Gear Break: Gore, 45NRTH Winter Shoes, Syncros Lubes, Gympass/Strava, Zoomo E-Bike & TIEM Shoes

What's new on the cycling market

Gear Break: Gear up with GORE for fall riding, new BOA-powered winter cycling shoes from 45NRTH, Syncros: New cleaners & lubes range, Gympass and Strava announce global partnership, Zoomo introduces utility E-bike to accelerate electric revolution and decrease theft and take your ride outside with the Via by TIEM.

Gear Up with GORE for Fall Riding

Phantom Jacket$200

Chilly starts can often turn into warm days so you need a jacket that can adapt to changing conditions. With the Phantom jacket you can remove the sleeves as the temperature rises and replace them again as the day cools down. It is a complete four season jacket that can be used all year round, in a wide range of temperatures, by varying your choice of base layer or using as a jersey next to skin.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabrics with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology totally windproof, extremely breathable and durably water resistant, lightweight protection
  • Modern, aero road cycling fit lengthened sleeves and dropped tail
  • Stretch panel in back to aid in fit
  • Close fit high collar
  • Detachable raglan sleeves with broad cuff
  • Elastic grip on bottom hem
  • 3-gusseted back pockets
  • Secure zip pocket on rear for keys or valuables
  • Front zip with black reflective material
  • Reflective details
  • Slim fit
  • Buy It at AMAZON here

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  This is something of a “tweener” product. With the sleeves on, the Phantom Jacket is just that: a jacket. It’s form fitting (but not race fit second skin), but not so tight that you can’t wear it over a jersey for added insulation and wind protection. It’s not a thermal jacket per se, so probably not what you would want/need in near freezing temps. But for fall riding, it’s “substantial” enough (without being too bulky) that I could wear it with just a base layer underneath down to ~50F — so less of a jacket and more of a long-sleeve jersey. And if the temp warms up/sun comes out, I could zip off the sleeves and stow them in one of the back pockets. Voila! At that point, the Phantom Jacket becomes what amounts to a mid-weight short-sleeve jersey. So if you’re looking for a jacket that’s also a jersey that can “do it all” in the fall, the GORE Phantom Jacket falls into that rather niche category. And with the right thermal jersey, it’s probably enough for winter riding (at least here in Babylon on the Potomac — I can’t speak for more frigid climes) on all but the coldest of cold days.

Jacket or jersey?

One thing worth noting about GORE-TEX INFINIUM technology is that it’s not waterproof. It’s water resistant to a degree (water can bead up on it), but it’s not intended to keep you dry in a downpour. According to GORE, the fabric is “for when comfort and performance take priority over waterproofness.”

And another thing to take note of is GORE’s new sizing. Based on when I reviewed their newest edition of the Fabian Cancellara Collection:

  • We have updated our sizing names to better align with the industry standard. For example, if you were a Large in the past you will now be a Medium size. Additionally, for this product we have made our larger sizes even roomier. Please be sure to check the size guide.
  • Following feedback from our consumers and athletes we have also changed the way we name our sizes to better match the sizing you are used to. Products we had previously called a “Medium” we now call a “Small”. So if you already own a GORE Wear product and want to ensure you get the same size again please bear this in mind.

Each sleeve is removable via two different zippers. Not quite easy off/on, so probably not an on-the-bike procedure.

GORE also says this about their sizing: “If your measurements are between 2 sizes, choose the smaller size if you want it more tight/slim or choose the bigger size for more freedom of movement.” At 5’8″ and 130 pounds, all my prior GORE kit was size small but starting with the new Cancellara kit I’m XS and that’s what size I got for the Phantom Jacket (based on the way it fits me, a small would’ve been too big/loose).

