Gear Break: Masks, Bars, Clothing, Sandals & Tyres!

Gear Break: We have made another selection of what’s new and exciting on the market: Customize your mask with Primal, Zipp’s Vuka Bull base bar, Rapha and Geoff McFetridge collection, Shimano SPD sandals, Scicon NASA collection and Award for Continental tires made from dandelion rubber.

Primal: Customize Your Mask2.0!

The Non-Medical Primal 2.0 Mask is equipped with the NT3D Nanotek Filter and XFrame. Providing additional protection and comfort.

New Designs + New Features


Adjustable Strap
*Not all 2.0 Masks come with the additional adjustable neck strap.

Replaceable Air Filter

• This filter cannot generate oxygen and should not be used in hypoxic environments.
• Please use this filter correctly to avoid serious consequences caused by improper use.
• Store in a dry and ventilated location.
• Not suitable for toxic gas environment use.
• Not intended as a replacement for gas masks and medical masks.
• Not for use if breathing is impeded or unsteady, or during sleep.

• When breathing resistance is significantly increased or when the filter is dirty or damaged, it should be replaced.
• For individual use. This product should not be shared with others.
• The product is disposable and can be replaced according to wearing conditions.

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Zipp: Head Low, Hard Charging
Zipp’s Vuka Bull base bar is the perfect starting point for triathletes and time trial specialists building a high-tech aero cockpit. It’s packed with innovations for fit, function and speed.

For aerodynamic efficiency, the carbon Vuka Bull utilizes the watt-saving wing-shape of Zipp’s SL-70 Aero bar. Its design also is based on feedback from professional bike fitters, so athletes can maintain optimal aero position. The Vuka Bull is designed to be wide enough to help you control your bike in corners, and climb comfortably, but narrow enough to not slow you down when you are in the aerobars focusing on fast. The clamping area is wide enough to allow a wide range of armrest positions using the Zipp Vuka Clip.

The Vuka Bull features a flip design that allows it a rise or drop allowing you to have your hands where you need them. This available rise provides athletes with the option to keep the base bar as low as possible while still being able to raise the armrests and extensions where they need to be. Also, a slightly higher hand position can help athletes climb steeper grades.

The Vuka Bull is designed with Zipp’s Rapid Route technology, now with the ability to move control cables, hoses and wires through the stem clamp area, making it compatible with modern integrated cockpit systems.

● Wide enough for control narrow enough to keep you aero
● Designed to allow you to find your fastest position
● Aerodynamic wing shape designed using the CFD-proven wing shape from the SL-70 Aero
● Rapid Routing cable exits are positioned for easy installation of brake cables, now with routing through the stem clamp area
● Updated Zipp cosmetics that scream speed, matte carbon with gloss black logo

$ 237.00 | € 242.00* | £ 216.00*

*Includes VAT


Unidirectional Carbon


20mm drop or 20mm rise



Plug Style


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Rapha Teams Up With Artist Geoff McFetridge on a Limited Edition Cycling Apparel Collection
Striking shapes and bold colors in Geoff McFetridge’s inimitable style.

The signature stripes of the Rapha Cycling Club are recognizable around the world but for our latest member-only collection, Rapha is takes a departure, asking LA-based artist and RCC member Geoff McFetridge to show us his spin on our iconic kit.

“Designing a cycling kit is like sculpture,” Geoff Says. “A painting is simple, you just draw it or sketch it and it changes from something simple to something complicated. Something rough to something finished. Whereas a cycling kit is a dimensional thing. There’s a reason fashion designers work with a 3D form. The ideal way to make a cycling kit would be to sketch in 3D. I’m not saying that a cycling kit has to be like a race car with bands that go right the way around. For the most part, a kit is made up of flat planes but the best kit feels dimensional like a race car, or a Henry Moore sculpture.”

Geoff is a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club, and looks to cycling as a way to keep his eyes open to the world around him. Reflecting on LA’s cycling community, Geoff decided to create a kit that boldly represents cycling culture on the whole.

“The body conforms to the machine, the machine is the bicycle and is unmoving so the contortions and shapes we take to conform to the machine are pretty cool.” Inspired by this notion, Geoff created a print representing small characters initially resembling cyclists, yet without their bikes. “Then I removed their bodies because I wanted to speak to the separation of body and mind. So it’s like there’s the machine, there’s your body and there’s your mind. There’s those connections between those things. We use our bodies to access our minds; and our mind controls our body. As a cyclist, I think you understand how powerful the mind is. You don’t get fitter necessarily, you just train your mind.”

As the design changed and evolved with the artist’s process the print became a text, the Rapha Cycling Club logo sculpted with striking shapes and bold colors in Geoff’s inimitable style.

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The collection includes: Men’s and Women’s Midnight Jersey, Men’s Pro Team Bib Shorts, Men’s Pro Team Lightweight Gilet, Men’s Pro Team Sleeveless Base Layer, Cap, Musette, and Socks.

● GILET: $125
● CAP: $30 SOCKS and MUSETTE: $20

All items available exclusively to RCC members.

