Gear Break: Castelli, Austin Cycles, Sidi, KitBrix, Chrome Industries & Kane

New kit for 2021

Gear Break: The ‘Holiday Season’ is just a memory, but maybe there is something you still want? New and top kit in Gear Break 2021: Castelli Superleggera bibshort – Light, cool and straight out of the future, Austin Cycles ATTO carbon folding bike, new limited Sidi Sixty Sea Foam shoes, KitBrix unique CityBrix backpack with rain cover, Chrome Industries launches Doubletrack bike bag series and introducing regenerative footwear by Kane.

Castelli: Superleggera Bibshort – Light, Cool and Straight Out of the Future
Castelli’s lightest-ever road short utilizes the first seamless graduated-ventilation stretch woven fabric, creating a short that’s both impossibly light and cool yet supportive for the longest rides.

By engineering a brand-new woven fabric (not knit) they shaved 30% in weight while maintaining support and avoiding transparency. They then worked with the world’s leading mill to construct a gradient fabric which becomes increasingly lighter the farther down the leg it extends, with the last part weighing a mere 90 g/m2 compared to normal short fabric (220 g/m2). Note that while the short saves a mere 48 grams while dry, this means it also absorbs around 30% less moisture when you’re sweating. So when you’re sweating your way up the Alpe d’Huez you’re actually saving closer to 150 grams.

This short doesn’t compromise on comfort. Castelli uses their top Progetto X2 Air Seamless seat pad, the spectacular striped mesh bibs from the Free Aero Race 4 Bibshort and a flat stretch woven leg gripper to keep everything in place.

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● RRP: $229.99

Austin Cycles ATTO – Carbon Folding Bike

A fast-folding, fun, versatile carbon bike designed in the UK, the ATTO is a beautifully simple and elegant addition to your urban commute or journey. Folding in under 10-seconds thanks to its smart hinge mechanism, the ATTO features hydraulic disc brakes providing top notch stopping power, as well as a Gates Carbon belt drive to keep you clean and clear of grime and oil.

The AC ATTO is available in two versions: a single speed version and an 11 speed bike that utilises the amazing Shimano Alfine hub gear, both featuring responsive 20″ carbon wheels, as well as carbon handlebar and seatpost pairing to keep weight at a minimum.

● More info at:
● RRP – £2500

SIDI Sixty Sea Foam, The New Ltd Tone Inspired by Nature

Seafoam represents one of the softest colors associated with the ocean and includes green and blue shades along with some gray. The stormy sea has inspired Sidi, giving a new chromatic version to its already iconic Sixty showing off today in a special limited edition in which everyone can find its own personal nuance.

The color is linked to nature, referring to the foam created by the ocean, and intends to recall a feeling of soul balance and positivity.

This new shade gives a great personality to the shoe line, brightening every bike ride with a precious and unique look.

Sidi Sixty in a nutshell
The Sidi Sixty cycling shoes were developed to celebrate sixty years of tireless and passionate work, sixty years of successes and champions.

Made with cutting-edge materials that are also eco-friendly, Sidi Sixty are light, performing, resistant and naturally comfortable. The technology behind these shoes includes an incredible mix of iconic details and innovative solutions, like the Tecno-4 closing system with a single rotor, which reduces the weight while offering extra precise adjustment.

The ultra-light Vent Carbon sole is made from carbon fibres, which ensure the right balance of stiffness and controlled flexibility in the toe. Special integrated air ducts provide ventilation and heat dispersal.

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The CityBrix – with Rain Cover

The worlds first backpack with a built in gym locker. Created for professionals who train hard. With it’s unique KitBrix™ training gear section and space for a 17 inch laptop, your phone charger, an Ipad, work equipment and a whole load more, your CityBrix will be with you wherever you work, train and play.

Divide the bag in to two sections for wet and dry or two organised compartments, designed to overcome the problem of carrying both gym, swim and work kit during the working day. Allowing you maximum use of your training time and making sure your sweaty training gear never touches any of your work or lifestyle essentials.

