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French Lab Supplies Critical Info On Edita Rumsas

Well thank God we have some official confirmation from a French Toxicology lab regarding Edita Rumsas’ portable Tour De Pharmacy last year. It apparently took more than 500 pages to confirm that the drugs seized were not for Edita and her Mom. This huge heap of BS to qualify the obvious should qualify the French Judicial System and Tox Lab for US government research work! (but only if the study cost @ a million dollars a page…)

Let’s drift back to the original story circulating about the content of her stash, which included a whole heap of drugs (almost 40 different potions and lotions), including hormonal mixtures, growth hormone and vasodilators (they expand blood vessels). But the real fun stuff we can look at again.

Insulin (a la Marco Pantani’s Hotel room that wasn’t his…)
– Actovegin (a la The US Postal trash bag)
– Caffeine (equal to maybe 17000 gallons of the stuff in the cup next to me)
– Corticoids (a la Frank VDB)
– Good old Testosterone (a la Major league Baseball?)
– EPO (a la VDB’s Dog and so many folks that we don’t have enough room)

Thank goodness we have come so far in the last year that we can now accurately speculate that this crap was not going to be used to treat Edita’s mom and was probably not prescribed by her gynecologist as a treatment for, a really bad yeast infection maybe? The reporting doctor basically says two things; the stuff was in amounts that would serve an individual, and on a whole is not something that would treat Edita or her mom. Wheeeew! Great news for all of us that felt a little guilty about not giving Raimondas and Edita the benefit of the doubt they deserved.

Fortunately Raimondas can give his wife his undivided attention (he’s nothing better to do, right?) through this difficult time and can be by her side, rather than letting her sit alone in a jail cell for weeks like he did last time.

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