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Ear Candy: Training Tunes Part 2

Holy Hell, it’s February, and it’s damn cold outside and a good time for Part II of our “What’s in Your Ears” at Pez!!! It’ll probably be for a good 5 or 6 weeks before we can even think about going outside without 478 layers on, so let’s revisit just what it is that’s keeping you, the PEZ-Reader, jazzed and motivated…

The response was pretty good last time around, thanks to everyone who dropped a line and I continue to encourage you to write me with your picks and playlists… I gleaned some good nuggets from you folks last time, so keep them coming.

For me, the new hits have been a lil’ band called My Morning Jacket. My buddy Andy at Surly turned me on to them. Incredible stuff, they’re like a modern day Allman Brothers, but with a little more codeine in the mix. Also new in the hiz, The Mars Volta. Very cool new stuff. In the memory lane, it’s been The Fixx, and their “Reach The Beach” album, a true 80’s classic. Ah, The Fixx….so many good songs never heard.

Response from the last Pez Music article….keep sending them!

1. “Dave — The photo (see below)– December in the Midwest — accompanying your article on indoor trainer music looked like it was taken from my backyard!!! Eerie, baby. Nice job tracking down so many riders to find out their favorite trainer tunes! Being an old guy, I like stuff from the 60s and 70s mixed in with more recent music. If it is an album, anything by The Who will do.
-Craig Heberton
Evanston, IL

December in the Midwest – note that this photo is actually in color – NOT black & white. Brrrrr!

2. “The absolute best band for trainer work is DREAM THEATER. They ROCK, and DT CDs are filled to the brim, so they ROCK FOR A LONG TIME.

3. “I rode to the sound of the surf along Pacific Coast Hwy, one week before Christmas, short sleeve jersey (it was 80 deg F after all).
-Oscar, Cerritos Roadie

4. “The only way I can get through a trainer session is by watching cycling videos. Music just doesn’t motivate me enough. The best videos to watch are mountain stages of the Grand Tours. My favorite is the second half of the 2000 Giro.
– Lorenzo Ciolfi

5. “During this mornings ride I listened to the new Social Distortion Album, as well as a bunch of U2, Authority Zero, My Chemical Romance, and Led Zeppelin tunes. More important than what I listened to though is the fact that I was outside in the sun wearing a short sleeve jersey! 70 degree weather on December 18th… Eat your hearts out fellas! Hee, hee, hee.
– Barry Anderson – Bicycle Ranch, AZ

6. “I’m kinda obsessed about this topic, but I promise not to ramble. (Sign of my obsession: I use the database in the iTunes application to write down the cadence of songs I’ll put in a playlist. I actually have playlists for different sorts of interval sets, including fastpedal drills and lactate threshold efforts). Main thing I wanted to point out that, as albums go, it is very hard to beat The Clash’s “London Calling.” That’s another album you can just start and ride to, and it’s interesting and motivating all the way through — pretty
good cadences also, lots of 90 beats/minute tunes)
– Paul Hurdlow , Austin, TX “

7. ”I live in south Texas so cold weather means 50 degrees. But, music to spin by would have to be White Stripes, Tool which is pretty good for those long hill climbs we can never train on (south TX is flat) but get stuck on when we travel north, 311 is always fast and fun. Jurasic 5 is good too! For those slow recovery days it has to be Air, which gets interesting with “Sexy Boy”.
-Giancarlo Lopez

8. “Led Zepplin the early years–Immigrant Song, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop (When the Levee Breaks is a climb song to end all, even Stairway to Heaven can up the intensity gradually)

U2 whatever you got–Discoteque, Mysterious Ways for intervals, Vertigo
Good Charlotte, “Anthem”
Breaking Benjamin
The Scissor Sister’s version of “Comfortably Numb”
The Killers
Afro-Celt Sound System
Rusted Root: Ecstasy, Send Me on My Way
ZZ Top for the Southern white trash days
The soundtrack to Kill Bill vol. 1 works great
The soundtrack to “Go”
Rolling Stones
Et. Al
-Jordan Cat 4, Haul’n Ass Denver, CO

9. In the gym it’s mostly Korn and Slipknot, on the way to the gym it’s Black Sabbath. If I HAVE to ride the trainer, which doesn’t happen much in Tucson, then it might be Three Six Mafia, Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down, Offspring, Bloodhound gang, ICP, Marilyn Manson or anything else that has caught my ear. And anything to take my mind off of the fact that the wall has not moved for the last 3 hours…
– Bill W (not the AA founder), Flagstaff Velo, Cat 5 Tucson, AZ

10. And finally – our editor weighs in:
I just got an ipod, so training to tunes is a new experience that I’m definitely diggin’. Need to find some more hours to add tunes to the list, but have been grooving to:
– Salsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel – great warm up
– History Repeating Itself – the Propellerheads – That Shirley Bassie has some pipes, and a great beat for high cadence work
– Green Grass & High Tides – the Outlaws – how can you not love this extendo-mix southern-fried geetar rock fest?
– The PEZ

Dave hails from the midwest, and you can email Dave with your winter music trainer picks at [email protected]

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