What's Cool In Road Cycling

PEZ Bookshelf: Wheel Life 2

Australia has, over the years, been characterized by a lively cycling culture. In addition to its unique domestic scene, the Lucky Country has done well internationally since the first Aussies went to the Tour de France in 1914. “Wheel Life 2” is a fascinating look at Australian cycling in the 1970s and 1980s, as it was poised for success.

Derek Harrison – Tour de France Pioneer

Continuing with Ed Hood's series of 'English speaking' Tour de France pioneers, Ed moves onto Derek Harrison. Sadly Harrison died in May, 2018 in his adopted home of France, but his pro career spanned the 60s and 70s and include many top wins and two appearances in the French Grand Tour.

20 Years of PEZ: TOUR’15 Alpe d’Huez Roadside!

20 years of PEZ: The 2022 Tour returns to l'Alp d'Huez, so we look back to 2015 with Ed Hood. There's only one thing crazier than Alp d'Huez at the Tour de France - and that's the Dutch Corner on Alp d'Huez at the Tour de France. Ed & Callum were up the road, roadside, and inside the madness that is one of pro sport's maddest moments.

PEZ Rolls with the Oldies: My (Virtual) 1903 Tour de France

Virtual athletic challenges allow you to stay close to home while racking up the miles, recording them on software that shows you, usually with Google Streetview, where you are (virtually). I have embraced the virtual challenge ethos. One of my favourite virtual challenges was cycling the distance of the 1903 Tour de France, the first edition of the race.

Dollars are Flooding Into Sports – Why Isn’t Cycling Getting Any of Them?

We have been noting this anecdotally for years, but literally, billions and billions of dollars continue to pour into sports with several more examples this week. The value of everything sports-related – athletes, teams, league sponsorships, NFTs, and particularly TV and media rights – is skyrocketing, particularly as concerns about COVID have started to wane.

PEZ Goes to the Movies: Preparing for the Race Across America

The Race Across America saw its 2022 edition launch from California on June 14 as 33 solo riders set off for Maryland, to be reached in less than 12 days. June 18 was the day when RAAM team categories set off on the same course. In their number, Team GCN rides with the determination to set the fastest time a RAAM has ever been completed by a pair of riders.

Alex Zülle – The ‘Mr. Magoo’ of Cycling

Not being able to 'race chase' la Vuelta a España properly over the last covid years, our man in Spain, Alastair Hamilton, has had to rely on memory. He first saw la Vuelta 23 years ago and remembers one of the big stars - Alex Zülle - the talented short-sighted cyclist with no luck, an intimacy with doping and with a propensity for crashing.

PEZ Goes to the Movies: Around Britain

In 2017 Mark Beaumont smashed the record for cycling around the globe in less than 80 days. Now GCN+ has released a “prequel” to that. In preparation for his attempt, the cyclist undertook a test of himself and his team. He felt if they could work together for two weeks, there was a chance at the sub-80 mark. The documentary “Around Britain” is about that test.