Inside the PEZ Home Workshop

Video Tour

VIDEO Tour: Here’s my first video tour of inside the PezCyclingNews home bike shop, where I show you how I set up my own workshop inside my garage for basic to advanced road bike maintenance, and some of the tools and gear I use.

Links to Videos referenced in this video:
• How to Remove a Stripped Torx Screw:
• I Cut My OttoLock:
• See my Motocross movie from 1978 here:
• Feedback Sports Sprint Workstand review:

Finds links to my gear at the bottom.

My toolbox from the 1970’s – where my home workshop started.

That’s me – #5, circa 1978, about to crash in the 2nd turn.

My current centre piece of the home workshop – a lot more functional than the ol’ toolbox.

The big-ass crescent wrench has many uses.

Where to Buy Gear links
• Leaf Blower:
• Shop Stool:
• Small Tool box:
• Medium Tool box:
• Work Bench:

• Feedback Sports Bike Work Stand:
• Park Tools bike work stand:
• Shop Vice:
• Files:
• Crescent wrench set:

• Milwaulkee Drill Bits:
• Socket Wrench set:
• Muc-Off 8 In 1 Bike Cleaning Kit:
• Monkey Butt Talcum Powder:
• Hand Wipes:

• Shop Towels:
• Handlebar Cutting Guide:
• Pipe Cutting Tool:
• Feedback Sports T-Handle Allen key and Torx set:
• Metal Snippers:

• Drawer Organizers:
• Sharpie Markers:
• Electrical tape:
• Rubber Mallet Hammer:
• Pedros Tire Levers:

• Motorex Grease:
• WD-40:
• Cardboard Storage Boxes:

I shot this using:
• GoPro Hero 7:
• Sony a6000 Camera:
• K-Edge Wahoo Element Bolt Mount:
• Wahoo Element Bolt:

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