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So this last week has been the culmination of the past three weeks, wherein I find myself losing that edge that will put myself above my competition. I never was and will never be a talented athlete, but what I lack in talent has always been made up for in determination and smarts.

Many may look at my physical deficiencies as a major weakness, but I have never seen it that way. In sports, cycling or otherwise, most everyone will explain that it’s only 10% physical, the rest, in the words of very good friend, is “Blood, sweat and veins in your teeth!” In a sport of competition the placing at the end of the day always matters, but what about the next day?

My point is the last 8 years of my life as a cyclist, if you were to look at it as a race, is one at which I am locally (from a Texas level) winning and even at a national level one where I am hanging with the top level guys. I can look back at guys I grew up racing with, many national champions, and all have long since hung up their two wheeled steed. The long-term race of attrition one I know I can win. The prize? Well that would be a pro contract.

Over the last three weeks I lost my focus. European racing can do that to you. You get so caught up in the whole moment you look at the severe beating you have just received and begin to narrow your focal length. I was only looking at the three steps I have gone back, not the 100 steps I have already done.

Not to worry, as with the laws of balance and equality, Belgium’s mental drain can be easily filled with its other very famous pastime, beer. A healthy dosage of beer, no bike and a weekend with friends has given me time to regain most of my desire to destroy on the bike.

Let’s just call this last month a flat tire in the race of life, it slowed me down, but now it’s time to work my way through the caravan and get back into the race. As in a race I have people there to help me get back into the peloton, but it’s up to me to do the effort.

I almost didn’t write about this whole subject. The showing of one’s weakness in mentality or physical being is not something people like to do. I signed up to tell the tale of the European amateur, not to sugar coat it for the masses to sip their coffee and dream of days that never were.

That is about all I have to say about this week. It’s a subject to be told, but not enumerated over and over. Till next week may the road greet you with tailwinds.
-Gregg Germer-

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