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EUROTRASH Time Trial Thursday!

The time trial World championships are over and we move onto the road races at the week-end, but in EuroTrash we have all the results, rider quotes, photos and video from the last three days. Kiryienka a surprise? Plus; contract news, Paris-Tours, new bikes for Team Novo Nordisk and a Mark Cavendish update. It’s not a sprint, more of a solo break.

TOP STORY: Kiryienka, A Surprise?
Everyone is saying how surprised they are over Vasil Kiryienka winning the men’s World time trial championships and at first it is what most of us thought. But look at the facts: This year he has won his National time trial championships (for the fourth time), European Games time trial and stage 14 (ITT) Giro d’Italia. Last year he was 4th in the Worlds ITT and in 2012 and 2013 he was 3rd. You can add other time trial stage wins and many track victories to his name and you have a man who can ride very fast. Since turning Pro he has ridden for Tinkoff, Movistar and Sky and has always been used as the work-horse, who has a chance in the time trial. His past achievement are not so different from Bradley Wiggins, although his weight maybe a problem, it would be interesting to see what he could do if a team backed him instead of working him into the ground.

He needs to work on the ‘pain face’ though:
WK in Richmond, USA - men elite TT 2015

World Championships 2015
The Men’s Individual Time Trial brought the curtain down on the battle against the clock section of the Richmond World championships and for many it was a surprise winner of the time trial rainbow jersey – Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus. His time for the 53.5km course was 1:02:29, 9 seconds ahead of Italy’s Adriano Malori and 27 seconds faster than France’s Jerome Coppel. The Belarus champion was the fastest at all the time checks on his way to the victory.

Adriano Malori has had a successful season and his ride was expected, up to a point. He started slowly and was only 8th at the first check, but was 2nd behind Kiryienka all the way to the finish. Jerome Coppel also started slowly to move into 3rd place, finishing 3 seconds ahead of Spain’s Jonathan Nicolas Castroviejo.

It wasn’t a day for the favorites as Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands) finished 5th at 1:01 and three-time World Champion, Tony Martin (Germany) was 7th at 1:17. Rohan Dennis (Australia) was riding well, but a bike change ruined his race and he finished 6th at 1:08. The home riders; Taylor Phinney and Lawson Craddock finished in 12th and 22nd places.

Read the full race report HERE.

WK in Richmond, USA - men elite TT 2015

World Champion, Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus): “I knew it was a good course for me – it’s the kind of course that suits me. Of course Fabian Cancellara, and Bradley Wiggins were not here, but all of the other great time trial riders were here today. I think the level was very high, and it’s of course great to win. For sure Tony Martin and Tom Dumoulin were the favorites today, but also we have difficulty comparing the last results. Adriano was close to me so it was good for him, but today was my day. This year I was not in the Tour de France because I was tired from the first part of the season, the last race before I came here was the Vuelta. I actually have to thank my team. They gave me the chance in the Vuelta to not just work for the leaders, but thinking ahead to today for the World Championship. They told me that this could be my year, they had the sense that this could be my chance to be the place where Bradley Wiggins was last year. I had the splits along the way, and that was important, but it was a race against myself. I knew the splits, but I knew from the beginning that I was feeling very well, and riding very well.”

2nd, Adriano Malori (Italy): “I really got on my top speed well from very early into the race, and was able to increase it bit by bit through the route until the end. I gave really everything I got, but it wasn’t enough to beat Kiryienka. Probably the final slope was more suited to the Belarusian than me, since he was even trailing on the GPS reference into the flat section before. Still, it has no use to complain after this – I remain really happy with this second place, which gives me a lot of confidence for big races coming in the next years. It’s even more important to end a drought like this for Italy, 21 years without a rider on the ITT Worlds podium.”

3rd, Jerome Coppel (France): “Before the start it was not in my mind to be on the podium. I wanted to maybe be in the top 10, but I had really good sensations from the very beginning. Riders like Tony Martin and Tom Dumoulin were not on such a good day. In cycling you also need to be lucky and that was the case for me today.”

