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Gear Break: As we approach the ‘Holiday Gift Season’ we look at some more new equipment: GORE C3 Partial Windstopper socks, Wahoo Fitness: 2021 transition plans, Primal: Everything spin, PRO saddle new models, Muc-Off rainproof essentials case and Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans use Hyperice recovery.

GORE C3 Partial Windstopper Socks

Made with GORE Windstopper material, these socks are windproof and water resistant yet highly breathable — intended for cold-ish weather riding (GORE specs 41-59F but YMMV depending on how your feet do in the cold). The GORE C3 Windstopper Socks will stave off windchill and keep your toes warm without the bulk of wearing overshoes.

About GORE Windstopper:

The GORE ® WINDSTOPPER® membrane is an ultra thin protective layer which is laminated to a lightweight textile layer, making it totally windproof. It is made of the versatile polymer PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) which is expanded to create a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered.

The totally windproof, yet extremely breathable membrane blocks the wind and allows vapor to escape. This combination of protection and breathability minimizes the wind’s chilling effect while reducing the risk of overheating when you are active. A durable outer fabric treatment provides you additional protection of water repellency.

PEZ Tester Chuck Peña says:

“This is a great idea that’s almost perfect. My feet get cold fairly easily so I often find myself donning lightweight booties when the temps fall to 60F or below — largely to stave off windchill. The GORE C3 Windstopper Socks are thin enough that I can just wear socks instead!”

“My first ride in the Gore C3 Windstopper Socks was an ideal test: temp in the low 50s(F), overcast, damp air, and some wind. The socks did what they’re supposed to do — not necessarily keep my feet warm, but prevent them from getting too cold. It was like wearing GORE Oxygen Classics kit on my feet! And they were comfortable. I could feel the flat seams but they weren’t bothersome.”

“It would be interesting to wear the GORE C3 Windstopper Socks with a pair of booties/overshoes and compare that to wearing winter socks with booties/overshoes.”

“I said the GORE C3 Windstopper socks are ‘almost perfect’ because IMHO the one thing that could be improved is fit/sizing. I wear a US men’s size 9 shoe. GORE originally sent me size 9.5-10 because they often recommend to size up since the Windstopper material isn’t very stretchy. But they were definitely too big. The size 8.0-9.0 socks fit, but not like a traditional pair of socks. There’s essentially near zero compression. So even though the socks stay in place, they feel ‘loose.’ I initially found myself checking them to make sure they weren’t sagging or otherwise falling down but they were fine. So I’d like to see them sized a little smaller (part of me actually wonders if I could wear the next size down). Another idea would be to have gripper material at the top hem of the socks to help keep them up (or at least provide peace of mind that they’re not going to sag/fall down).”

• Buy ’em at Amazon here.

Wahoo Fitness: Get Set for 2021 with Transition Plans
New Wahoo SUF Training App Plans Help Athletes Transition to Indoor Season

With the critical winter season approaching, two new Transition training plans from the Wahoo SUF Training App are set to help cyclists and triathletes prepare for some productive months of indoor training. The new plans will be available on Nov. 1.

“Whether you’re coming off a grueling outdoor season or ready to get back on the bike after a long hiatus, the Transition plans will help ensure that you’re prepared—both physically and mentally—for a successful indoor season,” said Coach Neal Henderson, head of the Wahoo Sports Science Team. “SUF is unique among training platforms in that we offer plans that combine structured cycling workouts with yoga, strength training, mental training, and mobility sessions in a single app to help endurance athletes unlock their potential.”

The 6-week Transition training plans, designed for time-crunched athletes, integrate yoga sessions designed specifically to improve on-bike performance, full-body strength and mobility sessions, and targeted cycling workouts to help athletes recover, reset, refocus and recharge in preparation for the next phase of their training.

Recognizing that many athletes had a non-conventional season, with many races canceled due to COVID-19, the Wahoo sports scientists designed two versions of the Transition plans for cycling and triathlon: Transition Up and Transition Down.

Transition Up is for athletes coming off a period of little or no activity who are ready to get back into structured indoor training. On-bike sessions progress from lower intensity in the early part of the plan to higher intensity later, with a significant focus on pedaling efficiency and neuromuscular development. Off-bike sessions follow a progression from gentle mobility and stability sessions into functional strength work designed to improve body mechanics, pedaling efficiency, and help athletes stay comfortable on longer rides.

Transition Down is designed for athletes transitioning from a high-volume, high-intensity training block, or those coming off of a demanding season of riding or racing. Cycling sessions progress from lower intensity to more focused pedaling drills and neuromuscular sessions, while maintaining a relatively low volume. The plan also includes targeted stability, mobility, and strength exercises to help athletes address aspects of their overall fitness that may have been neglected during the outdoor season.

Both versions of the Transition plans end with the SUF comprehensive 4DP® fitness test, which determines an athlete’s full power profile and allows workout targets in the SUF app to be personalized to an individual’s unique fitness level.

Athletes looking for training advice and community are invited to start one of the Transition plans on November 1 and join the discussion on the SUForum ( Coach Neal Henderson, as well as Wahoo’s yoga partner—renowned yoga instructor Abi Carver of—will be answering questions, providing training tips, and sharing their expertise with athletes throughout the 6-week plan.

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Primal: Everything Spin

PRO Expands 2021 Saddle Line with New Models, Enhanced Ergonomic Designs
For the 2021 model year, PRO utilized its new Evolved Ergonomics design approach for the development of the three new models that launch today. PRO’s saddle product developers employed a more intensive focus on riding position, creating a saddle shape for specific riding styles with the new 2021 Falcon, Turnix and Griffon models. In addition to these new models, introduced the Stealth Sport, the more value-oriented model in its popular Stealth saddle line.

