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Alessa Says Those Magic Words

The 2008 Tour de France was actually my daughter’s 3rd Tour, but after last year’s milestone of recognizing it only as a “bike race”, this summer she spoke the words every father dreams of hearing from his child: “Tour de France”. And I was there with camcorder in hand to record the whole thing!

I knew the PEZ family’s morning ritual of kiddie cartoons (Barney, Backyardigans, Big Comfy Couch, Four Squares, the list is as endless as it is mind-numbing) would be interrupted during Tour time, as my daughter and I fought over control of our big screen tv. I’d be up at 6:30 PST (or earlier) to see the stages live from France and baby would join me about an hour later.

Being just two and a half, not even Phil and Paul could hold her attention for long, which usually meant I was relegated to watching on a smaller TV in the basement.

Then, one day in the first week of coverage she spoke those words every bike-racing-mad father longs to hear: “Tour de France”.

Not only did she string ’em together like an old pro, but her pronunciation was pretty darn good – considering she can’t say the letters “r” or “l” just yet.

But the best part was her obvious glee in spouting forth her new-found verbage – just watch how she throws her whole body into her delivery with so much unspoiled enthusiasm!

Sadly, that was about the high point of her own Tour-Fever (for this year at least). But I’d say we’re off to a great start in her development as a life long cycling fan.

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