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Hello 2011: Let’s Get Personal

The internet – a bunch of wires, signals, bits and bytes that's often accused of pushing people away from each other and into their own little ‘cyber-worlds’. But like everything else, it really depends on what you do with it…

Comment: The New Lance

The absolute coolest moment of the 2009 Nevada City Bicycle Classic was seeing a kid slap five with Lance Armstrong. Toward the end of the race, a slightly bored kid across the course from me began high-fiving riders. Lance, of course, maintained a laser-like focus, ignoring everything in his path – the crowd, the cow bells, the effort, the kid. He even ignored riders as he passed them going uphill – like he was a freight train with a tail wind and they were riding in mud.

Comment: Gila Readers Respond

There’s nothing like a bone of contention – no matter what size – to inspire emails from the valiant PEZ-Fandom. And that’s just what Mike Schatzman’s comment on Astana’s participation at Gila did, although we took cover under the veritable barrage of digitized dialogue. Here’s just a sampling of what readers said…

Comment: Doping Celebrities Caught!

It seems that over the past few years the biggest stars in Cycling have come under scrutiny for doping… While that's certainly proving itself out, the larger problem for the sport may just be that doping is now the celebrity.

Comment: Why Change SanRemo?

Why is it that every year, just before and just after Milan San Remo, we hear from lots of people (almost never sprinters) that Milan-San Remo needs changing? MSR isn’t too easy. MSR doesn’t need more Cote’s or Bergs or a new “Muur de San Remo”. Instead, the guys calling for a harder race just need sprinters’ legs.

Comment: Show Us Your Bald Spot

You almost have to feel for Roberto Heras. The same day Heras gets a two-year suspension for doping, a pro hockey player stickhandled his way out of the penalty box. Having tested positive for a banned masking agent found in the hair-loss drug Propecia, Jose Theodore is pleading his innocence on the basis that he has been taking the hair loss treatment for years.