mixed with orange juice. The combination of the two reminds me of the Orange Julius fruit drinks I loved as a kid (Orange Julius is still around but I haven’t been to one in forever).

And mixing up a post-ride Gnarly protein shake couldn’t be easier with the Gnarly Blender Bottle. The thing is genius. One of the problems I’ve had in the past with making drinks using a powder mix is getting the powder to completely dissolve. Invariably, there would be chunks of undissolved mix in the drink. But that’s not an issue with the blender bottle. The whisk ball really does the job. I just pour in 8-10 ounces of orange juice, add 2 scoops of Vegan Protein, and shake for about 40 seconds. Voila!  Out comes a smooth vanilla/OJ protein shake.

Let me be up front and say that I’m not a vegan, vegetarian, or any other kind of non-meat diet kind of person. I love steaks … and hot dogs! And McDonald’s is one of my favorite mid-ride snack stops. So … yeah … I’m not the best role model for a healthy diet. But at least I can claim to be “healthy” (or at least healthier) now that Gnarly Vegan Protein is part of my routine.

Adventure is La Passione Collection Dedicated to Gravel and Off-Road Riding
More capacity and greater resistance for garments suitable to tackle all terrains in any conditions.

La Passione’s search for functional solutions towards uncharted horizons continues, and the Adventure collection is a perfect example. The new trends in the bike world go towards uneven roads, and the rediscovery of nature as a synonym for freedom and adventure. This requires suitable clothing with constantly evolving features to meet the needs of people who have chosen the bike to travel in a fun, alternative and sustainable way, bringing with them everything they need.

With this concept in mind, the Adventure Cargo is the versatile choice for those who want to push themselves off the road and onto gravel paths. It is designed to be as light and quick-drying as possible, just as a sports garment should be, and has developed details that increase its resistance in all conditions of use.

Long hours in the saddle and rugged terrain are the perfect backdrop for these new apparels, made of a stretchy, breathable base fabric that promotes adequate airflow and is reinforced by abrasion-resistant fabric inserts at key points, such as the shoulders and rear pockets.

The Adventure Cargo jersey, available for both women and men, has a racing fit that ensures optimum support on all types of off-road terrain. Owing to its ergonomic design – a wide neckline and raglan sleeves – maximum freedom of movement is ensured, even in extreme conditions.

The two roomy back pockets allow for proper weight balance and feature an innovative diagonal cut for easy access to items, even while wearing a backpack. Two extra side pockets, made of elastic mesh, enhance practicality and are particularly suitable for storing small items. Available colors are red/grey, muddy/red and green for him; green, muddy/red, warm yellow for her.

The Adventure Cargo Jersey Woman is perfect for use with the new black Adventure Evo Bib Shorts. A technical and practical short dedicated to dirt roads and mixed routes, made of high quality, abrasion-proof Lycra with an elastic high-modulus enriched with handy cargo pockets and a practical double magnetic clip closure that makes it particularly functional.

The pad, designed specifically for endurance activities, features an internal construction with high-density reticular foams that minimize friction and optimize the position in the saddle, whatever the route.

Rounding out the wild collection are the Adventure Insulated Gilet and Adventure Insulated Jacket, both of which, like the rest of the collection, feature two diagonally opening rear pockets to increase the capacity of the entire outfit.

Combining a compact outer layer – which provides protection from rain and wind – with a plush inner fabric with 3D structure – which guarantees perfect protection and optimal air circulation – the new garments introduce the concept of “active protection”. In fact, this solution ensures maximum control of the ratio between thermal insulation and body moisture disposal, avoiding annoying chills especially during descents or less intense activity phases.

Both are ideal in uncertain weather, the waistcoat however is perfect for wearing over a jersey, while the jacket is particularly suitable for colder days that require greater overlay.

Comfortable, lightweight, technical and resistant, the new Adventure Collection is ready to explore off-road trails in all weather conditions.

  • More info at:

  • Brooks England Introduces Eco-Friendly Cambium C17
    C17 Special – Recycled Nylon

    Ride with nature
    Adopting an earth-conscious approach to bicycle saddle construction, Brooks England have just rolled out their most sustainable Cambium to date: the C17 Special Recycled Nylon.