6th, Rohan Dennis (Australia): “I had a puncture with about 25km to go. It sucks but you can’t do much about it. You just have to move on. Usually you lose 20 to 30 seconds. Kiryienka was on an absolute blinder. Maybe I could have been in the medals, but that’s the way it goes. But Tony Martin just came in behind me, so coming in faster than him is a big achievement. He’s the benchmark in time trials.”

World Men’s Individual Time Trial Result:
1. Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) in 1:02:29
2. Adriano Malori (Italy) at 0:09
3. Jerome Coppel (France) at 0:27
4. Jonathan Nicolas Castroviejo (Spain) at 0:30
5. Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands) at 1:01
6. Rohan Dennis (Australia) at 1:08
7. Tony Martin (Germany) at 1:17
8. Marcin Bialoblocki (Poland) at 1:22
9. Maciej Bodnar (Poland) at 1:17
10. Moreno Moser (Italy) at 1:32.

Men’s ITT:

New Zealand’s Linda Villumsen won the Women’s Time Trial on Tuesday in Richmond with a time of 40:30 ahead of Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) by 3 seconds and last years champion, Lisa Brennauer (Germany) by 5 seconds. Kristin Armstrong (USA) was first to finish and her time of 40:50 looked like it would give the 42 year-old the title. Had the weather conditions not changed for the final group of riders she would have taken her third TT World championships. Katrin Garfoot (Australia) was first to beat her with 40:39, then Villumsen, Van Der Breggen and Brennauer.

Van der Breggen ran Villumsen close, she had the fastest time at the 1st check but slowed by 2.54 seconds at the end. Brennauer, started slower, 6th at the 1st check, but she lifted her speed to get to within 2 seconds of Van Der Breggen and 5 of Villimsen for the Bronze medal.

Read the full race report HERE.

WK in Richmond - women elite TT 2015

World Champion, Linda Villumsen (New Zealand): “I was so used to being second, third, fourth or fifth, It was a day where everything played out my way. I started to believe in it about halfway through, even though I didn’t have any split times and I didn’t know what was going on behind me. I just gave it what I could and felt really good all the way. I thought maybe this is my day. I arrived there, and Armstrong was there. Kirstin is a person I look up to and have for many years, so being ahead of her was quite a special feeling. Every minute is a very long minute. Just sitting there waiting for everyone to finish was very hard. I don’t know what the conditions were for the starters,” Villumsen said. “It’s always tricky in a time trial, especially when we’re sent off in heats. The temperature and wind, the weather conditions can change. Last year a couple of us got rained on in the end. You never know. It’s part of the time trial, I guess. I had a very different year, I wanted to try something new and maybe get my motivation back high. Racing in an American team has been really good for me. I’ve really enjoyed it. For the time trial, a criterium is the same as a time trial, it’s maximum for an hour. Maybe that’s given me that last bit of top speed that I was missing.”

2nd, Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands): “I was pretty motivated after Sunday’s race. I had a medal in my pocket, and it was a good start for the week of the world championships. I was pretty confident. I tried to take some things with me mentally from the team time trial. Especially for this last climb. In my opinion, that was the tricky bit, you can lose so much on this last stretch across the finish. I tried not to over-pace it – that’s something I took from the team time trial – you have to have enough to give for the last final long straight to the finish.”

3rd, Lisa Brennauer (Germany): “In the past years, especially last year, it was my big strength to do a good final, I think that’s what I showed today as well. I like the long time trials. The distance suited me a lot today. I could show a good final again. You could see it this morning with the juniors, I think it was the guy who was second who gained a lot of time in the end as well. Everything was still possible, so I tried to stay with my strategy and concentrate on my race and not focus too much on the other girls’ split times.”

World Women’s Individual Time Trial Result:
1. Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) in 40:30
2. Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) at 0:03
3. Lisa Brennauer (Germany) at 0:05
4. Katrin Garfoot (Australia) at 0:09
5. Kristin Armstrong (USA) at 0:21
6. Evelyn Stevens (USA) at 0:27
7. Ellen Van Dijk (Netherlands) at 0:55
8. Alena Amialiusik (Belarus) at 1:06
9. Ann-Sofie Duyck (Belgium) at 1:19
10. Trixi Worrack (Germany) at 1:19.