Shield Arm Warmers$50
Shield Knee Warmers$55

Arm warmers are a brilliant piece of kit for adapting your jersey to the weather. Made with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabrics with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® you can be ready for windy, damp and cool conditions, even on the move. Designed to transform your short sleeve jersey into a long sleeve, ideal for changeable conditions.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabrics with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology totally windproof, extremely breathable and durably water resistant, lightweight protection
  • Highly functional material mix for optimum comfort, high breathability and quick redrying time
  • High moisture management
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Pre-shaped elbows
  • Silicone grippers at top edge
  • Elastic cuffs at top and bottom edges provide optimal fit and comfort
  • Flatlock seams
  • Reflective transfer print to mark right and left
  • Reflective logo.

Knee warmers are a cycling wardrobe essential with their ability to transform shorts into full leg protection. These offer wind and light rain protection making them incredibly useful for changeable weather conditions, long rides, or high mountain days. Designed to layer with your shorts to offer knee protection in cold and wet weather.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabrics with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology totally windproof, extremely breathable and durably water resistant, lightweight protection
  • Highly functional material mix for optimum comfort, high breathability and quick redrying time
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • High moisture management
  • Pre-shaped knees
  • Elastic cuffs at top edge with silicone grip provide optimal fit and comfort
  • Flatlock seams
  • Reflective transfer print to mark right and left
  • Reflective logo

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  Nothing is more versatile and says “EuroPro” as wearing arm and knee warmers in cool/cold weather (either in the fall or spring). Arm warmers can be rolled down (and back up) depending on weather conditions. While the pros can take off knee warmers while riding (and then hand them to the DS in the team car), I need to stop and get off my bike to do that. And since I don’t have the luxury of a team car accompanying me on rides, I just roll them up and stuff them into a jersey pocket.

Both the Shield arm warmers (top) and knee warmers (bottom) are pre-curved, but it’s more noticeable with the arm warmers. And with relatively wide (~3.5 cm) gripper sections with silicon on the inside, they grip firmly (but not like a blood pressure cuff) with no worries about them slipping down.

Whereas most other manufacturers focus on arm and knee warmers that are “thermal,” GORE is more focused on wind protection with its GORE-TEX INFINIUM and WINDSTOPPER. At least for me, being able to ward of wind chill (and it’s not just wind speed, but you also need to factor in the speed you’re riding on your bike) is more important for keeping me warm than thermal insulation (at least down to about the mid-40s F). In that respect, the GORE Shield arm and knee warmers are brilliant.

Also, in keeping with GORE’s changes for jersey and bib shorts sizing, the right size Shield arm and knee warmers for my 5’8″ ectomorph frame were size XS.

M GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Stretch Gloves$45

Windproof and breathable glove offering tactility, grip and touchscreen use. Ideal for run, road, ski.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabrics with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology totally windproof, extremely breathable and durably water resistant, lightweight protection
  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Stretch Glove product technology
  • 4 way stretch for ultimate movement and versatility
  • 3D construction is pre-molded into an ergonomic active shape
  • Optimized tactility for gloves-on use with touchscreen devices
  • One seam construction minimizing seams and weight
  • Slim and snug cuff construction will not move during activities
  • Reflective details

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  PEZ readers know that I prefer to ride without gloves, but with cooler fall weather there are days where it’s just cold enough that I have to. And it’s more than just ambient temperature — overcast skies and/or wind can create enough of a chilling effect. The M GORE-TEX INFINIUM gloves are actually multi-sport rather than cycling specific. As such, they don’t have padding that you would find in cycling gloves. But since I’m a sans gloves kind of guy, I’m actually just fine with that. The gloves fit snugly like a second skin and are thin enough that  it’s about as close to having the same hand-to-handlebar feel with bare hands that you could expect with gloves. For me, the difference they make is their ability to block the wind (and resulting windchill) to keep my hands warm enough (rather than thermal insulation like in a winter glove).

The forefinger and thumb are touchscreen compatible — a nice touch (no pun intended) when I’m riding with my Hammerhead Karoo 2

New BOA-Powered Winter Cycling Shoes from 45NRTH

​Ragnarök Tall is the remedy for cool and wet conditions.

