Gear Break: Gulo Wheels, G4 Clothing, New Scott Foil, Katusha Jacket, Cairn E-Bike & Scicon Glasses

New wheels, bikes, clothing and eyewear

Gear Break: In this weeks collection of cycling goods we have new wheels from Gulo Composites, bags of clothing form G4, the Scott Foil gets a face lift, Katusha’s light rain jacket, the new improved E-Adventure by Cairn and Scicon has a memorable debut at the Tour De France with the Aeroshade and the Aerowing.

Gulo Composites Wheels
No longer pushing the limits; we are creating new ones.
Gulo Composites is ready to equip your bike with innovative composites technology and thoughtful wheel design, providing you with the most advanced wheel system today.

The bicycle wheel is both simple, yet a fantastically complicated system. Wheels have progressed slowly through the years, but there remain glaring deficiencies. Stress risers, tension imbalance, and vulnerability to impacts are issues that other wheel companies have struggled to mitigate. The Gulo wheel system has been optimized to address these challenges head on.

A wheel’s most integral and industrious component is the spoke; the link that ties it together and brings the wheel to life. At the heart of the Gulo wheel system lies the incredibly strong and durable Gulo G1 composite spoke. The design intent of the Gulo wheel system was motivated by this unique composite spoke, which propelled the rest of the wheel into an optimized and balanced performance package.

Developed, engineered, and tested with impact resistance and fatigue life at the forefront, the G1 spoke is truly revolutionary. Exceptional weight, durability, and stiffness have never been synergized in such an application, until now.

The G1 composite spoke body is designed, engineered, and manufactured all under one roof in Brevard, North Carolina, USA. Our triaxial braiding technologies allows our team of engineers to adjust braid orientation and introduce multiple types of fibers for a hybrid composite structure. After years of development with the composite spoke body itself, we have created a structure with many times the impact resistance of any steel spoke on the market today, all the while maintaining featherweight status. The finished spoke assembly consists of aerospace grade aluminum alloys, adhesives, graphene, and composite resin systems, all of which have been engineered from the ground up with weight, strength, fatigue resistance, and UV protection in mind.

Our lightweight hubs have been optimized and specifically matched to each rim profile to ensure proper angular alignment from the hub to the spoke hole at the rim. This means the spoke enters the rim at its natural angle, not where it is forced to. Our rims are designed effectively with matched drilling to accept the spokes at the proper angles. This means very specific rim hole drilling angles were chosen to alleviate stress risers and ease buildability. All of this comes together to create an extremely lightweight, durable, and reliable composite wheel system.

Gulo Composites offers three unique road/gravel/cx wheel systems for all riders and all terrain.

Road & Gravel All-Rounder

Don’t sacrifice anything. Performance at all levels.

The GRD-36 is our all-rounder wheel system that provides aero advantages for the flats, superior light weight and stiffness for climbing, and the durability required for those hard gravel adventures. Designed for multidisciplinary riding styles, this wheel can do it all.

The 36mm moderate depth rim is the same aero profile as our Aero Road rim, with a 21mm internal width that works great with larger tire profiles. Designed with alternating spoke hole offsets and optimized drilling angles to work in perfect conjunction with our ETI hubs and GIS spoke system.

The GRD-36 will make you feel fast, no matter what you throw its way.
● Gulo Carbon Rims: 21mm internal width, 36mm deep, 24-hole
● Gulo ETI System Hubs: 12X100, 12X142 (end cap kits available), center-lock disc-only, 7.5° engagement, Shimano 11-speed, SRAM XD-R, Campagnolo
● G1 Spokes: Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance
● 1320 grams/wheelset
● 125kg weight limit

Aero Road

Flat-out speed.

Our deepest section rim provides the perfect balance between wind-slicing aero, speed, handling, and strength. This is our road race and criterium weapon of choice. Stiffness and speed like nothing else.

Combining a generous 46mm depth with alternating spoke hole offsets and optimized drilling angles, the GRD-46 rim was thoughtfully designed with intent. It utilizes our composite spoke-and-hub system, combining our ETI hubs and G1 spokes, to provide you with our fastest and most efficient wheel system.

● Gulo Carbon Rims: 21mm internal width, 46mm deep, 24-hole
● Gulo ETI System Hubs: 12X100, 12X142 (end cap kits available), center-lock disc-only, 7.5° engagement, Shimano 11-speed, SRAM XD-R, Campagnolo
● G1 Spokes: Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance
● 1365 grams/wheelset
● 125kg weight limit

Allpavé Series

Gravel/Cyclocross Superlight
Allpavé: road, gravel, trail and everything in between

All roads were meant to be traveled, and with the GRX-SL there are no limits to where you can go. Aimed at cyclocross and gravel racing because of its incredible light weight and stiffness, but also perfectly versatile for any road or surface you can throw its way.