Women’s ITT race:

Mads Schmidt (Denmark) started early and missed the shower of rain that affected the last group of starters in the Men’s U23 Time Trial which possibly helped him take the title. Second was Maximillian Schachmann (Germany) who started 6 minutes after the Dane and also gained advantage. Big losers were Ryan Mullen (Ireland), Steven Lammertink (Netherlands) and Lennard Kamna (Germany) who as last starters lost the most. Kamna didn’t give up and rode the race of his life to take the bottom step of the podium. Mullen and Lammertink both finished outside the top ten.

Canada’s Sean MacKinnon was an early leader, but Gregory Daniel (USA) knocked him of the hot seat before Schmidt set the top time for the day followed by Schachmann. As the fourth group began to roll down the ramp, the rain started to fall and the wind began to pick up.

WK in Richmond - men Under 23 TT 2015

Under 23 World Champion, Mads Schmidt (Denmark): “This means everything. This year I have done a little extra in my training and my preparation, so it’s just, I can’t believe what I’ve achieved. I knew the course pretty well. Nothing surprised me. I had all the corners in my head, and I knew how to do it and when to push hard. I had a good plan and I stuck to it and I won in the end. I’ve done a lot of special training, and in the headwind back from the bridge it was important to do good. I went into my aero position and just went full gas everytime, so that’s how we won.”

Full race report HERE.

World Under 23 Men’s Individual Time Trial Result:
1. Mads Wurtz Schmidt (Denmark) in 37:10
2. Maximilian Schachmann (Germany) at 0:13
3. Lennard Kamna (Germany) at 0:21
4. Truls Engen Korsaeth (Norway) at 0:37
5. Owain Doull (Great Britain)
6. James Oram (New Zealand) at 0:38
7. Miles Scotson (Australia) at 0:41
8. Thery Schir (Switzerland) at 0:42
9. Marlen Zmorka (Ukraine) at 0:43
10. Daniel Eaton (USA) at 0:44.

Under 23 men’s race:

Germany’s Leo Appelt posted the fastest time in the Junior Men’s Time Trial at the World Championships on Tuesday. His time of 37:45 beat the US teammates; Adrien Costa at 17 seconds and Brandon McNulty at 59 seconds.

Appelt was the fastest rider at the all the time checks with an average speed of 47.68kph. McNulty was the second fastest at the intermediate mark and looked safe for the silver medal until his teammate Costa rode a very strong second half of the race, to leap-frog McNulty. South African Keagan Girdlestone had been a danger through-out, but in the end was 8 seconds off the bronze medal.

1st, Leo Appelt (Germany): “I still can’t believe it, I just did my own race, and I was also surprised. There’s no pressure, I can relax for the road race.”

World Junior Men’s Individual Time Trial Result:
1. Leo Appelt (Germany) in 37:45.01
2. Adrien Costa (USA) at 0:17.22
3. Brandon McNulty (USA) at 0:59.74
4. Keagan Girdlestone (South Africa) at 1:07.73
5. Gino Mader (Switzerland) at 1:11.38
6. Jasper Philipsen (Belgium) at 1:22.48
7. Niklas Larsen (Denmark) at 1:34.70
8. Tobias Foss (Norway) at 1:35.73
9. Ilya Gorbushin (Kazakhstan) at 1:52.67
10. Alexys Brunel (France) at 1:52.82.

WK in Richmond - men juniors TT 2015

Chloe Dygert (USA) won the first home gold medal at the World Championships in the Junior Women’s Time Trial on Monday. Her teammate Emma White took second at 1:06 and Anna-Leeza Hull (Australia) the bronze medal like last year. This was Dygert first appearance at the World Champs due to a basketball injury.

Dygert was an early starter on the 15 kilometer course and avoided the wind that came up later. Her time of 20:18:47 put her in the hot seat for a long wait. All the riders had come through the 1st check point and Dygert was still the fastest as White, in 2nd place was at 12 seconds. Those 12 seconds became more than a minute by the finish. Third placed Hull started slowly and was only 7th at the time check, but lifter her speed in the more technical section. Pernille Mathiesen (Denmark) was holding third place but Hull’s fast finish pushed her down to 4th.

WK in Richmond - women juniores TT 2015

World Champion, Chloe Dygert (USA): “I’m happy with what I was able to do. It was a miserable ride, but I did it. I couldn’t have done it without all the support from my friends and family. I’m a power climber, so the short bursts of wind, I was able to pull through those. Having Ina back in the car was a big help.”