Our shoulder-season performance shoe features a waterproof membrane and tall neoprene cuff to regulate moisture and keep out mud and grit.

A redesigned opening makes Ragnarök easy to put on and take off, and a floating three-finger overflap allows riders to dial in the perfect fit.

Ragnarök’s real rubber outsole has an aggressive tread for walking in mud and features a 2-bolt cleat mount.

End uncomfortable rides with Ragnarök’s unrivaled weather protection.

# Full PEZ review coming soon. #

Syncros: New Cleaners & Lubes Range

Let us take you through the basics of keeping your bike looking clean and running smoothly. All of our products are designed to be eco-friendly and CFC-free. Cycling is an eco-friendly activity, and cleaning your bike should be too!

From sealant to multi-tools, Syncros offers a large range of accessories for the discerning rider. As we come into the Fall riding season, Syncros is adding a range of cleaning and lube products to keep your bike in tip-top condition.

The range is built around offering the complete solution for bike maintenance. A drivetrain cleaner and bike wash are coupled with a brush kit to do the basic cleaning. Then add in a range of lubes for dry or wet conditions and an e-bike option for the unique requirements of motorized drive trains. Also available is a spray-on disc brake cleaner and both matt and gloss frame polish. With starter kits to get riders ready for the winter season and a variety of size options, from pocket to workshop-sized, there is something for everyone.

An important point for us from the start is that these should be eco-friendly and CFC-free. Syncros products are built for and by riders and ultimately we want to keep the outdoors as pristine as we can.

Gympass and Strava Announce Global Partnership
The largest global networks for athletes becomes part of the largest corporate wellness solution.

Gympass and Strava have teamed up in a partnership that wants to encourage people to stay active. Strava, the largest global network of athletes, with more than 90 million athletes in its global community, is now part of the Gympass partner network, a complete platform for corporate well-being present in 10 countries. This global partnership is already ongoing and members of all Gympass plans, in all countries in which the platform operates, have subscription access to Strava in all languages.

“Strava and Gympass have a lot in common and this partnership reinforces our commitment to athletes. We know people keep people active, and when more athletes have access to a Strava subscription, they get the complete Strava experience and more tools to set goals, follow their progress, challenge friends and connect with people around the world,” says Michael Horvath, CEO of Strava.

With the partnership, Gympass members will be able to use Strava subscription versions to record their activities outdoor and indoor, at the gym, compare and improve performance over time, compete with their community, and share their photos, stories and highlights with friends, matching offline and online experiences. The app is also perfect for those who want only to get information such as: distance, accumulated altitude, maximum and average speed, heart rate, and the route on the map.

The partnership with Strava increases the portfolio of digital wellness solutions offered by Gympass, such as live classes, virtual sessions with personal trainers, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, individual therapies, nutrition programs and even financial education. Since March 2020, Gympass has registered 4.7 million uses of its digital offerings.

“All our efforts are focused on reinventing well-being, making it universal, engaging and accessible, and with each new partnership we are fulfilling this. We’re proud of the journey we are on, with more than three thousand companies prioritizing the health of employees and their families. Having Strava join us on this journey reassures me that together, we are bringing improved health and quality of life to millions of people”, says the Senior Vice President of New Venture at Gympass, Rodrigo Silveira.

Zoomo Introduces Utility E-bike to Accelerate Electric Revolution and Decrease Theft

  • The new Zoomo Sport is built with revolutionary security and anti-theft features.
  • Designed with long-lasting battery, a powerful motor and a focus on utility.

E-bike innovator Zoomo today announced the launch of its newest model in the United States, the Zoomo Sport, a high-performance utility e-bike built with powerful hardware and next-gen theft-prevention tech to offer riders a smoother, safer journey.

Form and function
The Zoomo Sport is a new addition to the collection of Zoomo’s advanced e-bike offering, built with form and function with a huge battery, powerful motor and focus on utility to enable riders to go further and faster, more effectively.

Better yet, the Zoomo Sport doesn’t break the bank, available with flexible payment options, from just $35 per week and for purchase from $2,700.