    Employing eco-friendly materials wherever possible, the surface of the C17 Recycled Nylon is constructed from industrial remainders converted into a resilient nylon yarn and woven into a durable fabric, eliminating the need for new resources and reducing excess waste. That fabric is then vulcanized to a sustainably-harvested, natural rubber top for wet weather protection and to deliver the Brooks signature “hammock” comfort and performance.

    Furthermore, the saddle’s nosepiece and backplate are created from Liquid Wood, an innovative biopolymer made from by-products of industrial paper production that is 100% biodegradable. Finished off with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel rails and aluminum rivets, the C17 Special Recycled Nylon is ready to provide long-lasting comfort over greener roads ahead.

  • More info at:

  • Team Qhubeka Launches Iconic ‘Hand Up’ Kit

    Team Qhubeka is thrilled to release our 2022 kit which is a celebration of our organization’s rich heritage and a true showcase of our unique purpose. The striking imagery moves us forward towards the next chapter in Team Qhubeka’s journey, with dreams and ambitions to rise again.

    Produced by our partners Ekoi, this fresh, vibrant and deeply symbolic look, with warm color tones, we hope will be a must-have jersey among our loyal fans, and newcomers to the sport of cycling.

    It features the iconic hand reaching upwards, which symbolizes how we – our team, partners, Qhubeka beneficiaries – and you, are all connected to our purpose of bicycles changing lives. This montage is mirrored on an African horizon with the ‘Hand Up’ pointing to a future of great things to come. ​

    ​Details around the availability of the kit to the public will be made in due course, while we are also hard at work in creating a platform for supporters to join Team Qhubeka through an exciting offering that will connect and unite fans of the sport across the world.

    Doug Ryder [Team Principal]: “It is always a beautiful time when you get to showcase and announce a new team kit. Particularly in our world where our kit is not only about showing off our fantastic partners, which are incredibly important and who invest in us, but it’s also about telling a story.

    The sun might have set on our World Tour team but the sun has risen for our Continental team that will proudly wear this kit. It’s modeled off an African horizon with the hand up a sign of a future of great things to come.

    The yellow and the red are the earth, the fields and the landscape – as you know our stadiums are the open roads of the world – and we ride through them and race on them to success.

    The blue sky is limitless; we reach for it and we celebrate it with our hands up – hopefully many times this season.

    It’s a beautiful jersey and we look forward to getting it into the hands of our riders to represent our team, our partners and our purpose successfully this year as we rise again into the future; and of course also to get it into as many hands of our partners and fans around the world.”

    We look forward to engaging with everyone so that they can be a part of Team Qhubeka in 2022.

  • Qhubeka website at:

  • SockGuy Releases 35+ New Designs for Spring 2022

    SockGuy has more than 35 new designs engineered to inspire athletes everywhere from roadies, mountain bikers, runners, hikers and gym freaks. This release includes new designs ranging from a vomiting emoji to a thunderbolt, a neon pink snake and lips. As usual, we’re keeping it weird and fun!

    With 26 years as sock experts, SockGuy has been providing athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and pretty much everyone else with a high-performance fit and cool designs for hard-working/hard-playing feet. SockGuy socks are manufactured right here in the USA – no outsourcing, no cutting corners – just great-fitting, no blistering, high-styling socks.

    See all of our new designs here.

    • MSRP is $11.95-$22.95.
    • SockGuy socks are available in fine athletic retailers around the world and online at

    Tubolito Launches X-Tubo CX/Gravel

    Tubolito, the FIRST name in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inner tubes, is proud to unveil the X-CX/Gravel. The strongest tubes in the Austrian brand’s arsenal, X-Tubo is made of an extremely durable TPU material. Originally designed to withstand everything the city and touring rider can throw at it, the X-Tubo-CX/Gravel is a re-engineered version to meet the needs of the gravel rider on 30-50mm tires.

    1 Year Warranty – just like the X-City/Touring, the new CX/Gravel model has the same 1-year replacement policy. Riders are required to register their X-CX/Gravel product on and should they puncture a tube while riding, they can return it to Tubolito for a replacement.

    Good gravel rides guaranteed:

    • Specially developed X-Tubo technology for maximum puncture protection
    • One year warranty on all flats
    • Ready for all Cyclocross and Gravel uses
    • Extreme puncture resistant against thorns, nails and broken glass
    • Ready for tire widths from 30mm – 50mm
    • RRP: €29.95
    • X-CX/Gravel is available to purchase at:

    Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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