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Christmas Day Dispatch from PEZ HQ

The turkey’ s just been stuffed into the oven for a 4-5 hour roast-a-thon, and I’ve got the kids and grand parents watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” – that leaves me a few minutes to post this quick message before the rest of the family invades for Christmas day dinner at my house…


I was nudged awake this morning by my 12 year old daughter lightly tapping her finder on my forehead – which she promised to do last night after learning that’s how I used to wake up my own dad on Christmas morning.

Peace at PEZ HQ – Dec. 24th.

“What time is it?” I mumbled.

“Eight o’clock” she said.

“Come back at 9:00” was my reply.  Mrs.Pez feigned sleep next to me as our daughter protested the delay to the day’s traditional gift unwrapping.

And so started the day, which seems to have started Saturday when we set out to shop for supplies to host a variety of family and friends on Christmas Eve and Day.  I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone look at my website, but I count that as a good thing this time of year.

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by family – both my parents and my brother and his family have come up for the week – the first time in 15 years that my side of the family has been together at Christmas – so it’s pretty special for me.  And even if it’s more work – (I’ve promised Mrs. Pez that my side’s invasion of our house would be as stress free as I could make it – which means I’m on double and triple duty looking after anything I can think of) – it’s all been worth it.

So before I get back to my hosting duties, I do want to wish all of our readers, clients, PEZ-Crew, and friends – a happy and peaceful holiday season.  Whatever you are celebrating, I hope it’s a good one and you too are surrounded by people who matter.

Thanks to everyone for reading and your support – and here’s to a bright and prosperous 2018.

Richard Pestes





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