Gear Break: Bargains and Innovations

Gear Break: Yet more top kit for your perusal. Discount from Wahoo on their ELEMNT BOLT and iconic bike builder Colnago introduce their G3X Gravel bike, plus HED show off their Eroica Carbon wheels. New range of socks from Sidi and a 3D printed Adaptive saddle by fizik and Carbon® is now available. Chrome Industries turns 25 this year and they’re launching a special edition Citizen messenger bag to celebrate.

Colnago G3X
Do you like having fun on the dirt roads? This is the right bike for you!

G3X is the specific model of the Colnago Gravel 2020 range. After many years of experience in the field of Cyclocross, we have dedicated ourselves to developing a special model for this new market trend. The new model G3X, when compared to Prestige (the top of the CX range), one of the most successful frames in the world history of Cyclocross designed specifically for competitive use within an off-road technical circuit, is much more versatile. It was created with a geometry optimized for the use of very large tires, with a steering angle capable of giving greater stability at high speeds. Another feature that differentiates it from Prestige is the presence of predispositions for the assembly of bottle cages, which can even be four, with the possibility (through the use of special accessories) to load luggage if necessary. G3x, therefore, is currently the most versatile bike in the Colnago bike range: you can use it both for the very nervous Cyclocross races and for pedaling aimlessly off-road and on the road with the certainty of always enjoying maximum comfort.

Technical specifications

Protection of the movement box, made with gum. Equipped with double bolt (removable), that allows the anchor of a third bottle holder if necessary.
Designed with a generous wheel arch, it allows to mount roofings up to a maximum of 42 mm. The necessary space is also guaranteed for the draining of mud, on hard fields.
Braking system
It is based on the use of disc brake and thru-axle. Both disks measure 160 mm to guarantee the right braking force even with a fully load bike (bags, accessories).
The right sheath’s coating is made in strong gum, replaceable, to cycle in total safety even on the hardest off road. The total protection of frame is a synonym of safety.
Seatpost locking
The system which blocks the seatpost’s tube is completely integrated in the horizontal tube. Light and functional, it allows a great modular control of the clamping and it facilitates the access to the bolt’s head.

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Revolutionary, 3D printed Adaptive saddle by fizik and Carbon® – now available
The latest innovation in bike saddle technology is here.

fizik’s first-ever digitally printed bike saddle – Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive – which was launched in September 2019 is now available to buy. Based on fizik’s Antares Versus Evo 00 platform, the Adaptive saddle is a high module carbon fiber, performance racing saddle that delivers unrivaled power transfer and light weight in a full channel design that offers soft tissue pressure relief.

The benefits of 3D printing
Thanks to the innovative production method, fizik was able to develop the first Adaptive saddle five times faster than traditional industrial methods, creating and field-testing hundreds of iterations. Being suitable for mass production, this technology completely remaps the traditional manufacturing process, accelerating and bypassing all intermediate phases.

The Adaptive saddle padding is crafted by Carbon™ (a Silicon Valley based digital manufacturing company) using its revolutionary Digital Light Synthesis technology. DLS is an additive manufacturing process which employs digital ultraviolet light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish.

Using Carbon technology, biomechanics and engineers have an unprecedented opportunity: to design and manufacture multiple functional zones within the saddle, tuning each of them separately for specific mechanical properties.

Analyzing the data collected from pressure mapping systems, fizik have been able to establish how saddles would produce a smoother ride, combining cushioning, stabilization and energy return for the most efficient power transfer. Body zones have different characteristics: with different blood flow between ischial bones, soft tissue areas and nerves, each area needs specific support in every riding position.

Lab tested, road proven
Professional cyclists and amateur riders were tested, in both the fizik labs and on the road.
During each development phase, every iteration was carefully tested. A great focus has been put on understanding how the pressure patterns change according to different bike geometries, riding positions, and riding styles.

The result is a saddle is composed of four zones, each with its distinctive cushioning and mechanical properties joined together seamlessly. They are:
Nose – Supports the rider while pedaling in the most aero position
Middle – Supports the rider while pedaling on the hoods: providing the right amount of stability and support, while maintaining a healthy blood flow
Ischiatic zone – Supports the sit bones with a compression gradient that provides comfort and balance
Rear – Provides a soft cushioning for those rare occasions when the rider needs a more backward position

Pro peloton
Riders from some of fizik’s sponsored professional teams – Team Ineos, Team Jumbo Visma and Movistar Team, have been testing the Adaptive saddle during training camps and will be depending on it during a number of WorldTour races this year.

