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Bloke In France: Looking To Next Season

Well, I am truly becoming more of a “Bloke in France”‚ rather than a “Bloke Visiting France For An Extended Period”‚ since this last week. I am now the proud holder of a French bank account with trusty Credit Agricole; (Note: great bank, attractive cashiers, team sponsor). I will hopefully be filling it with lots of winnings next season.

James will be staying in France this winter to enjoy the weather. Is that at palm tree?

Talking of next season I am already raring to go into my winter training programme to make it the best ever. I have decided to stay in France over the winter to concentrate on my training. See, being in England over winter is great, honestly. I really love the Tupperware skies, freezing rain, salty roads that corrode your headset faster than an acid bath. It’s just that for some strange reason I want to stay here in a moderate climate with quieter roads and less distractions. Oh yes, the distractions. I really enjoyed last winter; probably too much. It’s too easy to take up my friends’ offers of nights out when I’m back home. The perils of being popular.

I am really motivated at the moment. I have had my place confirmed on a really good amateur team for next season and I have the team presentation on Nov 8th. It’s DN1 Espoir Category, which is the highest cat. of amateur team in France. This is really great because it means I can get entries into all the important races. It will be a very significant year in my career. (I also get some cool team bikes and kit as well) I haven’t signed any papers yet so I won’t tell you the name yet but it’s supported by a professional team sponsored by a bakery – figure that one out, its not too hard.

All in all this season has been OK. I haven’t achieved any spectacular results but I’ve seen consistent improvement and a lot of encouraging signs for my future potential. It will no doubt have provided a good base for next season, both physically and mentally and my move to a bigger team can only help me achieve my goal of becoming a professional. WATCH THIS SPACE.


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