Shave Off: Harry’s Winston VS Schick Hydro 5

What's the Best Leg Shaver?

What’s the best razor to shave your legs for cycling? I shaved one leg with the Harry’s Winston razor, and my other leg with the Schick Hydro 5 to see which of these 5 bladed razors did a better job on getting my legs clean smooth and knick-free for cycling.

Watch the full video here or click PLAY below – you might learn a thing or two about these razors and  leg shaving – and then check out the PEZ Youtube channel here.

The Harry’s Winston comes in a neatly packaged cardboard box, and I liked the eco-friendly lack of plastics and glue.  I also liked the smarty-pants use of interior and other spaces to plant various marketing-minded messages.

Of course they’re trying to get you to buy more (and if you’re so inclined, I have shop links at the bottom) – but at least they’re clever and somewhat entertaining in their messaging.

The Schick Hydro 5 comes packaged in plastic, while the blades come inside small plastic containers inside a small cardboard box.  Marketing messaging from the big-brand boys  is lacking in its creativity.

Both razors are 5-bladed, which I discovered a few years ago and have never stopped using.   Both also use a lubricating strip – I found the Schick outperformed the Harry’s here, offering a smoother slipperier glide over my skin.

Harry’s head flexes on a bendy neck, while the Schick pivots on a hinge – offering better full-blade contact to the contours of faces and in this case… legs.

On the other side of the razor is a single blade that’s useful for trimming beard edges under the neck or nose – The Harry’s version worked much better than the Schick – you’ll see why in the video.

During my leg shave off – I found both razors clogged after 3-4 strokes, requiring a solid rinse under the tap.

For my comparison, I started with both legs unshaven for a couple of weeks, so the hair growth was considerably more than I’d normally allow in a summer season.  But then – longer hair also makes for a more definitive visual in the video.

While my experience was admittedly pretty subjective, I did try to add some objectivity to the experiment by ensuring both blades were brand new, and that my legs were lubricated with the same shave stick, and that the hair on my legs was of even length.

This shave off did not account for multiple uses of the blades either.  Both blades performed well enough, although I did manage to cut myself wth the Harry’s.  Over the long term, I’ve found the Schick Hydro 5 blades hold their sharpness longer than Harry’s, and I like the mobility of the pivot head design on the Schick.

Ultimately I use both when shaving my face, but prefer the Schick for my legs.

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• Click straight to the video here.

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