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Shimano Introduces Special 25th Anniversary Edition SD-501A SPD Sandal

Shimano celebrates the 25th anniversary of its beloved SPD sandal with a throwback, special edition sandal in a unique colorway. Inspired by Shimano’s second-generation SPD sandals, introduced in the year 2000, the new SD-501A sandals deliver a sleek, minimalistic design with a dark navy upper and special logo accents.

The SPD sandal has cult status among a cycling sandal community, a passionate and unrelenting group of riders that is rooted in the Midwest, U.S. Unfazed by inclement conditions, many sandal riders face the elements year-round and are easily spotted by their crisscrossing tan lines, a mark of honor. Shimano recognizes and celebrates these riders from across the globe with these anniversary SD-501A sandals that are emblazoned with a special 25th anniversary logo and throwback Shimano SPD logos on each strap.

Updating the classic design, Shimano brings back the retro look while delivering the durable construction, and function, that Shimano footwear is known for. With a dual comfort-lined strap closure and SPD compatible sole, the SD-501A sandals allow riders to securely clip into their pedals while still enjoying the cool breeze on their toes. The wide rubber sole is stable and comfortable for riding and walking and its semi-rigid (rated 4/12) midsole plate enables efficient pedaling.

The new unisex SD-501A sandals is available now in sizes 38-48 for $130. The sandal is compatible with Shimano SPD cleats and is available in navy blue.

More info at: bike.shimano.comssories

Lift Off for New Scicon Sports Space Agency Capsule Collection

Scicon Sports, leader in high performance eyewear, bags & luggage, and apparel for riders and active people, has today launched a new range of cycling clothing, the Space Agency Capsule Collection. The limited edition collection features designs inspired by spacesuits and spacecrafts, paying homage to great explorers of new terrain.

The new collection consists of a range of items developed and manufactured in Italy at Scicon Sport’s inhouse clothing factory, featuring updated designs of the popular X-Over Bib Shorts and their X-Over Road Cycling Jersey. The collection is completed by a selection of socks to match the stellar look, paying homage to the USA’s esteemed space agency.

Each jersey combines Scicon Sports’ signature premium Italian fabric noted for breathability, moisture-wicking properties and a performance construction for day-long comfort on the bike. The limited edition jerseys feature a race fit build using FteXHydro™ fabrics providing enhanced UV protection, an elastic hem with silicone gripper, three rear pockets and a full-length zip.

The Space Agency Cycling Bib Short, in one simple yet effective design, uses the X-Over Bib Shorts platform with an additional logo featured on a single leg gripper. The lightweight bib shorts, weighing just 245g, complement the collection’s jersey with their performance fit and technical fabrics and features. The Italian Elastic Interface signature seat pad offers maximum performance, versatility and comfort in the saddle, while 4-way compression fabric Mititech Power® and long 75mm leg grippers give a comfortable, versatile fit.

The limited edition Space Capsule range is now available for purchase directly from Scicon Sports.

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Double Award for Continental Tires Made From Dandelion Rubber
● Red Dot Design Award for Urban Taraxagum – bicycle tires made from dandelion rubber
● Magazine “Focus e-bike” distinguishes Urban Taraxagum in the “Sustainability & Green” category
● Bicycle tires made from dandelion rubber available in-store

The Urban Taraxagum bicycle tire from Continental is impressive on two fronts: the tire made from dandelion rubber has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award and was recently awarded the E-Bike Design & Innovation Award in the Sustainability & Green category by the magazine Focus E-Bike (, March 21, 2020). While the Red Dot Award is awarded for the design of the tread of the tire, which is based on the cell shape of the dandelion, Focus E-Bike has commended the sustainability of rubber extraction from dandelions.

“We are delighted about the two awards,” says Thomas Falke, Head of Continental’s business unit Two-Wheel Tires. “They reflect the particularly successful design and sustainability of our ‘Urban Taraxagum’ bicycle tire. In this way, our unique product made in Korbach is actively contributing to environmentally-friendly mobility and thus to greater sustainability.”

“Our dandelion rubber tires are an important part of our extensive sustainability activities and of the ambitious goal of making our products and production processes as well as our research and development even more sustainable,” adds Claus Petschick, Head of Sustainability in Continental’s Tires business area. “Our efforts to cease importing the important rubber material from the tropics, and instead to manufacture it as close as possible to our tire plants, will make a significant contribution.”

As far back as March, the ‘Dandelion Bicycle Tire’ was recognized with the IF Taipei Cycle d&i Gold Award and last year with the sustainability award from the e-bike manufacturer Accell Group. In the future, Continental’s long-term Taraxagum project will be to supply natural rubber from dandelion plants, which can be used for the production of two-wheel, passenger car or commercial vehicle tires as well as other vehicle parts made of natural rubber. Continental has already produced the first test tires for passenger cars and trucks. The Urban Taraxagum bicycle tire is the first production tire to be manufactured using natural rubber from the dandelion plant. The tire has been produced in the Continental bicycle tire plant in Korbach in the German state of Hesse for two years and is available both in-store and online. Further information on the project can be found at

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH would like to thank the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture for their support based on a decision of the German Bundestag, and the European Union for its support from the operational program of the European Regional Development Fund in the funding period 2014-2020.

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