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Homeboy Wants You!

Gregg Germer, our resident “homeboy” is spending the winter at his real home in Texas, training and working, so he can return to Europe again next year to continue chasing his dream of joining the professional ranks of cycling. His weekly journal entries at PCN gave us some pretty cool insites to exactly how pro racers are made. Let’s face it – we laughed, we cried, we lived through the saddle sores of pounding out endless kilometers of cobbled roads in coastal Belgium – where 40km winds and rain are actually a pretty nice summer day . Gregg showed real and measured progress over the season, but like any worthy goal – there are real costs involved to take the next steps in the pursuit of this noble career… we hope you can help keep this dream alive…

The chronicle of the Home Boy in Belgium series so far has been great for me. It’s allowed me to document and express my passions, dreams, failures, and successes. Through the good and the bad my last year has been my gateway into a dream of becoming a professional cyclist. The fuel that drives my desire is burning even more for next year after having glimpses of success this last year.

In order for me to be competitive and race well in Europe I need to train many long and hard hours. I also need to have money to be able to get to and live in Europe, so I need a job. The problem lies in the fact that a job will interfere with my training, but if I don’t have a job then I don’t have the money to race in Europe.

I have been working hard in several different jobs ever since I returned from Europe, but my training is starting back up and I am finding the load to be very great on me, both physically and mentally. So I am writing my friends, family and the readers of PCN and asking for monetary assistance to help me get to Europe. I don‚t expect someone to just hand me a check to fund the whole trip (although that would be very nice, wink, wink), but every dollar I raise equals less time I have to work and more time to focus on training.

On my personal site I have a detailed page listing out benefits of sponsorship, my budget for 2003 and answers to questions people might have.


I would also like to point out that any monetary, or product, sponsorship given will be tax-deductible through the Ambush Racing, a non-profit 501( C )3 organization.

If you, anyone you know or a business you know would like to help out in a very large amount of money I would like for you to contact me so that I may put you in contact with Bernard Moerman, my team director. Sponsoring the Cycling Center program would bring benefits that are a much more profitable investment and help out many deserving athletes. Plus, for bringing in a large sponsor, I receive a reduced or free stay at the Cycling Center. You can read all about the Cycling Center at:


Please don‚t look at this as a hand out, but more as giving me, or my team, a hand up in making the climb to a professional cycling. I don‚t expect to just receive, so here are some of the benefits I am able to provide for giving sponsorship.

– A logo at the top of the “Homeboy in Belgium” diary series, written weekly during the season, on the PezCyclingNews.com website for the top sponsor. All other sponsors will have a link posted to the “About Me” page of PezCyclingNews.com .

– A Link posted to my profile page on the CyclingCenter.com website. The CyclingCenter.com website received over 1 million hits this last season!

– A logo on the homepage of my personal site along with a link

– A link and logo on the “Featured Sites” page of CyclingLinks.com .

– A tax-deductible write-off on upcoming taxes!

– The satisfaction of knowing you are helping someone realize a dream while daring to be great at something they love.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or if you are ready to donate to the cause you can mail me a check payable to Ambush Racing to:

Gregg Germer Jr.
3215 Cobblestone Creek Way
Houston, Texas 77084

Thank you for your time and may the roads greet you with many miles of tailwinds!

Best regards,

-Gregg Germer-

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