“The Zoomo Sport is our most adaptable bike yet,” says Joey Skavroneck, Zoomo US Director. “Whether you are cruising through the park, carrying home groceries or powering through an 8-hour delivery shift, the Zoomo Sport let’s all types of riders accomplish just about anything without breaking a sweat.”

Performance and power take a front seat, with the Zoomo Sport featuring a long-lasting battery (up to 8hrs), puncture resistant tires, upright seating position and front suspension, drivers can feel confident they are protected on the road. The bike also offers riders function to the max, with a rear rack carrying capacity of up to 88lbs, the equivalent of carrying over 360 cheeseburgers or your work bag, gym bag, handbag and grocery bag – all on two wheels.

When it comes to appearance, the Zoomo Sport flaunts a sleek finish – a jet matte black e-bike, with fluro highlights. It’s unique shape sets the bike apart from the rest, offering both a sporty and assertive riding position.

The best in anti-theft
Zoomo’s announcement of the new e-bike in the United States comes at a time where e-bike popularity is skyrocketing for both commuter and courier use-cases. However, as e-bikes sales are on the rise, so are bike thefts. Complaints relating to bike theft (including e-bikes) in New York City alone are up 28%, when compared to the same time last year.

The Zoomo Sport introduces revolutionary security and anti-theft features to provide riders with peace of mind.

“When it comes to theft prevention, the Zoomo Sport changes the game for riders in and around our cities. Designed with Internet of Things (IoT) in mind, the Zoomo Sport includes IoT enabled features such as GPS tracking, bike recovery, anti-theft alerts and remote locking,” says Skavroneck.

More than just a bike
In addition to the Zoomo Sport, all riders get access to Zoomo’s comprehensive service and maintenance plans.

Zoomo also offers flexible payment terms that give riders control over their finances.

“We continue to push to make e-bikes accessible to all, so the Zoomo Sport will be available outright or on rent-to-own, as well as on flexible weekly subscriptions. Our flexible payment plans remain available to reduce entry costs, making this powerful e-bike immediately accessible to all”, says Skavroneck.

“Our vision is to transition every urban mile from cars and trucks to light electric vehicles (e-bike, e-cargo, e-moped). The Zoomo Sport brings us one step closer to achieving this vision, and further enables people everywhere to make the shift to electric bikes.”

The Highlights:

  • Integrated smart security technology making the Sport virtually unstealable, including integrated motor lock, RFID key activation, and GPS tracking
  • High performance battery so you can go further, reaching distances of up to 50 miles on a single charge
  • High quality components including aluminum front suspension, puncture resistant tires, 9-speed gears and integrated lights
  • Integrated rear rack providing you with industry leading carrying capacity of up to 88lbs – double the industry standard
  • Dual hydraulic brakes giving you unparalleled stopping power, no matter the weather or the terrain
  • Affordable and accessible giving you the option that works best for you – available outright, on rent-to-own, or subscription
  • Recovery and maintenance plans enabled by Zoomo’s servicing network in major cities and a 24/7 customer support team, making it your safest option

Available Now
The next-gen utility Zoomo Sport e-bike is now available in the United States. Reservations can be made online and the bike is available across our retail stores for pick-up:

Take Your Ride Outside with the Via by TIEM

If you haven’t experienced TIEM yet – an innovative athletic footwear brand best known for their cult favorite indoor cycling and studio shoes – well now is your chance.

Noticing a glaring gap in the cycling shoe market–there were very few options designed with an eye towards both performance and style, TIEM was founded in 2016 by Tracey McLeod, a footwear industry veteran, to bring quality products to the boutique fitness market.

If you are looking for your next outdoor cycling show, you have to check out TIEM’s new Via Cycling shoe.

Via is designed with a toggle closure for secure lacing and with more durable, weather-resistant materials. Complete with TIEM’s signature comfort and design for on and off the bike, Via lets you conquer all of your adventures, no matter where or how you ride.

Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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