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Andrea Smashed By Moto – Down But Not Out

“Oh Andrea Andrea. I leave you alone for a while and look what you get yourself into!” These were the first words I said to Andrea Peron after I rang him upon hearing that he had an accident. On Thursday while out on his bike alone near his home in Malaga, Spain was run over by a motorbike.

Andrea Peron, CSC’s main man and our friend, on Thursday while out on his bike alone near his home in Malaga, Spain was run over by a motorbike. The accident was a strange one, as he was run over from behind! The motorbiker just didn’t see him and the next thing he knew was that he was riding his motorbike over an in-shape Andrea Peron!

Andrea is now at home in bed with a broken pubic bone and 9 stitches in the side of his head (no helmet…..tut tut Andrea!) He is planning his return to Italy on Sunday night and has been order complete rest and no movement what so ever for 3 weeks.

He told me that he isn’t that bad and luckily doesn’t need any rehab after the 3 weeks, so it means he can get on the bike again straight away. This means that the beginning of the season is out for Andrea but shouldn’t affect his plans for the TDF.

This is the first “serious” accident in Andrea un-scathed cycling life and he hopes that with some electric stimulator work on his leg he shouldn’t lose any of his winter training base and just some race practice. Andrea and his team CSC had some weeks off before the Milano-San Remo as the organizers of the Tirreno- Adriatico that starts next week, excluded the powerful CSC formation giving priority to the teams that will be concentrating on the Giro.

Bjarne Riis was not a happy man about this and protested with no avail. This was all in a week when only 18 riders started the last day of the Giro del Lucca, after the rest of the riders, the day before turned around and went home with one lap to go in protest to the dangerous conditions.

Andrea told me, “It was ridiculous, all the teams were represented in the break away group and the conditions were terrible. We were 35 mins behind with no intent on taking a risk in a race at the beginning of the season. We asked the organizers to reduce the number of laps but they just said no. It was wet cold and as I said, with every teams represented in the break away, who was going to form a chase!!!!??? When with 1 lap to go, the organizer threw up his arms up in the air shouting “if you continue like this you might as well all go home!” To which we replied by turning our bikes around and biking back to the hotels and a hot shower, it was a joke Dunc” .

In the week I’m going to visit Andrea with A-Style’s Marco (Watch out, it will soon be available in the USA) so if anybody would like to send him their wishes I’ll print them out and pass them on to him.
Daniele Bennati is also a bit under the weather. He has picked up a virus that he can’t shake. I spoke to him on the phone the other day (Another A-Style cyclist!!) he sounded down. He told me all the spring classics are out of the window, and will condition a lot all of his season. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Be good and don’t forget……WEAR AND FASTEN YOUR HELMET.


Send your messages to Andrea at [email protected]

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