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Ear Candy ’06: Send Us Your Playlists!

The call has gone out to the frozen, huddled masses of the PEZ faithful, and the call has been answered! It is indeed that time of year again for Ear Candy – our first dose of new tunes to keep us spinning as old man winter throws down outside. For the uninitiated, Ear Candy is our annual survey and armchair review of what people have in their ears during the winter’s indoor training sessions.

So, go ahead, fire your playlists to me, at [email protected] and we’ll get your lists up! What should you write? Well read below and by the end of it I bet you’ll have a grip on it. If you can feel your fingers in that cold, that is! I’ll go first, to take the edge off….

Check this actual pic from PEZ-Fan Brandon Gavic of last week’s dump in Wisconsin… The keg makes the scooter especially unstable in the snow.

Dave Aldersebaes – Ironclad Cycling Team
Portland, OR
• I’ve been all about the new Deftones record “Saturday Night Wrist” as of late, and it’s been doing me just fine. I’m still intrigued with some heavy metal these days, and the new Lamb of God cd, Sacrament, is a good one as well. Nothing quite like doing sprint intervals to their single, “Redneck”. Crass language, but they’re saying it for me, as I cannot speak at those points! For the easy times, or the rain, I can’t find anything better than “Explosions In The Sky” – take your pick of their albums, you cannot lose.

Bruce Humphries – Gaffney, SC
• Depending on what the indoor session is supposed to accomplish on a given day, depends on what I want to listen to. If I am doing a recovery ride where I do not need to go crazy, I will listen to the Allman Bros. or some Led Zeppelin. If I am doing anything other than that, I am listening to a mixture of heavy rock, punk, and various others.
• AFI – This takes up a good bit of space on the ipod, any of their stuff is good to ride to.
• From first to Last, Coheed and Cambria, Slipknot – This should and could be used when you need to tear your legs off for the day.
• Chevelle, Flogging Molly -Something different.
• OutKast -Southern Rap at it’s finest!
• Swollen Members -The Pez may have heard of them, Canadian rap,
• My Chemical Romance
Hope this can help. I look forward to see what others are listening to.

Brandon Gavic – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Campus Cycling Team
• We rock Daft Punk, royksopp [ed: that catchy jingle from the auto insurance company commercial with the caveman in the airport], Atmosphere, 2Pac, Sound Tribe Sector 9, and RJD2…. among other ill stuff of course.

Rebecca Anderson, Team America’s Dairyland
• What do I listen to on the trainer?? Oh geeezzz. I hate the trainer. I have two of them and they are in the garage and I hope they stay there. All I can say is it better snow so I can skate ski my way into shape. For my ski ramblings I have this on my ipod:
• Beck, Black Eyed Pea (or is it peas?), Bond, Aretha Franklin, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, My 80s disco cd (working at the car wash baby!)

The PEZ – PezCycling News, Vancouver BC
Must say I discovered the joys of ipodding last Spring while riding hour-long climbs as I prepped for my assault on the Giro, and they now serve well as the snow falls. By various twists of fate and luck, we now own three of ‘em, but my fave for riding is the Shuffle – very light and tiny (weighs 33grams with earphones!) – fits in my cell phone pouch no probs. I expanded my mix from last year to include:
• Beatles – Hard Days Night & Please Please Me – definitive albums and great songs
• a variety of Eighties one-hitters too numerous to name, but essentially providing the soundtrack from my ‘glory days’
• 90’s FM rock: New Radicals: Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too (whatever happened to these guys?), Robbie Williams: The Ego Has Landed, Oasis, Chumbawumba: Tubthumper
– A lot of ‘old’ tunes here for sure, but I say good music is good music, no matter when it was made.

•The first installment! Well done to those of you that answered the call, and let’s keep it going. Send in your music suggestions to [email protected] and let’s share the wealth. Maybe you’ll find something new to spin to!

Thanks, stay warm.

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