2nd, Emma White (USA): “It’s amazing and it feels even better to know my teammate was first. It’s a really successful day, I’ve been working really hard this season. I was fifth last year and I was hoping to move up. It’s not real until it actually happens, so I’m really happy today.”

3rd, Anna-Leeza Hull (Australia): “I loved the end, the technical section and the hill really suited me. I had to bring it home, and I knew that’s where I’d make up a lot of time if I wanted to podium. I worked really hard, coming into this race is probably the best-ever preparation I’ve had in handling my performance anxiety, I couldn’t be happier with today.”

World Junior Women’s Individual Time Trial Result:
1. Chloe Dygert (USA) in 20:18
2. Emma White (USA) at 1:06
3. Anna-Leeza Hull (Australia) at 1:26
4. Pernille Mathiesen (Denmark) at 1:30
5. Juliette Labous (France) at 1:36
6. Aafke Soet (Netherlands) at 1:41
7. Daria Pikulik (Poland)
8. Gillian Ellsay (Canada) at 1:45
9. Agnieszka Skalniak (Poland) at 1:47
10. Emeliah Harvie (Canada) at 1:49.

WK in Richmond - women juniores TT 2015

BMC Racing Team Adds Floris Gerts For 2016
Floris Gerts, a stagiaire this year for the BMC Racing Team, will be part of the BMC Racing Team in 2016, President/General Manager Jim Ochowicz announced Monday.

Ochowicz said the 23-year-old Dutchman is a promising classics specialist who has shown his potential while riding for the BMC Racing Team since last month.

“This is yet another confirmation of the quality of the BMC Development Team,” Ochowicz said. “Floris has earned the right to graduate from where he is today and join the BMC Racing Team in 2016.”

Gerts finished third Saturday at Primus Classic Impanis-Van Petegem. At the Aviva Tour of Britain earlier this month, he had been as high as third overall on the general classification before a crash forced his withdrawal. He started the season with the BMC Development Team and won the Under 23 edition of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad in July. In March, he was victorious at Dorpenomloop Rucphen and Stage 6 of the Tour de Normandie.

“The BMC Racing Team is really the best team for me,” Gerts said. “I was already really happy at the BMC Development Team because of the atmosphere and philosophy. Everybody can have their own results while riding together as a team. With the BMC Racing Team, it is the same. There is a lot of appreciation when you do something for the team. In the end, it is a real team effort and it feels like family, which is great.”

Gerts said he aspires to learn from the team’s veterans while contributing whenever he can.

“I can hope for some bigger races – like the WorldTour ones – to have a good role in helping the leaders,” he said. “In the small races, I hope I can show myself. It would be nice to win and make some steps in that way and become stronger and get results when I have a free role.”

Read the interview with Floris Gerts on PEZ HERE.
Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen

Stenuit and Demoitié join Wanty–Groupe Gobert
Wanty-Groupe Gobert has signed two fast riders from Wallonia, Belgium: Robin Stenuit and Antoine Demoitié. Stenuit was a stagiaire this season and won the Schaal Sels for Wanty-Groupe Gobert. Demoitié joins from Wallonie-Bruxelles.

“I am very happy. This year would be all or nothing for me. I think I can say that I had a great season and am rewarded for it,” Stenuit explains.

The 25-year old rode for Veranclassic-Ekoi this season and celebrated in the Memorial Phillippe van Coningsloo, the GP de la Ville de Nogent-Sur-Oise and a stage in the Tour du Gironde where he also finished third in the overall. As a second year espoir rider he was part of the predecessor of the current Wanty-Groupe Gobert team.

“I have grown up since that year and I grab this wonderful opportunity with both hands. The team gave me a chance as a stagiaire and I didn’t let it go to waste.”

For Antoine Demoitié signing with Wanty-Groupe Gobert means a step forward in his cycling career.

“The race program the team has gives me the opportunity to ride and discover the WorldTour races. It is something I really look forward to.”

Demoitié won Wanzele Koerse this year as well as a stage in the Circuit des Ardennes . He stood on the podium of UCI 1.1 races like GP Stad Zottegem, Handzame Classic and the GP Marseillaise.