PRO has maintained a focus on developing saddles for specific rider types and positions for years. A combination of materials, design features, varied widths and shapes each contribute to PRO’s Evolved Ergonomics development of the right saddle for every rider. The 2021 lineup showcases this design methodology through the following key features per rider:

– The length of each saddle is slightly shorter and specially optimized per rider type
– All saddles now feature a larger anatomic fit (channeling) area for optimal pressure relief
– Each saddle has a carbon fiber reinforced base that was re-engineered to be more compliant
– Saddles utilize EVA super light padding and durable PU covers

Two price and weight options are standard across the PRO saddle line for the 2021 model year: Team edition saddles that utilize lighter carbon fiber rails and Performance saddles that utilize INOX (stainless steel) rails.


New Falcon Saddle
For 2021, the redesigned Falcon saddle is optimized for the most aggressive rider positions. The Falcon has flat side and rear profiles for flexible riders that maintain a stable position on the saddle.
• For the most aggressive rider positions
• Carbon fiber reinforced base
• Two widths: 132, 142
• MSRP: Team $220, Performance $180
• Buy at Amazon here


New Turnix Saddle
For 2021, the redesigned Turnix saddle is tuned for riders with a neutral riding position. The Turnix has a curved side profile and a semi-round rear profile for a wide variety of riders who prefer balanced pressure distribution. The Turnix is available in regular fit or anatomic fit options to accommodate a broader rider base.

• For neutral riding position
• Carbon fiber reinforced base
• Regular and anatomic fit options
• Three widths: 132, 142, 152
• MSRP: Team $220, Performance $180


New Griffon Saddle
For 2021, the redesigned Falcon saddle is made for riders with an upright position. The Griffon has a flat side profile and a round rear profile for less-flexible riders that tend to move around on the saddle more.

• For more upright riders
• Carbon fiber reinforced base
• Two widths: 142, 152
• MSRP: Team $220, Performance $180

Stealth Sport

New Stealth Sport
The Stealth saddle line has earned a favorable reputation first among elite WorldTour racers who influenced its design, now to off-road riders who are enjoying the Stealth Off-Road saddle for mountain bike and gravel use. New for 2021 is a more affordable road-oriented Stealth Sport that is a value-priced offering due to using more cost-conscious materials.

• Same podium-winning profile as premium models
• Carbon fiber reinforced base
• Cromoly rails
• PU padding
• Two widths: 142, 152
• MSRP: $120
• See Stealth prices at Amazon here

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Muc-Off Launches Rainproof Essentials Case

Muc-Off, the global leader in bike care and maintenance, has launched a new Rainproof Essentials Case aimed at both the motorcycle and bicycle market.

“Come rain or shine, every rider wants to keep those essential items that you take with you on a ride, safe, secure and organised. Our new Rainproof Essentials Case is the ideal accessory to help you do just that.”Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

The new Rainproof Essentials Case is an ideal storage solution for all riders. With a sleek design and subtle branding with a just a splash of Muc-Off pink, there’s no danger of any kit clashes. The tough outer water-repellent fabric offers the protection for those essential ride accessories with a heavy-duty rubber-encased rope zip pull for quick and easy access on the bike.

The case also has Molle Webbing straps on the back, compatible for easy attachments to Molle accessories or bags. Internally, the case features a soft divider to help separate those essential items such as smartphones, credit cards and multi-tools. Inside there is also a zipped pocket that can hold smaller valuables such as keys or coins. The case is big enough to fit the larger smart phones whilst still being small enough to tuck comfortably in a side or back pocket.

• The Muc-Off Rainproof Essentials Case is available to purchase through the Muc-Off global dealer network, select e-retailers and direct from for £19.99, $24.99 and €24.95 RRP.

• Shop Muc-Off Cases at Amazon here

Hyperice is the New Asset for ‘Recovery’ of Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans

The Belgian team Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans can rely on a new technical partner in 2020. Hyperice equips the paramedical staff and riders with vibrating and percussion massage devices, vibrating massage rollers and compression boots. The staff and riders of Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans use the Normatec Pulse PRO, Hypervolt +, Vyper 2.0 and Hypersphere since the restart of the competition for recovery of in their race preparation.

The mission of Hyperice is to help everyone on earth to move better, to live better and to be better. The American company is the leader in recovery and movement enhancement technology, utilizing ice, heat, percussion, and vibration. The performances of athletes are improved by speeding up recovery time, preventing injuries and improving the body’s ability to move.

Loïc Vliegen (Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans): “The Hyperice products are an excellent complement to the care of our paramedical staff. Thanks to the Hypervolt Plus, our masseurs can reduce the tension before the massage. The Hypersphere and Vyper 2.0 allow us to find the points of tension and reduce them ourselves by using our body weight.”

“The Normatec compression boots will especially be a big advantage for long transfers and stage races. Every minute counts in a grand tour, and these products allow us to start the recovery process already in the travel by bus after the stage. For me personally, the combination of Hyperice products and massage is perfect!”

Shawn Beitelsphacher (Vice President Endurance & Specialty Retail Hyperice): “We are excited to join Circus-Wanty Gobert-Tormans as they make the jump to the World Tour. Riders will now have access to cutting-edge Hyperice products as they take on a grueling race and traveling schedule.”

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