Adaptive is very easy to clean. Even in extreme conditions, a simple water hose is all that’s required. Adaptive has undergone the most severe climatic tests from -20 to +70℃ to extreme UV and abrasion resistance testing.

Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive RRP: £369.99, $399, €390 – available in two widths:

• Dimensions: 274x139mm
• Weight: 147g
• Height at 75mm width: 54mm
• Length from nose to 75mm width: 151mm

• Dimensions: 274x146mm
• Weight: 154g
• Height at 75mm width: 54mm
• Length from nose to 75mm width: 151mm

A Hero Gravel Deserves: Introducing the New HED Eroica Carbon

Before the launching of the Hed Eroica Carbon, we understood that this wheel would need to be put through the wringer. We knew that it was light and fast. We needed to be certain that the wheel would meet and exceed the demands of your next adventure.

With that in mind, we took the Hed Eroica Carbon to the deserts of Arizona and gave our riders one objective: ride everything and ride until you hit the limit.

Crushed gravel, dirt, sand, mud, bouldered single track – they rode it all.

The limit? They still haven’t found it.

With DNA tech, adopted from our Hed Raptor Mountain Bike line, and 127 plies of hand-placed carbon, the Hed Eroica Carbon features relentless strength while continuing Hed’s legacy of proven speed. Wherever you want to go, #HEDeverywhere with the new Hed Eroica Carbon.

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Chrome Industries Turns 25 Celebrates with Colorways from the Past

Legendary streetwear brand Chrome Industries turns 25 this year and they’re launching a special edition Citizen messenger bag to celebrate. The Citizen enters the 2020s equipped with its iconic seatbelt buckle, trademark durability, and style.

Celebrating their roots, Chrome has given the anniversary edition Citizen some extra flair. The 25th Anniversary Citizen comes in four fabric patterns from the past.

25th Anniversary Colorways
Old School – Original messenger colors from the 90’s, but with new bag smell.
Glitter – Like the old school banana seats and bike frames we rode as kids.
Checkered Flag – It’s all about taking the flag … Every day.
Neon Splatter – Like space, when you’re spaced. If you have to ask…

The Citizen is designed from the ground up for urban mobility. Attention to detail and build quality set it apart. Every Citizen has reflective cargo straps for visibility at night, daisy chain loops for attaching lights or a lock, and a waterproof liner to keep your gear dry. The bag can fit a 17” Macbook Pro and has multiple organizer and accessory pockets. It also carries Chrome’s lifetime warranty.

Though it is older than some of those who wear it, the Citizen remains as timeless as when it was built back in ‘95.

Chrome has always been committed to making cities better in all forms, including art, mobility, photography, access to parks, trails, and DIY skate parks. Chrome sees cities as playgrounds and creative energy centers, with a diversity of people lending creativity and resourcefulness. As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration, Chrome is contributing 2% of Citizen sales to the Citizen Chrome grant program. This grant will fund artists, makers, and riders who are investing time and energy to improve their cities.

Citizen Highlights
● The original messenger bag with iconic buckle
● Quick-release buckle with bottle opener
○ Easier to use with heavy loads
● Ergonomic shoulder strap w/stabilizing strap
● Reflective compression straps to secure cargo
● Weatherproof tarp liner with durable nylon shell
MSRP $140
● Web Page:

Sidi Fun and Trace Socks, Simple Style for Maximum Comfort
Comfortable, performing, antiperspirant and super colorful!
FUN and TRACE socks are a must item in any cyclist’s wardrobe, an essential style detail that meets the demands of comfort, practicality, performance and style.

The FUN collection features two different shades – black and white – enhanced by colorful geometric patterns that compliment Sidi’s graphic logo. TRACE instead is available in four different colors – black, grey, blue and burgundy.

This is definitely a fun accessory for any occasion, whether it’s training on a bike or enjoying a relaxing day in the mountains.

Both FUN and TRACE are made in Meryl Skinlife, one of the most innovative materials in the sports world, which provides the highest level of softness and breathability while protecting the skin’s natural Ph balance. Produced in silver-ionized polymer, this material offers hypo-allergenic and antibacterial properties that contrast strong odors. Maximum comfort and lightness make this product extremely versatile and suited for all seasons.

A light sock for all your adventures with optimal performance.

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