“I have shown that races like Kuurne-Brussels Kuurne, the Three-Days of West-Flanders or the Coupe de France suit me well. Those are also my targets for next season,” Demoitié explains.

“My goals have not been defined yet but one thing is for sure: I want to keep developing myself,” Stenuit continues. “I want to take the chances I am offered but also will work for the team leaders like I did in Tour of Denmark for Marco Marcato or in the Tour du Poitou-Charentes for Roy Jans. Those are all things that motivate me for next season.”

Wanty-Groupe Gobert now has twelve riders for 2016: Marco Marcato, Roy Jans, Jérôme Baugnies, Kévin Van Melsen, Lander Seynaeve, Simone Antonini, Frederik Backaert and Tom Devriendt plus new signings Thomas Degand, Gaëtan Bille, Robin Stenuit and Antoine Demoitié.

Robin Stenuit:

Movistar Team keeps core intact in 2016
Erviti, Ventoso, Rojas, Moreno, Dayer Quintana, brothers Gorka and Ion Izagirre all re-sign with telephone squad.

The Movistar Team confirmed on Tuesday that seven riders from its 2015 roster have re-signed with Eusebio Unzué’s squad: brothers Ion and Gorka Izagirre, Fran Ventoso, Imanol Erviti, Javi Moreno, José Joaquín Rojas and Dayer Quintana.

The Ormaiztegi-born saga has shone again in 2015, more remarkably the younger, Ion, winner of the Tour de Pologne after two previous GC podium finishes as well as top-3 overall in the Vuelta al País Vasco (3rd) plus second in the Prueba Villafranca and the GP Miguel Indurain. Gorka brought valuable teamwork for his leaders and fantastic consistency, the 27-year old finishing eighth overall Down Under, ninth in Paris-Nice and fourth in the Tour de France’s queen Pyrenees stage top Plateau de Beille (4th), also strong in the recent Tour of Britain’s toughest stages.

Commitment was a fundamental value for three of the telephone squad’s domestiques this year: Ventoso, Erviti and Moreno. Fran, winner of more than twenty races as a sprinter back in the beginning of his career, was a solid support for Quintana and Valverde in the Vuelta; Imanol rode in France and Spain for the third consecutive time, praised as one of the best ‘gregarios’ in the peloton; and Javi got back to winning ways in 2015 by claiming the ITT of the Vuelta a Andalucía in Coria del Río, while also finishing 6th in Madrid, 7th in Castilla y León or 9th in the Vuelta a Asturias.

​Rojas, stage winner and race leader in the Blues’ Tour of Qatar debut, earned his extension through a magnificent Vuelta a España, where he came close twice to victory (3rd) in both sprint finishes (Castellón) and mountain-top finishes (Fuente del Chivo). Finally, Quintana keeps learning the duties of a pro cyclist after two seasons in the pro scene, having claimed victory in Austria’s queen stage in 2014 before debuting in a Grand Tour this season: the Giro d’Italia.

Francisco Ventoso:

Lennard Kämna signs contract with CULT Energy-Stölting Group
The coming CULT Energy-Stölting Group has just signed a two year contract with the German u23 German national time trial champion, Lennard Kämna. The only 19 year old German time trial specialist took bronze in the u23 time trial World Championships a few days ago where he concluded the 30 kilometer long course in 37.51 minutes.

Kämna is currently representing Team Stölting and will stay in familiar surroundings in the 2016 season: “I’m really excited and obviously looking forward to taking the step up as a fulltime professional. Especially, I enjoy the fact that several other teammates will join me from Team Stölting but I’m also embracing the opportunity of getting to gain knowledge from more experienced riders. I have already been out training with Linus (Gerdemann), which was quite an experience and I know there’s still a lot to learn,” says Lennard Kämna who won the u19 time trial World Championships in 2014.

CULT Energy-Stölting Group CEO, Christan Große Kreul comments: “Signing Lennard Kämna was the natural choice for us. We have witnessed him grow as a rider and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with him. Besides his obvious time trial skills, he’s a solid climber and a loyal teammate and he’s undoubtedly going to be a big asset for our 2016 roster. Taking bronze in his first u23 World Championships only underlines his huge talent and I reckon he’ll be able to continue developing at CULT Energy-Stölting Group in the coming two seasons,” concludes Christian Große Kreul.

