Gear Break: Rapha Glasses, fizik Saddles, Campagnolo Wheels, Sagan Collection, KASK & Badger Fanwear

Gear Break: It’s Friday and time for another look at what’s new on the cycling market: Pro Team Full Frame glasses by Rapha, fizik expands its Adaptive Line with two new options, Campagnolo new Shamal Carbon disk brake wheels, Specialized Sagan collection, the new KASK Mojito³ and Bernard Hinault Tour de France fanwear pack.

Rapha Pro Team Full Frame Glasses – $165US

Rapha is back in the eyewear category after a couple years, with 4 new frame models in the line with updated looks and some new technology – completely replacing what they’d offered a couple years back.   Aside from one casual model called “Classic” which has a sort of Wayfarer shape, the rest of the line is performance based and on trend with current large coverage lenses.

As the “designed for search engines” moniker suggests, the Pro Team Full Frame glasses, deliver some solid functionality, but with the added bonus of a stylish package.

The frames are made of Grilamid TR90 material – oft used in today’s better performance eyewear because it’s light and strong, resistant to temperature changes, very clear and easy to add color to.

My testers have a flat black finish that fades to clear through a slight band of blue, before connecting to a flexible rubberized type ear piece that grips without pinching.

These grips are made of MEGOL – which is actually a thing.  According to, Megol “provides a wide range of optimum cold and hot elasticity, UV and thermal aging resistance, low emissions and low fogging, a large processing window, a great look, excellent soft-touch properties, and a good compression set.”

Probably my favorite glasses ever were a set of Briko Stingers I owned back in the ’90s – which after a couple seasons became unwearable when the rubber grippers deteriorated to a sticky gooey mess.  So I’m keen to see how this Megol delivers in the long term.

The rest of the frame is solid and rigid, which is exactly what I want to protect my face. My testers tickled the digital scale between 29-30 grams, which makes them light enough that I will never complain about the weight.

Venting is handled by two slots cut into the top of the lens, and a space between the lens and frame at the outside edges.  The shape is a full frame wrap around, but not bendable or adjustable.  The nose piece pulls off and the set comes with a second differently sized nose gripper to allow for some fit to different sized faces.

The frames come with two lenses – one of color depending on what you choose, and one clear.  The full wrap shape offered me unimpeded vision in all directions, and sat securely on my face and worked well over my helmet straps.

A new technology offered here and proprietary to Rapha is their Rider Optimized Surface Enhancement which gives the lenses a consistent tint that works across a wide array of light conditions.

During my test period I only had sunny days, so can’t offer much of an opinion of this functionality yet, but I can say that in sunny conditions the clarity of the lens was notable, as was the color which offered a soothing brown tint to my field of vision.

• Available at and Rapha clubhouses.


fizik Expands its Adaptive Line with Two New Options and All-Black Aesthetic
The Antares Versus Evo R1 and R3 Adaptive saddles deliver long-lasting, lightweight comfort to every ride

Back in Black- Antares Versus Evo R1 and R3 Adaptive Saddles are here from fi’zi:k official on Vimeo.

Following the enthusiastic reception of the groundbreaking launch of its first 3D-printed saddle earlier this year, fizik expands its Adaptive line with two new options and an all-black aesthetic in the Antares Versus Evo R1 and R3 Adaptive.

New to the Adaptive range, the Antares Versus Evo R1 and R3 saddles benefit from the same revolutionary 3D-printed zonal cushioning system, joined to a more ride-compliant carbon-reinforced nylon shell, with a choice of either lightweight carbon or Kium rail systems. And this time, both saddles come all-black, ready to match almost any bike’s colorway.

Named for the way in which the saddle is programmed and printed to ergonomically adjust across its surface, Adaptive uses a groundbreaking new engineering practise known as Digital Light Synthesis technology. DLS is an additive manufacturing process that utilizes digital ultraviolet light projection, oxygen-permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to create zonal cushioning – a variable support network that provides improved comfort, weight savings and performance.