Our superlight 22mm internal width rim was designed with a 2mm spoke hole offset which helps create a very balanced wheel. Spoke hole angles were optimized at each point to work in perfect conjunction with our ETI hubs and our GIS spoke system. All of this comes together to create one of the lightest, yet stiffest race wheels ever produced.

● Gulo Carbon Rims: 22mm internal width, asymmetric offset, 24-hole
● Gulo ETI System Hubs: 12X100, 12X142 (end cap kits available), center-lock disc-only, 7.5° engagement, Shimano 11-speed, SRAM XD-R, Campagnolo
● G1 Spokes: Made-in-USA, 2.9grams/spoke, superior impact resistance
● 1275 grams/wheelset
● 125kg weight limit
● Comes with Gulo rim tape and valves installed

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G4: Our Bag For a Back to Work Rides

Prepare your bag!

Yes, let’s school and work begin! Don’t stop cycling! Prepare your autumnal rides!

G4 offers you a selection of suitable clothing for the changing weather.
Autumn is setting in and G4 helps you to find out how to dress, what to wear during your rides.


Your G4 Bag! Ready to Start Autumn Training?

Discover all our clothes for the fall season!
● Your SIROCCO windbreaker
● Your Prestige or Luxe bib shorts with PROHD100 pad
● Your mid-season gloves in black or white
● The black or white cycling cap – wear under the helmet.
● Your SEAMLESS arm warmers or legs warmers made from recycled fiber
● Your elegant dot socks or mint blue.

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SCOTT Foil Gets a Stunning Face Lift

The new Foil comes with the well-proven lightweight and aerodynamic genetics as the previous version, but features now fully integrated cable routing and a unique color scheme.

The core of the SCOTT Foil’s aerodynamic construction is still its patented airfoil design – F01 Technology making it one of the lightest Aero Bikes to date. In order to minimize its air drag even further and optimize its overall performance the new SCOTT Foil received a completely redesigned cockpit including fork, headset and handlebar as known from the Addict RC. This allows for fully internal cable routing both for mechanical and electronic shifting. A feature possible due to SCOTT’s patented eccentric bicycle fork shaft design, which allows zero compromise on shifting, braking, steering performance or head tube stiffness.

The new Foil will make its debut at the upcoming Tour de France. It will be the bike of choice for Mitchelton-SCOTT sprinters Daryl Impey and Luka Mezgec for flat and lumpier stages.

The Team Design
For the SCOTT Foil models 10 and 30 a very unique paint was applied. At first look from the distance and without light exposure the bike seems to be subtle and almost black. However, under light the bike comes alive reflecting bright colors that change at every angle. Purple? Green? Blue? A wide range of different colors that give the impression that it is a different bike each time you see it.

Frame – SCOTT Foil
Groupset – Shimano Dura Ace R9170
Crankset – Shimano Duar Ace FC-R9100P
Cockpit – Syncros Creston IC SL
Handlebar tape – Syncros Super Light
Front Wheel – Shimano Dura Ace WH-R9100-C40
Rear Wheel – Shimano Dura Ace WH-R9100-C40
Tires – Pirelli P-Zero
Saddle – Syncros Belcarra
Seat Post – Syncros Duncan Aero SL
Pedals – Shimano PD-R9100

SCOTT Foil – The Success Story
Since its introduction back in 2010, many races have been won on the Foil. To date, the Foil holds 33 Grand Tour stage wins, four Monuments and one UCI Elite World Title. The Foil has been first across the finish line in 182 races at the highest level of cycling. At this year’s Tour de France Mitchelton-SCOTT’s sprinters Luka Mezgec and Daryl Impey will use the Foil for flat and lumpier stages to chase yet more glory.

More information on the new SCOTT Foil at:

Katusha: Light Rain Jacket

One for all, pocket sized protection.

Perfect for riding in changeable conditions, the Light Rain Jacket offers superb protection against heavy rain and wind, in an extremely lightweight, breathable and packable form.

The weather can be unpredictable and so the Light Rain Jacket is versatile. Your pocket sized companion for: flash heavy rain or showers, wind, downhills, lower temperatures early or late in the day.


Waterproof yet breathable
Featuring waterproof and breathable fabric (20k/20k) with a fully taped seem construction and waterproof zip, for superb weather protection.

Lightweight and packable
Weighing just 150g (in size medium), it is extremely light and packable, designed to be carried in the back pocket of your jersey.