Lennard Kämna:

BORA – ARGON 18 signs Lukas Pöstlberger
With Lukas Pöstlberger, BORA – ARGON 18 announces the third new signing for the coming year. The 23-year-old won the GC of the Irish An Post Ras and a stage of the Tour of Austria among other results this season. Pöstlberger will start at the UCI World Championships in Richmond, in the elite time trial as well as the road race for the Austrian national team this week. Since August, he has been a stagiaire for BORA – ARGON 18 and convinced with a 10th place in the prologue of the Tour de l’Ain and several attacks in numerous races. Being a neo-professional, Pöstlberger receives a two-year contract with BORA – ARGON 18 from 2016 on.

“Lukas is a very versatile and strong rider who competes consistently at a high level. He has been very convincing in the past few weeks and he has already established himself in the team. Lukas brings the potential for classics, time trials and short stage races. Accordingly, he will ride a challenging and diverse race program next year. Those who already win elite races as a U23 rider are natural winners and that’s the mentality needed in the pro ranks”, comments Ralph Denk, Team Manager of BORA – ARGON 18, the signing.

Already at the age of 20 years, Lukas Pöstlberger won the Austrian road championships in the elite category, being the youngest rider ever to win this title. Pöstlberger won a stage of the Tour de l’Avenir in the same year.

Lukas Pöstlberger:

BMC Racing Team Extends With Bookwalter For 2016
The BMC Racing Team announced Wednesday it has extended the contract of Brent Bookwalter through the end of the 2016 season.

Bookwalter won a stage of the USA Pro Challenge last month and led the race for two days before finishing runner-up overall to teammate Rohan Dennis. The 31-year-old American was also twice runner-up on stages at the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah last month on the way to third place overall and the sprints classification title.

“Brent has brought years of high performance and unselfish sacrifices to his fellow teammates, yet he continues to find many individual successes himself,” BMC Racing Team President/General Manager Jim Ochowicz said. “His presence on the starting line always gives the team a feeling of confidence.”

Bookwalter said he is excited to be returning for a team-leading ninth season.

“This is where I feel like I am home and where I have been able to grow and develop and find personal success while helping the team achieve many of its goals as well,” he said. “I feel like it is a great relationship and partnership and it is really exciting to be able to continue it for another year.”

After joining the team in 2008, Bookwalter finished runner-up in the Stage 1 individual time trial of the 2010 Giro d’Italia. In 2011, he helped Cadel Evans win the Tour de France. In 2013, he won the opening stage of the Tour of Qatar on the way to a runner-up finish overall. He was also runner-up at the inaugural Tour of Alberta. The same year, he earned silver medals in both the road race and the time trial at the national championships.

“The success I have been able to find is a testament to a lot of hard work and commitment from myself, the people who are close to me and from the BMC Racing Team,” Bookwalter said. “I have been fortunate to have close advisors, family and friends who have helped me develop and continue to progress. It has been fulfilling to step into a leadership role when the opportunity arises and I am looking forward to more of these opportunities in 2016. Whether it is working for others as a teammate, or continuing my path as a more veteran rider of the team, I feel like I am still improving and have yet to reach my best level.”

Bookwalter will compete for the final time this season Sunday at the UCI world road championships. before organizing the second running of his “Bookwalter Binge Gran Fondo” next month in Black Mountain, N.C.

Brent Bookwalter in trouble at the Giro d’Italia:

Paris-Tours 2015: Ideal for Opportunists…
The prospect of the 109th edition of Paris-Tours, which will take place on 11th October, is already on the minds of the best French sprinters, especially Nacer Bouhanni and Arnaud Démare. However, on the “classic of the falling leaves”, surprises are often sprung on the big hitters!