This new, more subtle colorway answers calls from fizik fans and provides a bold upgrade for road riders wanting to benefit from the revolutionary Adaptive saddle.

The Antares Versus Evo R1 and R3 Adaptive are available now at

● Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive – 139mm – $299.99, £299.99, €299.00
● Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive – 149mm – $299.99, £299.99, €299.00
● Antares Versus Evo R3 Adaptive – 139mm – $249.99, £249.99, €249.00
● Antares Versus Evo R3 Adaptive – 149mm – $249.99, £249.99, €249.00

Campagnolo New Shamal Carbon DB: A Myth Redesigned

The first Campagnolo wheel dedicated to endurance that breaks the mould and looks to the future, carrying with it the strength of the name it has inherited: Shamal.

It will be a fiery summer for the more demanding cyclists seeking to challenge the roads with these new Campagnolo wheels, as hot as the wind that gives them their name. Shamal represents innovation and advanced research since 1992 when with this wheel the company introduced the high-profile rim concept to the world of bicycle racing. This further restyling features an identical approach aimed at improving the cyclist’s performance during the long hours spent in the saddle and at providing comfort and manageability in any conditions. This is the first wheel Campagnolo has dedicated to endurance, with a wider internal rim capable of accommodating bigger tires to make sure that the cyclist enjoys maximum comfort when racing and on longer rides.

The rim’s profile, with a 21 mm internal rim width, perfectly couples with 25, 28 and 30 mm tires and makes this wheel the perfect allrounder, even suited for a greater choice of tires that are ideal for varied gravel terrain. Thanks to the 2-Way Fit technology, Campagnolo guarantees total compatibility with either clincher or tubeless tires. The use of Campagnolo’s patented MoMag technology ensures there are no holes in the bridge connector which translates into lighter weight, an increase in rigidity and today also easier use of tubeless tires because no rim tape is needed. Tire maintenance and cleaning when changing them has never been simpler.

Another new feature is the rim’s profile made of unidirectional High Modulus carbon and the differentiated front/rear rim profile height: 40mm at the rear to ensure maximum reactivity and total power transfer, 35mm at the front to ensure the most confident control possible. The rim is unpainted, a fact that highlights the top quality of the craftsmanship and of the materials employed. The wheel is completed by the new aluminium hubs with a cup-and-cone bearing system that is very light and high performing. This choice offers greater smoothness and allows easy adjustability of the bearings, thereby reducing any play between ball bearings and cones and therefore ensuring extreme functional precision and long-lasting performance. It is also possible to purchase a kit for replacing the bearings by choosing the top-end USB and CULT ranges. Reliability – a key element in worry-free cycling – is guaranteed by the wheel’s engineering and the G3 spoke lacing pattern, a Campagnolo patented feature that provides well-balanced and safe breaking in any terrain condition.

The Shamal Carbon Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialist Campagnolo technician and is checked 100% with electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures maximum performance and reliability.

Shamal Carbon Disc Brake: an iconic wheel that has been upgraded without altering its hot and unremitting spirit, like that of the wind it is named after.
Available versions: Dark label, Campagnolo N3W™ freewheel body, Shimano HG™, Sram XDR™
Availability: immediate – some limitations in some countries due to COVID-19 emergency conditions
Weight: 1.585 g
Discipline: Road
Height: 35 front/40 rear mm
Class: C21
Tyre Type: Clincher, tubeless, tubeless ready
Rim Finish: UD carbon fibre (unpainted)
Rim Diameter: 28” – 700C
Tyre Compatibility: 25mm, 28mm up to 65mm for gravel
External Width:28,1mm
Spokes: 24 – G3 spoke pattern, double-butted round cross-section
Hubs: Black aluminium monolithic hub – cup-and-cone bearing system – Hub edge: 100 mm in the front, 142 mm in the rear – Aluminium axle – Campagnolo N3W™, Shimano HG™, Sram XDR™ freewheel body
Nipples: aluminium, black, self-locking
Weight Limit: 120 kg (cyclist+bike+equipment)
Price: 1.299€ – 1.111£ – 1.475US$ (Campagnolo N3W™ freewheel body)
● More information at:

Specialized Sagan Collection: Deconstructivism

Destruction is the yin to creation’s yang. In road racing, creating victory demands destruction of your rival’s hopes and dreams. But it begins much earlier than that, with the destruction of your own limits, and no one understands this better than Peter Sagan–cycling’s ultimate deconstructivist.

