NAHBS ’17 Part 2: No. 22 And Ceramic Speed

NAHBS 2017, Salt Lake City: In Part 2 of Nic Sims’ review of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, he looks at the offerings from the No. 22 Bicycle Company and Ceramic Speed OSPW System. You can see Part 1: Allied Cycle Works HERE.

– By Nic Sims –

No.22 Bicycle Company at NAHBS
In their own words “No. 22 Bicycle Company was born out of a desire to strike equilibrium between enjoyment and performance. We build bicycles for the rider who appreciates perfectly tuned ride quality as much as stiffness and low weight—the rider who loves to ride for riding’s sake.” I would agree that we ride for the main reason it’s fun all the technology and materials that we see and use are all just bonuses. 22 Bicycle Company is comprised from a small passionate group some of whom came from the Serotta. Which means when it comes to working with Titanium there is no better group of people and when you see the bikes up close, it’s evident. There is a reason last year at NAHBS these guys won the award for best cyclocross bike. These are just a few of the reasons.

1. Bespoke cast Ti seat collar on Reactor, Aurora.

2. Tubes are butted by turning them down on a lathe so you get a very consistent and controlled taper and butte.
3. Frames have a tube for internal routing which as a mechanic is a god send, no more hoping for a cable to pop out the right hole or playing around with magnets.
4. Tapered head tubes on the Reactor and Aurora are turned from a solid block of billet Ti.

5. Bikes with removable hangers use a breakaway bolt instead of a breakaway hanger.

6. The big one is they are beautiful works of art and worth every penny.

Check out the image gallery and their website for more info

Image Gallery:

Ceramic Speed OSPW System
One of the other new things at NAHBS this year came from Ceramic Speed, a company founded in Denmark and used by a lot of Pro Tour teams. If it’s a little extra speed you need, less friction and lightweight Ceramic Speed is the answer but it comes at a price. They launched last year the worlds first hollow printed titanium regular pulley wheels and this year they have their OSPW system or Oversized Pulley Wheel system that includes carbon cage. What make this so special is it utilizes 3D printed Titanium, you can see from the photos they are also hollow and according to Ceramic Speed you can expect them to last a while which for $1700 they should, If you find it hard to get your better half to agree to $1700 they do offer a machined Alloy pulley wheel version for $500. Check out their website for more info

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