What's Cool In Road Cycling

PEZ Bookshelf: Bicycles: Past, Present and Future

Italian book “Bicycles: Past, Present and Future” by Roberto Gurian, with graphic design by Maria Cucchi, has been translated by Robert Bethel into English, but marvelous bike photos speak in all languages. PEZ literary editor, Leslie Reissner, gives us his thoughts on this wonderful bike book.

PEZ Bookshelf: The Spring Classics

It is said that when the snow melts away and daylight lengthens, the thoughts of many turn towards romance. But for more than a few, it means the joyful return of the great one-day bicycle races and yet, as the VeloPress book “The Spring Classics,” suggests, the two things are not mutually exclusive.

Roadside PEZ: Ed’s Paris-Roubaix 2007

As we count down to Sunday and the Hell of the North, we look back at Ed Hood's 2007 Paris Roubaix and how the underdog, Stuart O'Grady, left the top riders in his dust. As a regular to the Queen Classic, Ed and his pals inspect the cobbles of Arenberg, the mechanics at work, the Roubaix velodrome and, of course, a local bar.

PEZ Roadside: Chasing Roubaix!

Roadside Reload: On Sunday April 8th 2012, I got a second chance for a once in a lifetime experience of chasing the most feared Monument of the year – Paris-Roubaix. And just like my ride across these hellish roads a couple days prior, this day was nothing short of ‘epic’

Pez Bookshelf: Willkie Sprint

In 1951, Bloomington, Indiana, saw the first running of the Little 500, a very unusual bicycle race modelled on the Indianapolis 500 car race, and which has been a fixture of Indiana University's self-proclaimed “World's Greatest College Weekend”. Now a new book tells the story of the first women's edition of the race. This took place in 1988 in a world familiar to us yet removed in many ways from our present.

PEZ Celebrates 22 Years of What’s Cool In Road Cycling

About this time in early 2002, I pressed the "go" button to launch the website you're reading now... Back then I could never have imagined that 22 years and almost 20,000 articles later PEZCycling would have grown into the source for road cycling news, info and entertainment that so many of you have enjoyed, and be one of the last remaining proper road cycling media sites left in North America.

PEZ Bookshelf: The Midlife Cyclist

Carefully working my way through Phil Cavell's “The Midlife Cyclist” for some weeks now, a remarkable book of startling scope, whenever I mention the title it causes people to smile or laugh indulgently. But “The Midlife Cyclist” is actually a thought-provoking exploration of something that has never before existed: a great cohort of middle-aged athletes rewriting our knowledge of human health and performance.

Britain’s Only GENT-WEVELGEM Winner – Barry Hoban

It's Gent - Wevelgem 1974; you've made it over the savage Kemmel climb twice with the lead group and survived hanging on the back of an Eddy Merckx and Roger De Vlaeminck driven purge on the run-in; there are 17 guys left, so maybe you would settle for a top ten? Not if your name is Barry Hoban and you feel that the 'over-drive' is in your legs.