“Deconstructivism literally translates to the breaking down, or demolishing of a constructed structure, whether it being for structural reasons or just an act of rebellion. Peter Sagan is the deconstructivist rebel that contemporary professional cycling needs.” Erik Nohlin, Design Leader Equipment.

We are proud to present Deconstructivism–the fourth collection of bikes and apparel with legendary sprinter Peter Sagan. This year’s collection has expanded to include a number of new pieces not only on the apparel front, but also with the bikes themselves. Complementing the race offering of the Tarmac SL7, the Roubaix has also received the shimmering Deconstructivism paint treatment.

“Deconstructing something is the unleashing of the infinite possibilities of playing around with the color, forms and volumes within this Deconstructivism Collection.” Kayla Clarot, Principle Concept Designer.

We took the rainbow jersey and smashed its color bars apart, just as the rider himself has smashed the competition in three of his attempts at the World Championship Road Race title and Tour de France Green Jersey. What looks to be almost black–an absence of color–is actually a dark, chameleon green.

These deceptively black framesets are hiding their true intentions until caught in the spotlight. In the sunlight, these paint schemes explode in a shower of shimmering green, a nod to Sagan’s record-setting seven Green Jersey titles.

However, the SL7 and Allez Sprint Frameset are just two parts of the collection. There is a complete Tarmac SL7, as well as a complete Roubaix that both deconstruct the colors of the rainbow jersey. From yellow to green and from red to blue, each one returns to the colorful bars of the World Champion and attempts to break them down into their respective parts. A smashing and blending and then rebuilding of that rainbow.

Another new addition to the growing repertoire of bikes to receive the Sagan Collection treatment, the Roubaix frame fades from the other end of the spectrum. Red to blue makes for a fantastic dark purple when the light hits it the right way.

It is not just the bikes that are receiving these undeniable pops of color. Riders will have the opportunity to fully outfit themselves with “Why So Serious?” Apparel from the Sagan Collection. The P/S that is emblazoned on the SL apparel, cap, and socks is not a post-script afterthought, it is the culmination of a year-long collaboration with our favorite sprinter. The Equipment side of things has all received the treatment as well, with shimmering S-Works 7 shoes and Evade helmets that fade in the colors from front to back sitting alongside the Rib Cage II and the bottles that go in it. Everything has been considered.

Everything you see here has been designed to set the Deconstructivism Collection apart from the crowd and allow you to create your own look with the best performing gear in the world, inspired by an icon from the sport. Which color are you?

● Check out more of the collection HERE.

A Cycling Icon Reloaded: Introducing the New KASK Mojito³
Building on the success of the popular Mojito X, the new Mojito³ offers a super-secure Octo Fit retention system, added comfort and a sleek new design.

Multi-award winning cycling helmet manufacturer KASK today announces the launch of its brand new Mojito³ helmet. Replacing the popular Mojito X model, the Mojito³ builds on the strengths of its predecessor, offering commuters, e-bikers and enthusiast road riders alike an attractive and affordable helmet that doesn’t compromise on safety.

Form and function with the perfect fit
Beyond a striking aesthetic – with its iconic tail, signature front lines and classic rounded lower shell – when it comes to functionality, the Mojito³ doesn’t pull any punches. The KASK-exclusive Blue Tech material used in the helmet’s internal padding not only provides superior comfort, but also wicks away excess sweat and eliminates skin irritation to keep the rider’s head cool, dry and comfortable. The helmet’s updated design optimises ventilation, providing larger vents to further increase airflow.

Going further to ensure true comfort, the Mojito³ uses KASK’s exclusive ergonomic Octo Fit head retention system. Octo Fit enables the rider to fine tune the helmet’s position on the head, adjusting precisely to fit. The new Mojito³ weighs just 230g (Medium size) and features reflective detailing for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions; something every rider will appreciate.