Access back pockets
Entry points at the back of the jacket ensure easy access to your jersey pockets and feature a convenient magnetic closure system.

To improve visibility in the low light conditions, the jacket incorporates a long reflective line across the shoulders, reflective branding and an additional reflective line across the tail.

Pro rider approved
“On a side note, the light rain jacket, wow! I can’t tell you how amazed we all have been with it so far! I was completely dry underneath after the Strade Bianche. Really hats off to you and the development crew.”
– Team KATUSHA ALPECIN rider, after the Strade Bianche 2018


Strade Bianche 2018
We’re rolling the clock back to 3rd March 2018, the day that Tuscany’s famous white roads went waterlogged. Rain from above, muddy road-spray from the front and back. The riders were drenched! Brutal riding conditions, but the perfect test for our Light Rain Jacket, worn then by Team KATUSHA-ALPECIN.

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Cairn E-Adventure 1.0 2021

Always wanting to improve the Cairn team took the award-winning E-Adventure back to the drawing board to see how it could be improved further. Being devoted riders ourselves and listening to our existing customers allowed us to change small things that have a big impact overall.

Things like cable guide positioning to clean up the lines as well as re-positioning the Fazua remote for easier control.

Bigger changes come in the form of the gravel-specific GRX groupset from Shimano, braking from the hoods has never been so comfortable as well as confidence-inspiring.

Increasing stand over on the frames has done a huge amount for off-road control and manoeuvrability, it also has opened up our bikes to smaller riders. The shorter seat tube will increase the amount of seat post being used to give more flex and comfort over the previous frame.

Staying with the frame, the rear seat stay bridge has been removed to increase frame compliance, there is now a single-sided plate for mounting mudguards – which can be removed for ultra-clean lines. The E-Adventure’s geometry stays the same though, so the quick, capable and confident handling that has won it so much praise is still there.

New Cairn specific Hunt E-Gravel Disc Wheels increase longevity with a steel axle to deal with the increase in torque as well as the freehub having a bigger surface engagement at the pawls.

Recent updates (Black Pepper Fazua Update) to the Fazua system have seen better control and usability for the rider, the ability to connect to most 3rd party computers now gives the rider dual-sided power meters – something that would normally leave a hefty dent in your wallet. Cairn has also used this new functionality to create a specific “Cairn” tune to get the most from the Fazua/E-Adventure bike, this can, of course, be tailored by the rider or set back to “standard” settings easily in the software.

With the recent move to range extension battery’s the Fazua systems batteries are just over 1kg, this coupled with the Cairn Battery keg and Blackburn cage means you can easily carry another full battery.

700c or 650b
Gravel is such a broad term, and we realise this, one riders gravel ride is another’s mountain bike ride. This is why we came to the conclusion we needed two versions to give choice to the rider; we have the fast-paced 700c perfect for tarmac commutes with the ability to fly up the towpaths or farm trails for an adventure. If you like your gravel to be more chunky or the destination for your ride is an MTB trail then the 650b version has you covered with big volume tyres supplying grip as well as comfort and the dropper post gives you the room to move when things point down.

The 700c version comes equipped with the fast Hunt X Cairn E-Gravel Disc wheels which features Hunts Gravel X Wide rim profile and are laced to a 4 pawl, 36 point engagement E-Bike specific hub design. Mounted on these are Vittoria’s awesome Terreno Dry tyre in 700x38c. Giving you the perfect balance of fast paced road and trail exploration. Ritchey components supply the cockpit matched with a carbon seat post to increase comfort on rougher trails or for removing road buzz. All finished off with Fabric’s excellent bar tape and bum friendly saddles. Not forgetting both bikes come ready with mounts for guards, racks and anything cages.

The 650b version is ready for the more rowdy rider, if you want to take the more rugged path or even the odd trail centre then this bike is just the ticket. Using the same E-Adventure frame it comes equipped with 650b Hunt Adventure Sport rims on Hunt E-Gravel hub. Tyres are supplied by Vittoria again with the Mezcal 2.25” front and 2.1” rear tyres, the mix in sizing is something that the MTB fraternity have been doing for years and makes total sense on the front for better grip, more comfort and control. It also comes equipped with a Tranz-X dropper post (80mm drop) with drop bar remote, to allow easier weight shifts and control on steeper terrain, the remote can be easily accessed from the hoods or the drops.

Both Bikes will be available worldwide.

Pre-Order now for January at

Available with Klarna Finance and Cyclescheme UK only.


Scicon: A Memorable Debut at the Tour De France

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