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Homeboy: In The Money

– By Gregg Germer –
Lately the Valley of the Sun hasn’t been very sunny. After some very nice temperatures in the high 70’s it’s turned a bit colder – well not that cold, it’s still only arm warmer weather and only one day of scattered showers, so it’s not to bad. In fact I’m getting back the farmers tan lines which plague every cyclist come summer beach times.

The miles have been long and longer this week. I’ve been getting in more climbing in the last week than I did all winter. Luck however hasn’t been so much on my side. This last week I have flatted 6 times, 4 of which were within 24 hours of each other! So needless to say I’m not liking the road conditions out here.

On Saturday I did the McDowell Mountain Circuit Race. A nice 2.5 hour ride to the race made for some very warmed up legs and I was feeling good. The short 70-minute race worked well to the advantage of myself and the other ABC-Aitos team mates as this would be the shortest race we’d do all year. After lots of attacks by everyone on the team the race settled down into a nice rhythm and the breaks were all contained to less than ten seconds.

At 6 laps to go a break of six was established with a 30 second gap on the field. With no representation by ABC-Aitos boys we had Pete, Tim, and Ben lay down the law and chased the break down in two short laps. Then it was my turn to step up to bat and I wiggled my way to the front and prepped for the sprint. Avoiding some really crazy maneuvering by a few riders I was able to take third position in the final corner with 400 meters to go. I started to pass the two riders in front of me but I couldn’t, my legs were just to tired from the weeks training. I ended up fourth and in the money.

The best part of the day was getting some nice props from a fellow racer for how aggressive our team was in the race and for taking the initiative in chasing down the main break. The ABC-Aitos squad is coming along nicely for the season and I can see great things for the team. Our biggest problem in the race was getting use to the flow of the race. Most of us aren’t use to having breaks being chased down by a couple of riders and letting the whole field be dragged along. It was a bit of a change and left us wondering how to ride the race for a little bit.

Bernard Moreman, our team director, arrived this week and it’s good to see the team coming together. The biggest change is the new house for the Cycling Center. I have seen the plans and it’s so awesome. The place will be the envy of some pro-squads once complete. When completed after renovations the former hotel will house a maximum of 24 riders, feature an industrial kitchen, and make available all the comforts of home (maybe even more) to the riders.

We had a good first team meeting talking about the up and coming season. There are going to be so many great times ahead. I just know it!

This next weekend I will be doing the Valley of the Sun stage race to cap the end of the team’s training camp. From there it’s off to Houston, Texas to wrap up any loose ends and then I’ll be in Belgium on March 1st. The days go by to fast sometimes!

Tot Ziens,
-Gregg Germer-

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