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GIRO’17 Roadside: Ale’s Stage 8 Photo Diary

Giro Photog’s View: Our man in Italy, Alessandro Federico, has travelled south to take in this week’s Giro d’Italia stages and show us the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Giro ‘Roadside’. Here is his first day of action on stage 8 in Peschici.

I arrived in Peschici the night before the race. Peschici is located on the very east part of the Gargano peninsula and sits on a rock. On top of it a castle from the middle ages used as “Turkish-sight” point at that time. The castle was illuminated in pink for the Giro. It was a warm evening with some north east gusts, but the forecast was for the best weather.

The Adriatic sea lays below the rock of Peschici. Here in the south the nature is gorgeous at this time of the year. The Mediterranean flavors of thyme, rosemary and capers are infused with the morning wind and run through the small white roads of the town.

From the beach Peschici is a great sight. All white colored, as you can find in the remote region of Italy, the Puglia. This part of Italy is one of the most unique and attractive. Still a bit far from the high tourist standards of the north, but if you have some adaptability you will have a great time. The people are very hospitable and will find for you customized solutions. For everything!

Ahhh, the food! Here my colazione (breakfast) which means you’re no more in the west, but a kind of Italian middle east. Salami, cheese, olives and bread with olive oil. You don’t really need anything else but only enough time to enjoy all this product.

Giro d’Italia is on the way but… who cares? There’s still a lot of time before they are coming and the visit to the local beach is a must. The water is still quite cold, so no way for a full swim, but walking up and down on the seaside is still a great moment.

Here we go, the lunchtime. The best you can do in Puglia is the “pane e pomodoro” – bread and tomato – which is a synthesis of the Pugliese goods. They serve this dish with some mozzarella, olives, raw onions and vegetables conserved with olive oil.

The walled town is dressed in rosa for the Giro. In the morning the weather was calm but in the afternoon again the wind started blowing. Very warm anyway, higher than the standards I’m used in the center of Italy.

It was great to see the race in this place. One of the most well designed finalé I could remember at the Giro. Last 1,500 meters are all inside the town, climbing the rock and twisting all over the corners of the town. The sea down below and the blue of the sky.

On Sunday I will be on Blockhaus in Abruzzo region, a bit northern than Saturday, but still south of Italy. It will be a very important stage for the GC leaders and let’s see if I can eat better than today (a hard task).

Ale will be ‘Roadside’ at the Giro d’Italia for the next few days and you can see more of his photos on his instagram page HERE.

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