This perfect fit, ventilation, low weight and high visibility is packaged into an attractive and contemporary design that offers the rider both form and function.

Mojito³ in Orange Fluo – one of six colourways available.

Supreme safety
Any rider should have unwavering confidence in their helmet to provide protection when they need it most, and the new Mojito³ does not disappoint. Since its inception in 2004, KASK has maintained the highest standards in safety testing for each and every model that has been produced. The Mojito³ is no different, and surpasses the European safety certification requirements by a considerable 48%. Safer than ever, the new Mojito³ is WG 11 certified and ensures up to 32% improvement on rear impact, up to 25% improvement on frontal impact and up to 12% improvement on top impact, in comparison to its Mojito X predecessor.

Mojito³ in Grey – one of six colourways available.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Italy, the Mojito³ is priced at £130 / £140 (matt) / €134 / €144 (matt) / $199 (both matt and non-matt) MSRP and is now available to purchase from selected KASK dealerships worldwide (excluding Australia, where the helmet will release in October). The helmet is available in three sizes – Small (50-56cm), Medium (52-58cm) and Large (59-62cm) – in six colorways: Black Matt, Yellow Fluo, Orange Fluo, White, Black and Grey.

● Find out more about the KASK Mojito³ here.

Bernard “The Badger” Hinault Tour de France Pack “Tant Que Je Respire, J’Attaque”

Le Coq Sportif is following up the BBR capsule with a tribute to Bernard Hinault, one of the greatest champions the Tour de France has ever seen. Its black and yellow design, based on the colours of his old team, and the quote “tant que je respire, j’attaque” (As long as I breathe, I attack) make this collection a celebration of the best of the Tour de France.

Five-time Tour de France winner (1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1985) Bernard Hinault came to epitomise aggressive riding, honour and ambition in cycling. A champion whose legend transcends generations, he was nicknamed “the Badger” for his competitive spirit and thirst for victory. Bernard Hinault was not just one of the greatest champions in the history of the sport, but first and foremost a “companion” on the road and a “friend” on the bicycle for the cyclists who rode alongside him as well as the fans who followed and idolised him throughout his epic career.

These are the values and philosophy that inspired Le Coq Sportif to create the “Bernard Hinault” clothing collection. The pack is more than just a celebration of the rider —it chronicles the story that unites the Breton champion, the brand and the Tour de France.

Le Coq Sportif wants to honour the panache, ardour and passion of the Badger, but also to commemorate his old team with the iconic black and yellow diagonal stripes on all the pieces that make up the collection. The quote “TANT QUE JE RESPIRE, J’ATTAQUE” appears on the front in reference to Hinault’s grit and determination in every race he entered.

Like the first capsule, the BBR pack unveiled in July, the Bernard Hinault collection is made up of essential pieces for every cyclist:

● a high-performance jersey for bicycle outings that combines polyester and elastane for increased elasticity, better aerodynamics and a high-tech fabric; and
● a white cotton T-shirt, a flannel crew sweatshirt and a cap for everyday use.
● There is a label with the text “LE TOUR DE FRANCE DEPUIS 1903 — LE COQ SPORTIF” on the inside of each piece.

“I have always believed that anything can happen until you cross the finish line. This is the basis for this quote, which has become part of who I am. Every jersey I wore is a treasure trove of incredible memories and experiences. The jersey that inspired this new capsule from Le Coq Sportif reminds me of my greatest victories in the Tour, especially the first one, which was one of those that really marked my career.” Bernard Hinault on the pack.

The “Bernard ‘The Badger’ Hinault” pack is available from Le Coq Sportif shops, online from, on the Tour de France e-shop and in specialised partner shops in France and abroad.

Product List:
● Cycling Jersey: 2011070
● TDF 2020 Fanwear Tee SS NO. 4 M — 2011071
● TDF 2020 Fanwear Crew Sweat — 2011074
● TDF Cycling Cap B.H — 2011253
● More information on

Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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