Divided into work and play sections
● Laptop and tablet pocket to 17”
● Separated gym locker section for all your kit from wetsuits to gym kit
● Cabin and travel fit
● Robust base for ‘stand up’ business use
● Airflow moulded cushioned back panel
● Sealed Water resistant base compartment
● Front clip extra strap for stability when running
● Quick access pockets
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● Regular price £99.50

Chrome Industries Launches Doubletrack Bike Bag Series
Featuring Magnetic-closure Handlebar Sling and Multifunctional Feedbag

Chrome’s new Doubletrack cycling bag series bridges the functionality of bikepacking bags and city EDC with two smartly convertible new ways to bring your essentials along for the ride.

Doubletrack Handlebar Sling
Freeing up pocket space and eliminating the need to wear a backpack on rides, handlebar bags are the key to carrying snacks, extra clothing and essentials. The Doubletrack Handlebar Sling ratchets up the utility of this classic form by allowing you to wear it via a deployable shoulder strap.

Whether you run it on your bars and use sling mode when making a pit stop or mostly sling it and occasionally mount it to your bike, the Doubletrack Handlebar sling is a versatile system for carrying your stuff with efficiency and style. Run what you brung!

● Magnetic closure
● Quick-access mesh side pockets
● Stowable crossbody strap
● Durable nylon shell with 70d poly liner
● Mount on handlebars or wear crossbody
● 9″ wide, 9″ height, 4.5″ deep
● Volume: 5L
● Weight: 0.88lbs
● MSRP: $60
Product Page Here

Doubletrack Feed Bag
Quick-access is the name of the game with Chrome’s Feed Bag. Some use it as a compact camera bag, some for extra drinks, or snacks. Bottom line, this padded bag will work on your bike, belt, or Chrome backpack strap. Wherever you need to add a little extra capacity, the Doubletrack Feed Bag is there for you.

● Quick-access handlebar bag and hip pouch
● Cinch top for one-handed access
● Padded protection
● Hook and loop straps allow you to piggyback on another bag
● Durable nylon shell with 70d poly liner
● 4″ width, 6.5″ height, 3″ deep
● Volume: 1.5L
● Weight: 0.26lbs
● Three-way functionality: Mount on bike handlebar stem, wear on belt or add to another bag
● MSRP: $40
Product Page Here

Introducing Kane: Regenerative Footwear for Body + Planet

Kane, a new footwear brand that’s entering the endurance market with a category of recovery they’re calling regenerative footwear. The regenerative nature of Kane’s newest biobased foam slip-on, the Revive, is derived from Kane’s proprietary active recovery design and the brand’s use of sustainable manufacturing and end-of-life-cycle processes. While some brands dedicate their focus to aspects of recovery, and others commit to sustainability, Kane is taking a holistic approach from the outset, creating footwear that renews the body and planet. Best of all, the Kane Revive is a stylish slip-on you’ll be happy to wear in public.

Active Recovery Design
The Revive is not just another “comfy” recovery shoe. It is a pre and post-workout slip-on designed to stimulate muscle recovery and thwart fatigue. Data driven input from Dr. Daniel Geller, a renowned Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon, as well as a veteran footwear designer from Crocs, Under Armour and Nike, help to inform Kane’s active recovery design:

Cushioning – Most shoes use a complicated multilayer construction to fuse the upper with the midsole. Kane’s uppers are connected directly to a generously cushioned lower, with 31mm cushioning under the heel and 22mm cushioning under the forefoot. Combined with a dual-density construction—a design that accommodates varying degrees of pronotation—this design provides the perfect balance of cushioning and support.

Energy return – Proper design can help provide energy return to aid us in taking our next step. A 12mm drop in height from heel to toe reduces stress on the heel, Achilles tendon, and calf, while providing optimal transferability and energy return. The Revive creates a smooth transition from heel, to mid-foot, to push-off from your toes.

Sustainable Manufacturing
Having founded the popular lacrosse apparel and gear brand, Maverik Lacrosse, Kane CEO John Gagliardi, is keenly aware of the environmental harm that can be caused through the production of consumer goods. With Kane Footwear, John is focused on reducing environmental impact during the manufacturing process:

● The Kane Revive is the world’s first recovery slip-on to be manufactured using a biopolymer derived from renewably sourced Brazilian sugarcane. (The same biobased material used in Allbirds shoes)

● The Kane Revive is comprised of over 75% eco-sustainable materials, including responsibly sourced sugarcane, for a 100% recyclable shoe.

The Revive (MSRP: $60) is launching on February 2nd.

● More info at:

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