What's Cool In Road Cycling

Africa’s First Grand Tour Stage Winner: Alan van Heerden

If you were 'into' European professional cycle racing in the late 70's and early 80's, then you will remember the name Alan van Heerden. The South African was a pro with the French Peugeot team and won a stage in the 1979 Giro d'Italia. Ed Hood spoke to his widow Wendy about their time in Europe and their return to South Africa.

PEZ Goes to the Movies: The World’s Rarest Bikes

The history of the bicycle has been a gradual evolution from the original “safety” two-wheeler to today's high-tech lightweight competition marvels. GCN+ returns to the world of bicycle collectors to look at some more, well, super collections of racing bicycles. This time the GCN+ presenters focus on the unique and choose favourites.

Ed Goes E-Bike Graveling!

Instead of shooting over the Channel to 'Race Chase' the Classics or the Tour de France, Ed Hood has been getting better acquainted with his local paths, thanks to his Ribble gravel e-Bike. Here is one of his favourite gravel rambles.

PEZ Bookshelf: Bike Fit, 2nd Edition

A revised book by Phil Burt, simply titled “Bike Fit,” leads one to believe that proper fit is indeed one of the most important elements that cyclists, whether hard-core professionals, enthusiastic amateurs, or just someone going down to the shops, should consider.

PEZ Bookshelf: Ron Keeble A Boy From The Elephant

If you are into the British cycling legends of the 70s you will have heard the name Ron Keeble. A London boy who was a national champion, Olympic medalist and a prolific winner. Ed Hood has read Ron's autobiography.... Here are his thoughts on the book and an interview with Ron Keeble.

TOUR History: Scotland’s Best Tour Riders

Ed Hood has been following the Tour for many years and having one of his home Scottish riders in the Tour peloton added a certain sparkle. There have only been half a dozen Scots at a Tour Grand Départ, but all were champions.

PEZ Bookshelf: Mapping Le Tour!

Some say “to travel is better than to arrive” but planning the trip can be more fun than anything else. Mapping le Tour by Ellis Bacon covers the journey taken from the first Tour to the 2014 Tour when the French race hit the roads of Yorkshire. Foreign starts are not unusual for the truly international Tour as we saw its huge popularity in Denmark this year. As the 2022 Tour moves into its second full week, Leslie Reissner takes a trip down Memory Lane and journeys the Tour de France routes of…