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Georgia Diaries: Mr. Kangaroo & Buyin’ Bud

Just received Dave “Macca’s” diary entry from Tuesday’s Prologue at the Tour de Georgia. These Aussies do have an interesting go of it in America… “Finally, the Tour de Georgia was underway and, on the whole, a pretty good day for Flanders-iteamNova. Once again the Americans love to hype it up and the announcer really got stuck into us Aussies…

As Trent Wilson got on the starting ramp, the commentator’s summary was “Trent Wilson from Australia. Loves having bbq’s and hanging out….give it up for Mr Kangaroo man as he flys off the ramp.

I think Australia should have put a patent on the word Kangaroo and collected royalties for each time it is used – it would be worth a lot of money now. Never the less, we weren’t complaining about the publicity they were giving us.

Scott Guyton put in a blinder for the team. 12th placing for the lanky Kiwi was our best result and puts us in a good position for Wednesday’s opening road stage. Scotty reckons his tyres were sliding through each corner, he was taking them that hard.

We have a saying in OZ (courtesy of Sir Les Patterson) “It could be good… or it could be s***house.” Luckily for Scott it was all good.

The stage was won by fellow countryman and time trialist guru, Nathan O’Neill, who for some crazy reason thrives on these individual events.

After the stage we had a three hour car lift to Augusta for the start of tomorrow’s stage. We stopped half way to get gas and stretch the legs. I thought I’d grab a “Bud” to quench my thirst and unwind for the trip. I get to the counter the attendant tells me – no ID, no beer sir.

“Have a look at me,” I say. “I’ve been beating myself around on the bike for close to 20 years now and I’ve got the scars, the thinning hair and the sun damage to prove it.”

“No ID, no beer sir.”

So Scott, 2 years my junior, bought me the beer. America hey – crazy ways.

The 220km tomorrow should give the GC one big shake up. Let’s hope Flanders-iteamNova is at the centre of it.


Dave Macca

Rider Diaries provided courtesy of Flanders-iteamNova. Check out the official website for FLANDERS-ITEAMNOVA.COM more info on the team.

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