This year, Chartres will be hosting the start. The administrative centre of the Eure-et-Loir department has already welcomed the pack for the 2009 edition of Paris-Tours; indeed the start has been hosted by several towns in the department. Nonetheless, the race’s general characteristics will remain similar, with a first part of the race mainly exposed to the wind that blows over the Beauce plains, a final section liable to inspire attacks and a finishing straight ideal for the sprinters’ teams seeking to take advantage of the width and length of Avenue de Grammont to deploy their lead-out trains. Sometimes catalogued as the classic for sprinters, Paris-Tours most often actually smiles upon solid hunters of victory bouquets, similar in the style to the title holder Jelle Wallays, for example. A close examination of the race scenarios since the start of the 21st century even reveals that out of the last fifteen editions, only five have been won after bunch sprints, by John Degenkolb (in 2013), Oscar Freire (in 2010), Alessandro Petacchi (in 2007) and Erik Zabel (in 2003 and 2005).

Paris-Tours 2015 – The programme:
Ø Paris-Tours Elite: 23 teams (a maximum of 184 riders), will set off at 11.30 from Chartres and cover 231 km (with the finish on Avenue de Grammont, an 800-metre finishing straight).

Ø Paris-Tours Espoirs: 32 teams (a maximum of 192 riders), will set off at 11.35 from Bonneval and cover 182.5 km with the finish on Avenue de Grammont, an 800-metre finishing straight).

Ø Le kilomètre de Paris-Tours: 21 teams made up of cadets and juniors selected by the 20 regional committees invited. Start at 14.45, on Avenue de Grammont.

PT16_profils ELITE

Team NN simple stacked.pdf
Team Novo Nordisk and Colnago Announce Three-Year Partnership
Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, and renowned Italian bike manufacturer, Colnago, announced a new partnership naming Colnago as Team Novo Nordisk’s official bike sponsor for 2016 through the 2018 season. Team Novo Nordisk raced on Colnago bikes in 2013, its first professional season.

“Colnago has created some of the most iconic bikes over the years and everyone at Team Novo Nordisk is excited to race on them,” said Team Novo Nordisk co-founder and CEO Phil Southerland. “We look forward to working with Colnago to build on this year’s results and continue our mission to inspire, educate and empower people around the world affected by diabetes.”

“We want to thank our previous partner, Orbea, for a wonderful two years together and helping our athletes show what may be possible with diabetes,” added Southerland.

“We are proud and happy to collaborate again with Team Novo Nordisk, who share the same passion and love for cycling. These are values in which Colnago has always believed since the early years and that are still the basis of our philosophy of work and life,” said Ernesto Colnago, founder of Colnago. “We begin this new challenge with the same passion for cycling as the first day. Best wishes to Team Novo Nordisk for a future full of success.”

Team Novo Nordisk’s men’s professional team will race on V1r, K-Zero and C60 Colnago bikes, beginning in the 2016 season. The pro squad, which consists of 18 athletes from 11 different countries living successfully with diabetes, is currently racing its third season as a UCI Professional Continental team. This year, the team has raced throughout the world in South America, the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia.

Since 1954, Colnago has been a world leader in innovative bike design. For over 60 years, Colnago has pushed the boundaries in cycling manufacturing and is known for its stiffer, faster and lighter race bikes. In 47 years of sponsorships, the first with Molteni in 1968, Colnago has worked with 181 professional teams and more than 5,000 athletes.


Mark Cavendish Update
Etixx – Quick-Step rider Mark Cavendish underwent surgery this morning on his left shoulder, to fix a partial tear of his left AC ligament suffered as consequence of the crash during the 6th stage of Aviva Tour of Britain. This was the opposite shoulder to the one damaged at Le Tour de France in 2014.

The surgery, performed by Prof. Lennard Funk at 52 Alderley Road in Wilmslow was successful.

Unfortunately, due to the time of recovery needed, Cavendish will not return to competition this year.

“It has been a very difficult decision,” Cavendish said about choosing to have surgery. “However, after 10 days from the crash, I still had pain and I couldn’t lift or pull much weight. I tried to ride my bike a few days ago on the road, but I could not put any power out by pulling on the handlebars. The surgery was necessary to avoid any problems in the near future. I’m so disappointed to end the season like this. The UCI World Championships and Abu Dhabi Tour were two important objectives for the end of my season. But there’s nothing I can do now except take a period of rest, and then start with intensive rehab. I wish Etixx – Quick-Step and the British National Team all the best for the next races.”

Mark Cavendish – All 26 Victories in the Tour de France 2008-2015:

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